iLab - Design Process - Idea Selection

At this point groups evaluated the ideas generated in phase 4 and selected one idea or solution for the problem they defined in phase 3. This phase included a number of idea selection exercises, including an "Idea Advocate" activity (shown below).

La Femme

Idea #1 (Car Sharing)

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Cheaper than expected.
  • Already well established (not for low-income areas)
  • Car sharing Association already in place

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • How it could be implemented in low-income areas
  • How adamant people would be for this option. 

*Next week idea: Railways subways thingy)*


Idea #2 (modifying a&a transportation)

Benefits of the Idea: 

  • Expanding more bus stops 
  • Add wagon option 
  • Adding refrigerator compartments or just regular compartments to store groceries 

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • How can we implement it 
  • How possible it actually is.

*Subsidized taxis*


Idea #3 (Partnering with churches to deliver food) 

Benefits of the Idea

  • Need larger churches to help the lower income community 
  • Community involvement 
  • Not really transportation idea 

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • If these are in place in East Chattanooga area
  • Maybe how we could tie it into transportation idea

*Volunteer transportation*


Idea #4 (Improving street safety) 

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Furthering access to healthy food stores
  • Improve health of the community
  • Increase foot traffic within neighborhood
  • People see biking as recreation (Buehler's Market response) 

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • What specific factors make the street unsafe 
  • How does health culture play in?
  • How to implement it?

*Mobile Markets*


One Red Barracuda

Idea #1 - More Maps at Bus Stops

Benefits of the idea:

  • For those who don't have smartphones (or data)
  • Easy to see where you are
  • Easy to plan routes (connecting routes, # of stops, etc)
  • Working in conjunction with the DMS system, accurately plan for time on, or between

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • # of stations in Chatt that already have maps
  • Compare to stations in DC, NYC, etc and their numbers
  • Ask why we don't have them already - CDOT, CARTA
  • Cost of installing (probably not too high)
  • How to make them easy to read if we do install


Idea #2 - Training

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Bike training/ transit driving already exists
  • Updated training that happens multiple times throughout the year
  • Training on all parts (for cars) - laws, courtesy,
  • makes it more encouraging to pedestrians and bikers
  • 3 part training - bikes riders, car drivers, bus drivers

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • Whats already in place - current procedures
  • How can they be improved


Idea #3 - Car Shares

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Uber
  • Zip Car - register 
  • UTK car share for students

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • Insurance
  • Infrastructure of a car share


Idea #4 - Improved Metro Stops 

  • Benefits of the Idea:
  • Covered for weather 
  • Safer

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • Cost
  • Why we don't have them already
  • How many need to be covered


Idea #5 - Price Adjustments

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Effects rider behavior - compared to bus, bike, etc - increased ridership
  • Possibility to make more improvements

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • Specifics - costs
  • Decision process


Idea #6 - Bus Only Lanes

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Added convenience for bus riders and other commuters 
  • Increased traffic flow and decreased congestion 

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • How hard would it be to implement 


Idea #7 - Bus Storage 

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Adding storage under buses would help with passengers who have alot of luggage
  • Adding overhead and under seat buses would help with this problem as well

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • Relate this problem to airplanes and how they solve this issue 
  • Could we add this to existing buses easily? 


Idea #8 - Adjusting the Bus Routes

Benefits of the Idea:

  • Expansion of the routes would provide access to more people 
  • More routes could increase ridership due to having benefits for more people

What you need to learn about the idea:

  • How do people go about changing the routes?
  • Why were they changed before? 
  • How much benefit would this provide? 
  • Why were the changes that were discussed earlier in the year not implemented? 


Idea #9 - Trains

Benefits of this idea:

  • Cities who implement trains gain a great deal of benefit 
  • Increased multi-modal riders

What you need to learn:

  • Is it possible with the high costs? 



Rudy Babies

Idea #1 - Joint parking with local churches 

Benefits of the Idea: Increased parking availability, and income for the church

What you need to learn about the idea: If a program can be implemented 

Plan B: Designate commuter parking 


Idea #2 - carpooling within dorms.

Benefits of the Idea: decreasing the number of cars on campus.

What you need to learn about the idea:

speak with ra's to see if they would even implement this type of idea

Plan B: Prior approval for students to have cars on campus


Idea #3 - shuttle system to signal mt., brainerd, shallowford.

Benefits of the Idea: Students that live in these areas will not have to drive their car to campus everyday.

What you need to learn about the idea: how much it would cost to create this program. Where are the most popular apartments complexes for students. 

Plan B: Stagger class times by 20 minutes


Idea #4 - Making engle stadium free parking.

Benefits of the Idea: students will be more willing to park there knowing that it's free.

What you need to learn about the idea: Learn how many passes are sold to see how much money would be lost

Plan B: Shuttle systems for off-campus students



After selecting a solution, groups came up with plans for the Implementation of the solution.