November 1, 2001 Raccoon Mountain Room

University Center


Elected Members Present: Tom Bibler, Linda Cundiff, Susan Davidson, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Marvin Ernst, Dawn Ford, Zibin Guo, Diane Halstead, Jim Hiestand, Michael Jones, Vance Lesseig, Irene Loomis, Claire McCullough, John Mies, Sarla Murgai, Marcia Noe, Teresa Norris, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Cheryl Robinson, Leland Robinson, Chris Stuart, Judith Wakim, Barbara Walton


Elected Members Absent: Rob Bailey, Roland Carter, Steve Eskildsen, Karen Henderson, Charles Knight, Deborah McAllister, Joe Owino, Vickie Petzko, Verbie Prevost, Valerie Rutledge, Terry Walters


Ex-Officio Members Present: Sheila Delacroix, John Trimpey, Bill Stacy


Among the Guests Present: Lanny Janeksela, Bruce Hutchinson, Ed McMahon, Gerry Molavi, Linda Orth, Deborah Parker, Mary Tanner, Margaret Trimpey


Call to Order:

With more than the usual confusion due to the unexpected room change, President Ernst called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


Approval of the Minutes of October 18, 2001:

Approved as distributed.


Report from the Curriculum Committee:

Dr. Bruce Hutchinson began his report with the sample suggested format for course syllabus and guidelines for curriculum proposals included in the packet as information items that have been approved by this body.

The following undergraduate proposals were brought forward for approval.

1. Art 336 Sculpture II - a change in the course description

2. School of Nursing - proposal for the RN to BSN concentration in the BSN major

3. A proposal from chemistry, physics and biology approval of interdisciplinary course Chem 119, Biol 119, Phys 119 to fulfill the general education requirement in the natural sciences

All three proposals were approved with a vote of 16-0-1.

Report from the Graduate Council:

Two proposals were presented by Linda Orth, Director of the Graduate School.

1. Revision of Master's program in Engineering Management

2. Graduate certificate program in the Fundamentals of Engineering Management

The proposals were approved 18-0-0.


Administrative Report


Dr. Trimpey began by stating he had no report, then proceeded to give a report. The administration is working on raises, adjustments, mission statement, etc.

We are also working on the compensation plan and Lupton Fund requests. There is a meeting on Monday to prioritize the proposals. Proposals are still coming in. Total dollar amount is fluctuating from 35-10-15 million near a total of 60 million. Some are duplications, space issues, fixing up classrooms, technology, etc.


Old Business

Dr. Efaw asked about the status of the county delegation meeting of our state representatives to take place here on campus. Dr. Efaw had noted some email correspondence, but is anything really going on? What preparations are being done?

We need to be organized or we will have a poor showing.


Dr. Ernst First of all, Susan Cardwell says that the resistance is from the delegation in committing to such a meeting due to the possibility of a called special session in Nashville. Therefore, we have not engaged in a lot of preparation for a meeting that may not take place. Secondly, Dr. Ernst stated that he would be attending the meeting in Nashville tomorrow and give a report back to the full faculty.


New Business

Dr. Ernst distributed a copy of a memo that Dr. Burhenn had acquired from UTK entitled. "My Commitment to a Better Tennessee". The memo is a statement that we do not vote for persons that are not supportive of a state tax system that provides adequate funding for public education, including higher education. The memo includes a listing of endorsing organizations. Dr. Ernst asked the council what they wanted to do.

Dr. Preble-Niemi moved that the UTC Faculty Council add our support as an endorsing organization. There was a second.

Dr. Dumas commented that this seemed to be a thinly veiled calling for an income tax.

Dr. Preble-Niemi agreed.

Dr. Halstead expressed concerns about voting for this without knowing what her department colleagues would want.

Dr. Ernst stated that this is not trying to tell people how to vote in the elections. It is providing an opportunity to express their support for those candidates that support reviewing the budget process and making changes.

Dr. Preble-Niemi explained that her motion was for the endorsement of this body, Faculty Council, not the entire institution.

Dr. Noe commented that we need to separate out from UTK, otherwise it looks like we are a part of UTK if we sign it as individuals.

Dr. Efaw commented that this is consistent with what has been said before.

The motion carried 14-5-0 for the Faculty Council to be added as an endorsing organization.



There were no announcements. The council members then proceeded to entertain themselves while we waited for the Chancellor to arrive.



Its time to get the provost search underway. The approach I'd like to take in this search is as follows. I have asked Dr. Charles Nelson to chair this search committee and he has agreed. Now we need academic involvement and ownership in the process. I'd like for the Faculty Council to look at all the colleges and make sure they are all represented. Specifically, I'd like some faculty out of each area, exclude the chair, so there needs to be another faculty member out of the Arts & Sciences, a dean from the deans council and a department head from their council. The Executive Council will pick a vice chancellor to be a part of the search, the president of the SGA will be asked to participate as well as the UC Foundation to pick one of its directors. We are also looking at hiring a professional search firm to help us in the challenge of finding someone that will want to come to Tennessee in light of our budget crisis.


Dr. Ernst then clarified that the chancellor is requesting Faculty Council to recommend a faculty member from each college and the library to serve on the provost search committee. We therefore need a process for colleges to submit names for the Faculty Council to choose from.


Then followed a lengthy and confusing discussion on how to do the process of selecting committee members. It was decided by a vote of 17-0-0 for the colleges and the library to submit a slate of 2-3 nominees for the Faculty Council members to vote on.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m. (whew!).



Submitted in the greatest relief,



Susan Davidson

Faculty Council Secretary