2018-2019 Committees

Specific student members will be added once the fall semester begins.

Past committee lists and members can be found in the Archives, if the list was available.


Table of Contents:

Academic Standards | Admissions | Athletics | Budget and Economic Status | Committee on Committees | Course Learning Evaluations | Curriulum (Undergraduate) | Faculty Administrative Relations Committee | Faculty Grants | Faculty Handbook | Faculty Rating of Administration | General Education | Grade Appeals | Honor Court | Learning Environment | Non-Tenure Track Faculty | Petitions (Undergraduate) | Student Media Board | Recommendations for University Committees |

Academic Standards 

CHAIR – Irina Khmelko (CAS, Political Science and Public Service, Tenured)

Raga Ahmed (CECS, Electrical Engineering, Tenure-track)

Preston Foerder (CAS, Psychology, Tenure-track)

Timothy Gaudin (CAS, Biology, Geology & Environmental Science, Tenured)

Chris Hensley (CAS, Social, Cultural & Justice Studies, Tenured)

Eric  Hungenberg (CHEPS, HHP, Tenure-track)

Eun Kim (CHEPS, Interior Architecture and Design, Tenure-track)

Deborah McAllister (CHEPS, Education, Tenured)

Abdul Ofoli (CECS, Electrical Engineering, Tenured)

Michael Thompson (CAS, History, Tenured)

Terry Walters (CAS, Math, Tenured)

Chandra Ward (CAS, Social, Cultural and Justice Studies, Tenure-track)

Edwin Murillo (CAS, MCLL, Tenure-track)

2 Students

ex officio: Provost designee; University Registrar, designee from the Honors College.

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CHAIR – Aaron Shaheen (CAS, English, Tenured)

Valarie Adams (Library, Library, Tenured)

Abi Arabshai (CECS, Mechanical Engineering/Sims Center, Tenured)

Jeremy Bramblett (CAS, Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science, Lecturer)

Obi Ebbe (CAS, SCJS, Tenured)

Katherine Karl (COB, Management, Tenured)

Gary McDonald (CECS, Mechanical Engineering, Tenured)

Tonya Miller (CHEPS, Interior Architecture and Design, Tenure-track)

Kelley Obringer (CAS, nursing, Tenure-track)

Andrea Schurr (Library, Library IT, Tenured)

Ling Jun Wang (CAS, Chemistry and Physics, Tenured)

Monica Garoiu (CAS, MCLL, Tenure-track)

1 Student (TBD)

ex officio: Provost Designee, Director of Admissions, University Registrar.

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CHAIR – Gretchen Potts (CAS, Chem and Phys, Tenured)

Craig Davis (CAS, Music, Tenure-track)

Liz Hathaway (CHEPS, HHP, Tenure-track)

Jennifer Hogg (CHEPS, Health & Human Performance, Tenure-track)

Renee Murley (CHEPS, School of Education , Tenured)

Jocelyn Sanders (CAS, Performing Arts - Music, Tenured)

Richard Allen (COB, Management, Tenured)

Chris Smith (CHEPS, Nursing, Tenured)

Chantelle Swaren (Library, Library, Tenure-track)

Lucas Van der Merwe (CAS, Mathematics, Tenured)

Gary Wilkerson (CHEPS, Health and Human Performance, Tenured)

2 Students TBD

ex officio: Chancellor's representative, University Registrar designee, Provost designee, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics and his/her designees, Director of Admissions, Southern Conference Faculty Representative.

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Budget and Economic Status

CHAIR – Mike Bell (Library, Tenured)

James Arnett (CAS, English, Tenure-track)

Bo Baker (Library, Research and Public Services, Tenured)

Boris Belinskiy (CAS, Mathematics, Tenured)

Aniekan Ebiefung (CAS, Mathematics, Tenured)

Nancy Fell (CHEPS, Physical Therapy, Tenured)

Kevin Ford (CAS, Performing Arts, Tenured)

Diane Halstead (COB, MKT & ETR, Tenured)

Lyn Miles (CAS, SCJS, Tenured)

Manuel Santiago (CAS, Chemistry, Tenured)

Tony Skjellum (CECS, CSE, Tenured)

ex officio: Provost designee.

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Committee on Committees 

(Faculty Senators only)

CHAIR – Jamie Harvey (Senate President-Elect)

Mike Bell (Library)

Amanda Clark (CAS)

Parthasarati Dileepan (COB)

Ron Goulet (CECS)

Matt Guy (CAS)

Deborah McAllister (CHEPS)

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Course Learning Evaluations 

CHAIR – Jenn Stewart (CAS, English, Tenure-track)

Hilary Browder-Terry (CAS, MCLL, Lecturer)

Lisa Burke-Smalley (COB, mgt, Tenured)

Julia Cummiskey (CAS, History, Tenure-track)

Kara Hamilton (CHEPS, Health and Human Performance , Tenure-track)

Brian Ribeiro (CAS, Philosophy & Religion, Tenured)

Char Schmidt (CHEPS, HHP, Tenured)

Steven Shelton (Library, Library IT, Tenure-track)

Nur Sisworahardjo (CECS, Electrical Engineering, Tenured)

Alexandr Sokolov (CECS, Engineer Management & Technology, Lecturer)

Jeremiah Tate (CHEPS, Physical therapy, Tenured)

2 Students (TBD)

ex officio: Executive Director of the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Institutional Research or designee and the Executive Director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or designee.

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Curriculum (undergraduate)

CHAIR – Burch Oglesby (CHEPS, HHP, Tenured)

Md Rafayet Alam (COB, Finance and Economics, Tenure-track)

Jennifer Boyd (CAS, Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science , Tenured)

Marissa Bunch (CHEPS, nursing, Clinical)

Shirleen Chase (CHEPS, School of Nursing, Tenure-track)

Joshua Davies (CAS, MCLL & PHIL/REL, Tenured)

Rachel Fleming (Library, Collections, Tenure-track)

Cherry Guinn (CHEPS, Nursing, Tenured)

Azad Hossain, (CAS, BGES, Tenure-track)

Natalie Haber (Library, Library, Tenure-track)

Joseph Jordan (CAS, English, Tenure-track)

William Kuby (CAS, History, Tenure-track)

John Lee (CAS, Chemistry & Physics, Tenured)

Anne Swedberg (CAS, Theatre, Tenure-track)

Robert Webster (CECS, Mechanical Engineering, Tenure-track)

Cecelia Wigal (CECS, mechanical engineering, Tenured)

2 Students (TBD)

ex officio: Provost designee, University Registrar or designee and Head of Collections for the Library or designee.

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Faculty Administrative Relations Committee

Lyn Miles, CAS - SCJS (Chair) 3rd year

David Sachsman, CAS - COMM 2nd year

Linda Hill, CHEPS - SON 1st year

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Faculty Grants

CHAIR – Michaël Bonall (COB, Finance and Economics, Tenured) 

Shellie Acocello (CHEPS, Health & Human Performance, Tenure-track)

Tatiana  Allen (CAS, Chem and Phys, Tenured)

Leanora Brown (COB, Finance and Economics, Tenure-track)

Virginia Cairns (Library, Research and Instruction, Tenured)

Karen Casebier (CAS, MCLL, Tenure-track)

Loren Hayes (CAS, BGE, Tenured)

Fang Yu Hu (CAS, History, Tenure-track)

Carmen Jimenez (CAS, MCLL, Tenure-track)

Lingju Kong (CAS, Mathematics, Tenured)

Kate Rogers (CAS, psychology, Tenure-track)

Heath Schultz (CAS, Art, Tenure-track)

Weidong Wu (CECS, Civil & Chemical Engineering, Tenure-track)

ex officio: Provost designee, Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Executive Director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or designee.

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Faculty Handbook 

(Faculty Senators only)

CHAIR –Claire McCullough (Senate Vice President)

Parthasarati, Dileepan (COB)

Katie Hargrave (CAS)

Jamie Harvey (CHEPS)

Noah Lasley (Library)

Don Reising (CECS)

Jack Zibluk (CAS)

ex officio: Provost designee.

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Faculty Rating of Administration

CHAIR – Susan Thul (CHEPS, Nursing, Tenure-track)

Elicia Cruz (CHEPS, Occupational Therapy, Tenure-track)

David Levine (CHEPS, Physical Therapy, Tenured)

Karen McGuffee (CAS, SCJS, Tenured)

Carolyn Runyon (Library, Special Collections, Tenure-track)

Tom Rybolt (CAS, CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, Tenure-track)

Priscilla Simms-Roberson (CHEPS, Nursing, Tenure-track)

William Sutton (CECS, Mechanical Engineering, Tenured)

Amye Warren (CAS, Psychology, Tenured)

Lakmali Weerasena (CAS, Mathematics, Tenure-track)

Dalei Wu (CECS, Computer Science and Engineering, Tenure-track)

2 Students (TBD)

ex officio: Executive Director of the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Institutional Research or designee

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General Education

CHAIR – Lynn Purkey (CAS, MCLL, Tenured)

Tom Balazs (CAS, English, Tenured)

Chandler Harriss (CAS, Communication, Tenure-track)

Rik Hunter (CAS, English, Tenure-track)

Craig Laing (CAS, SCJS, Tenured)

Beth Leahy (Library, Library (Writing & Communication Center), Tenure-track)

Robert Marlowe (CAS, Chemistry and Physics, Tenured)

Bruce Menchetti (CHEPS, School of Education , Tenure-track)

Annie Tracy Samuel (CAS, History, Tenure-track)

Emily Thompson (Library, Studio, Tenure-track)

Bethany Womack (CHEPS, Social Work, Tenure-track)

Jonathan Yeager (CAS, Philosophy and Religion, Tenured)

1 Student (TBD)

Provost designee, Executive Director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or designee. Departments with special topics courses approved by the General Education Committee are required to have a department member on the General Education Committee.

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Grade Appeals 

ORGANIZING CHAIR – Lisa Harrison (CHEPS, Physical Therapy, Tenure-track)

Vic Bumphus (CAS, Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies, Tenured)

Joe Dumas (CECS, Computer Science and Engineering, Tenured)

Sarah Einstein (CAS, English, Tenure-track)

Tammy Garland (CAS, Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies, Tenured)

James Hiestand (CECS, Mechanical Engineering, Tenured)

Gale Iles (CAS, Social, Cultural and Justice Studies, Tenured)

Lauren Ingraham (CAS, English, Tenured)

Joyce Smith (CAS, English, Tenured)

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Graduate Council 

Please visit the Graduate Council website for the current member list.

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Honor Court

CHAIR – Stylianos Chatzimanolis (CAS, Biology, Geology and Env. Science, Tenured)

Bryan Hampton (CAS, English, Tenured)

Marcia Noe (CAS, English and Women's Studies, Tenured)

Lane Wilkinson (Library, Library, Tenured)

ALT – Jennifer Beech (CAS, English, Tenured)

ALT – Barry Kamrath (CHEPS, School of Education, Tenure-track)

ALT – Dennis Plaisted (CAS, Philosophy and Religion, Tenured)

ALT – Christopher Hansen (CHEPS, SOE, Tenure-track

8 students

ex officio: vice-chancellor for Student Development and dean of students.

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Learning Environment 

CHAIR – Brian Rogers (Library, Library IT, Tenure-track)

Karen Adsit (CHEPS, School of Education, Tenured)

Titus Albu (CAS, Chemistry, Tenured)

Carrie Baker (CHEPS, HHP, Tenure-track)

Nominada Barbosa (CAS, BGES, Lecturer)

Francesco Barioli (CAS, Mathematics, Tenured)

Susan  Eckelmann (CAS, History, Tenure-track)

Trevor Elliott (CECS, Mechanical Engineering, Tenure-track)

Catherine Kendall (CHEPS, Interior Architecture and Design, Tenured)

Jisook Kim (CAS, Chemistry, Tenured) Karissa Peyer (CHEPS, Health and Human Performance, Tenure-track)

Brittany Richardson (Library, Library Instruction, Tenure-track)

Joanie Sompayrac (COB, Accounting, Tenured)

Wesley Smith (Library, Studio, Tenure-track)

2 Students

ex officio: University Registrar or designee, Dean of the Library or designee, Executive Director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning, Director of the Disability Resource Center or designee, IT designee, Provost’s designee.

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Non-Tenure Track Faculty

CHAIR – Stephanie Todd (CAS, English, Lecturer)

Naomi Klingbeil (CAS, Mathematics, Lecturer)

Alexandr Sokolov (CECS, Engineer Management & Technology, Lecturer)

Deborah Troutman-Cantrell (CHEPS, School of Education, Lecturer)

David Witt (COB, Management, Lecturer)

4 Adjunct Faculty (one from each division) TBD

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Petitions (Undergraduate)

CHAIR – Matthew Guy (CAS, English, Tenured)

Elizabeth Ferguson (Library, Tenure-track)

Jose-Luis Gastanaga (CAS, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, Tenured)

Stephanie Gillison (COB, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Tenure-track)

Farah Kandah (CECS, Computer Science and Engineering , Tenure-track)

Elaina Lundgrin (CAS, English, Lecturer)

Sara McCane-Bowling (CHEPS, School of Professional Studies, Tenured)

Charlie Remy (Library, Library, Tenure-track)

Charlene Simmons (CAS, COMM, Tenured)

Nikolasa Tejero (CAS, Performing Arts-Music Division, Tenured)

1 Student

ex officio: vice chancellor for student development and dean of students, University Registrar or designee.

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Student Media Board

CHAIR—David Sachsman (CAS, Communication, Tenured)

Sybil Baker (CAS, English, Tenured)

Elizabeth Gailey (CAS, Communication, Tenured)

Michael McCluskey (CAS, Communication, Tenured)

Andrea Neely (COB, Management, Tenure-track)

Jack Zibluk (CAS, Communication, Tenured)

Vice Chancellor for Student Development

Dean of Students

Associate Vice Chancellor for Development or designee

Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing or designee

2 Alumni (TBD)

ex officio: editors and advisers.

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Recommendations for University Committees

Callie Adams (CAS, BGE, Lecturer)

Andrew Bailey (CHEPS, HHP, Tenured)

Kristen Black (CAS, Psychology, Tenure-track)

Amanda Clark (CAS, Psychology, Tenure-track)

Kody Cooper (CAS, Political Science & Public Service, Tenure-track)

Chapel Cowden (Library, Research & Instruction, Tenure-track)

Sarah Farnsley (CAS, BGES, Lecturer)

Katie Gohn (Library, Collection Services, Tenure-track)

Sumith Gunasekera (CAS, Mathematics, Tenured)

Joshua Hamblen (CAS, Chemistry and Physics, Tenured)

Jenny Holcombe (CHEPS, Nursing/Education, Lecturer)

Joanie Jackson (CHEPS, Nursing, Tenured)

Margaret Kovach (CAS, BGE, Tenured)

Andrew Ledoan (CAS, Mathematics, Tenured)

Betsy Myers (CHEPS, PHYT, Tenure-track)

Andrew O’Brien (CAS, Art, Tenure-track)

Elizabeth Pearce (CAS, English, Lecturer)

Rebecca St. Goar  (CAS, Performing Arts , Tenured)

Robyn Tobias (CHEPS, Nursing, Lecturer)

Surani Vincent (COB, Accounting, Tenure-track)

Kim  Wingate  (CHEPS, School of Education, Tenured)

Andrew Workinger (CAS, Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies, Lecturer)

Alexandra Zelin (CAS, Psychology, Tenure-track)

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