2017 - 2018 Senate Minutes

2017-2018 Agendas, Minutes, and Meeting Materials - All meetings of the Faculty Senate begin at 3:10 p.m. Meeting dates are the 3rd Thursdays of each month, while regular classes are in session. To be placed on the Agenda, you must contact the Faculty Senate President (Gretchen Potts). All materials must be submitted by noon, on the Friday before each meeting.

All meeting materials will be distributed electronically using this Web site at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Agendas, minutes, and meeting materials from previous years can be found the in archives

Fall 2017

August 24, 2017

September 21, 2017

October 19, 2017

November 16, 2017

January 18, 2018

February 15, 2018

March 8, 2018

April 19, 2018

2017-2018 Members - Senate terms are listed in parentheses. (Lists of members from previous years can be found in the Archives.)

President: Gretchen Potts (College of Arts & Sciences)

President Elect: Steve Ray (College of Arts & Sciences)

Vice-President: Beth Crawford (College of Health, Education & Professional Studies)

Secretary: Burch Oglesby (College of Health, Education & Professional Studies)

Past-President: Joanie Sompayrac (College of Business)

Parliamentarian: Donald Reising (College of Engineering and Computer Science)


Adjunct: Dorthy Stephens, Adjunct-CAS, PSY (2017-2018)

FT Non-Tenure Track: (two year staggered term)

  • Michael Jaynes, Lecturer-CAS, ENGL (Jan. 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018, completing term for Emma Morris)
  • Sarah Farnsley, Lecturer-CAS, BGES (2017 - 2019)

College of Arts & Sciences

Behavioral Sciences

Fine Arts


Math and Sciences

College of Business Administration

College of Engineering & Computer Science

College of Health, Education & Professional Studies


Ex-Officio Members

  • Chancellor
  • Interim Provost
  • Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration
  • Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Dean of Library
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Development

2017-2018 Committees

Specific student members will be added once the fall semester begins.

Past committee lists and members can be found in the Archives, if the list was available

Academic Standards 

Andrew Bailey, CHEPS - HHP

Parthasarati Dileepan, COB - MGT

Fang Yu Hu, CAS – HIST

Irina Khmelko, CAS - POLS

Andrew Ledoan , CAS – MATH (Chair)

Manuel Santiago, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Robert Schmidt, COB - MKT

Steven Shelton, LIB

Nur Sisworahardjo, CECS - EENGR

Emily Thompson, LIB - LIBR

Michael Thompson, CAS - HIST

Eun Young Kim, CHEPS - IARC

2 student (TBA)

Ex officio: provost designee, university registrar, Honors College designee


Callie Adams, CAS - BGES

Tatiana Allen, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Jeremy Bramblett, CAS - BGES

Amanda Clark, CAS - PSY

Louie Elliott, CECS - MECH ENGR (Chair)

Elizabeth Gailey, CAS - COMM

Monica Garoiu, CAS - MCLL

Katherine Harrell, CAS - BGES

Tonya Miller, CHEPS - IARC

Brian Ribeiro, CAS - PHIL & REL

Andrea Schurr, LIB

1 student (TBA)

Ex officio: provost designee, director of admissions, university registrar


Richard Allen, COB - MGT

Alisha Armstrong, CHEPS - SON

Carrie Baker, CHEPS - HHP

Chris Brockman, COB - FIN & ECON

Craig Davis, CAS - MUS

June Hanks, CHEPS - PT

Liz Hathaway, CHEPS - HHP

Eric Hungenberg, CHEPS - HHP

Noah Lasley, LIB

Betsy Myers, CHEPS - PHYT

Allen Pratt, CHEPS - SOE

Jocelyn Sanders, CAS - MUS

Jeremiah Tate, CHEPS – PHYT (Chair)

students (TBA)

Ex officio: Chancellor's representative, university regisrar designee, provost designee, director of athletics, senior associate athletic director for compliance and administration/senior woman administrator, associate athletic director for student support services, director of admissions, Southern Conference faculty representative

Budget and Economic Status

Titus Albu, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Bo Baker, LIB

Boris Belinskiy, CAS - MATH

Michael Bell, LIB (Chair)

Nicholas Boer, CHEPS - HHP

Leanora Brown, COB - FIN & ECON

William Crowe, Jr., CHEPS - SON

Susan Eckelmann, CAS - HIST

Rachel Fleming, LIB

Tim Gaudin, CAS - BGES

Sara Knox, CAS - SCJS

Phillip Lewis, CAS - ART


Char Schmidt, CHEPS - HHP

Chris Smith, CHEPS – SON

Ex officio: provost designee

Committee on Committees 

Jennifer Boyd, CAS - BGES

Virginia Cairns - LIB

Parthasan Dileepan,  COB - MGT

Jamie Harvey, CHEPS - HHP

Steve Ray, CAS - THSP (Chair)

Aaron Shaheen, CAS - ENGL

Craig Tanis, CECS

Course Learning Evaluations 

Shellie Acocello, CHEPS - HHP

Mohammad Ahmadi, COB - MGT

Hilary Browder, CAS - MCLL

Elicia Cruz, CHEPS - OCCT

Kara Hamilton, CHEPS - HHP

Chandler Harriss, CAS - COMM

Bruce Menchetti, CHEPS - SOE

Emma Morris, COB - ETR

Jennifer Stewart, CAS - ENGL

Diedri White, CHEPS - HHP

Michelle White, CAS – HIST (Chair)

Gary Wilkerson, CHEPS - HHP

Weidong Wu, CECS - CIV ENGR

two students (TBA)

Ex officio: executive director of the office of planning, evaluation, and institutional research or designee, executive director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or designee

Curriculum (undergraduate)

Jordan Amirkhani, CAS - ART

Natalie Bennett, LIB

Marissa Bunch, CHEPS - SON

Helen Eigenberg, CAS - SCJS

Jessica Etheredge, CHEPS - IARC

Cherry Guinn, CHEPS - SON

Russell Helms, CAS - ENGL

A.K.M. Hossain, CAS - BGES

Joseph Jordan, CAS - ENGL

Lingju Kong, CAS - MATH

Abdul Ofoli, CECS - EENGR

Md Rafayet Alam, COB - FIN & ECON

Charlene Simmons, CAS - COMM (Chair)

Robert Webster, CECS - MECH ENGR

Cecelia Wigal, CECS - MECH ENGR

two students (TBA)

Ex officio: provost designee, university registrar or designee, head of collections for the library or designee

Faculty Administrative Relations Committee

Lyn Miles, CAS - SCJS (Chair) 3rd year

David Sachsman, CAS - COMM 2nd year

Linda Hill, CHEPS - SON 1st year

Faculty Grants

David Aborn, CAS - BGES

Michaël Bonnal, COB – ECON (Chair)

Shirleen Chase, CHEPS - SON

Kay Cowan, CHEPS - SOE

Jose-Luis Gastanaga, CAS - MCLL

Jenny Holcombe, CHEPS - SON/SOE

Joanie Jackson, CHEPS - SON

Margaret Kovach, CAS - BGES

Marcia Noe, CAS - ENGL

Andrew O'Brien, CAS - ART

Mbakisya Onyango, CECS - CIV ENGR

Carolyn Runyon, LIB

Nishani Vincent, COB - ACC

Christi Wann, COB - FIN & ECON

Alexandra Zelin, CAS – PSY

Ex officio: provost designee, vice chancellor for research and dean of the graduate school, executive director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or designee

Faculty Handbook 

Beni Asllani, COB - MGT

Mike Bell, LIB

Beth Crawford, CHEPS - LEAD (Chair)

Jamie Harvey, CHEPS - HHP

Steve Ray, CAS - THSP

Don Reising, CECS

Jack Zibluk, CAS - COMM

Ex officio: provost designee

Faculty Rating of Administration

B. Gwen Carlton, CHEPS - SON

Cuilan Gao, CAS - MATH

Stephanie Gillison, COB - MKT

Jamie Harvey, CHEPS - HHP

Immaculate Kizza, CAS - ENGL

David Levine, CHEPS - PHYT

Claire McCullough, CECS - CPSC

Karen McGuffee, CAS - SCJS

Barbara Norwood, CHEPS - SON

Brian Rogers, LIB

Tom Rybolt, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Priscilla Simms-Roberson, CHEPS - SON

Susan Thul, CHEPS – SON (Chair)

Li Yang, CECS - CPSC

2 students (TBA)

Ex officio: executive director of the office of planning, evaluation, and institutional research or designee

General Education

Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, CHEPS - HHP

Lauren Ingraham, CAS – ENGL (Chair)

Beth Leahy, LIB

Robert Marlowe, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Han Park, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Lynn Purkey, CAS - MCLL

Gavin Townsend, CAS - ART

Anne Tracy Samuel, CAS - HIST

Joe Wilferth, CAS - ENGL

Dalei Wu, CECS - CPSC

1 student (TBA)

Ex officio: provost designee, executive director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning or designee

Grade Appeals 

Jennifer Beech, CAS - ENGL

Sarah Einstein, CAS - ENGL

Diane Halstead, COB - MKT

Lee Harris, CAS – MUS (Chair)

Lisa Harrison, CHEPS - PHYT

William Kuby, CAS - HIST

Susan McDonald, CHEPS - OCCT

Andrea Neely, COB - MGT

Heather Palmer, CAS - ENGL

Ling Jun Wang, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Graduate Council 

Please visit the Graduate Council website for the current member list.

Honor Court

Thomas Balazs, CAS - ENGL

Stylianos Chatzimanolis, CAS - BGES

Randy Evans, COB - MGT

Christopher Hansen, CHEPS - SOE

James Hiestand, CECS - MECH ENGR (Chair)

Barry Kamrath, CHEPS - SOE

Kate Kemplin, CHEPS - SON

Roger Nichols, CAS - MATH

Alleene Pingenot, CHEPS - SON

Dennis Plaisted, CAS - PHIL & REL

Rebecca St. Goard, CAS - MUS

David Witt, COB - MGT

8 students (TBA)

Ex officio: vice-chancellor for student development and dean of students

Learning Environment 

Francesco Barioli, CAS - MATH

DeAnna Beasley, CAS - BGES

Cusack Britt, CHEPS - SON

Lisa Burke-Smalley, COB – MGT (Chair)

Jennifer Danos, CAS - ART

Trevor Elliott, CECS - MECH ENGR

Preston Foerder, CAS - PSY

Katie Gohn, LIB

Ann Holmes, CAS - BGES

Hemant Jain, COB - MGT

Katherine Karl, COB - MGT

Jisook Kim, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Andrew Najberg, CAS - ENGL

Karissa Peyer, CHEPS - HHP

Shawn Trivette, CAS - SOC

Spencer Usrey, COB - ACC

one undergraduate student and one graduate student (TBA)

Ex officio: provost designee, dean of the library or designee, university registrar or designee, executive director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning, director of the Disability Resource Center or designee, IT designee

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Joann Cook, Adjunct CHEPS - SOE

Ronda Ford, Adjunct CAS - MUS

Ricky Horn, Lecturer CECS - MECH ENGR

Ed McMahon, Adjunct CECS - CIV ENGR

Krysta Murillo, Lecturer CHEPS - SOE

Ryan Russell, Adjunct COB - MKT

Robert Schmidt, Lecturer COB – MKT (Chair - Fall 2017)

Stephanie Todd, Lecturer CAS - ENGL (Chair - Spring 2018)


Ex officio: provost designee

Petitions (Undergraduate)

Valarie Adams, LIB (Chair)

Susan Barlow, CHEPS - PHYT

Karen Casebier, CAS - MCLL

Chapel Cowden, LIB

David Giles, CAS - BGES

Matthew Guy, CAS - ENGL

Carmen Jimenez, CAS - MCLL

Farah Kandah, CECS - CPSC

Daniel Loveless, CECS - EENGR

Lanie Lundgrin, CAS - ENGL

Sara McCane-Bowling, CHEPS - School PSY

Nikolasa Tejero, CAS - MUS

1 student (TBA)

Ex officio: vice chancellor for student development, dean of students, university regisrar or designee

Student Media Board

Sybil Baker, CAS - ENGL

Sookyong Kim, CAS - COMM

Ethan Mills, CAS - PHIL & REL

Charlie Remy, LIB

David Sachsman, CAS - COMM

Jack Zibluk, CAS – COMM (Chair)

4 students (TBA)

Vice chancellor for student development, dean of students, associate vice-chancellor for development or designee, associate vice-chancellor for communications and marketing or designee, two alumni

Ex officio: editors and advisers

Recommendations for University Committees

Ad Hoc EDO Appeal Committee - Department Head members

See EDO Appeals Process of the Faculty Handbook

Chris Smith (NURS)

Kathi Wheatley (MGT)

Alternate: John Tucker (BGES)

Environmental Task Force Recommendation 

John Lee, CAS - CHEM & PHYS

Shannon McCarragher, CAS - SCJS

Melissa Powell, CHEPS – HHP

Ad Hoc Committee List (Consult chair of Committee on Committees for recommendations)

Nominanda Barbosa, CAS - BGES

Kathy Barry, CHEPS - HHP

Amy Brock-Hon, CAS - BGES

Virginia Cairns, LIB

Jodi Caskey, CAS - BGES

Amanda Durall, CHEPS - HHP

Sarah Farnsley, CAS - BGES

Nancy Fell, CHEPS - PHYT

Ron Goulet, CECS - MECH ENGR

Pam Guess, CHEPS - School PSY

Sumith Gunasekera, CAS - MATH

Chris Hensley, CAS - SCJS

Chris Horne, CAS - PSPS

Terri LeMoyne, CAS - SCJS

Deborah McAllister, CHEPS - SOE

Jonathan Mies, CAS - BGES

Catherine Smith, CHEPS - PHYT

Joyce Smith, COA - ENGL

Patrick Sweetman, CAS - THSP

Deborah Troutman-Cantrell, CHEPS - SOE

Terry Walters, CAS - MATH

Lane Wilkinson, LIB


2017-2018 Committee Reports

Committee Chairs are required to submit yearly reports by May 1 to the President of the Faculty Senate or Faculty Senate Secretary, as stated in Article 3, Section 2 under "Responsibilities of the Chair." The reports for the current academic year are posted on this page. For previous years, please visit the Archives.

Faculty Senate Annual Report (Potts, Gretchen)

Individual Committee Reports

(2017-2018 Committee Chairs are listed in parentheses.)