Abdul Ofoli Research Focus and Scholarly Research Activities


  • Motion Drives and Control; Robotics; Application of artificial intelligent (AI) Controls (Fuzzy, Neural network, Neuro-Fuzzy) to motion drives and robotics.

Power & Energy

  • Power Electronics & Drives; Power System and the smart grid (smart home modeling and control) ; and Sustainable Energy (PV and wind power system modeling, simulation, and control)


  • Diesel engine and after-treatment (emission) controls development.
  • Virtual sensors development.

Scope of research activities for interested students:

  • Learning and applying LabVIEW software in motion drives and robotics
  • Learning new artificial intelligent techniques control techniques and applying it to motion drives and robotics.
  • Building and controlling different robotics systems robot (e.g. balancing a two-wheel robot, multi-robots control etc.)
  • Controlling haptic paddles using LabVIEW hardware or an Arduino.
  • Designing and building different robotics mechanisms like grabbing and shooting a ball, driving over rough terrain, etc.
  • Modeling photovoltaics and wind power system using Matlab/Simulink in a real-time digital simulator environment.
  • Smart home modeling using LabVIEW
  • Modelling effects of harmonics from power inverter systems and the micro grid.
  • Smart power inverters and control.

Laboratory: “Robotics and Advance controls Research Lab” – Located in room EMCS 339

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