October 18, 2001                                                                    Signal Mountain Room

                                                                                                                            University Center

Elected Members Present:               Rob Bailey, Tom Bibler, Linda Cundiff, Susan Davidson, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Marvin Ernst, Steve Eskildsen, Karen Henderson, Jim Hiestand, Michael Jones, Charles Knight, Irene Loomis, Deborah McAllister, Claire McCullough, John Mies, Sarla Murgai, Marcia Noe, Joe Owino, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Verbie Prevost, Cheryl Robinson, Leland Robinson, Valerie Rutledge, Chris Stuart, Barbara Walton

Elected Members Absent:                Roland Carter, Dawn Ford, Zibin Guo, Diane Halstead, Vance Lesseig, Teresa Norris, Vickie Petzko, Judith Wakim, Terry Walters

Ex-Officio Members Present:           Richard Brown, Sheila Delacroix, John Trimpey, Bill Stacy

Among the Guests Present:              Deborah Arfken, David Cundiff, Judy Fry, Bruce Hutchinson, Lanny Janeksela, Phil Kazemersky, Eileen Meagher, Marisa Miller, Gary Wilkerson, Sandy Zitkus

Call to Order:

President Ernst called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m.

Approval of the Minutes of October 4, 2001:

The minutes were approved as written without corrections, additions, or deletions, because everyone was enjoying the Halloween candy brought by the secretary.

Report from the Handbook Committee:

Dr. Bibler instructed the council members to look at the attachment to the minutes which contained the recommendation from the committee for a change in the English Language Requirement. This recommendation for a change in the requirement originated with the SACS study. Faculty must be able to communicate effectively with students and colleagues in the English language. This includes both written and oral communication.

The report served as the motion. The motion carried with a vocal vote and two abstentions.

Report from the Curriculum Committee:

Dr. Hutchinson began by reporting that he has not had the opportunity to prepare the curriculum guidelines and sample syllabus in final form for the council as promised. He did state that if anyone were in process of preparing a proposal he would be happy to give him or her a copy of the guidelines.

Dr. Hutchinson then presented three proposals for approval.

  1. Interdisciplinary Studies Minor: Latin American Studies
  2. A proposal from the Psychology Department to revise the requirements for the Psychology Major: B.S. Psychology; and approval of two new courses: (1) Contemporary Psychotherapies and (2) Psychology and Law.
  3. Course renumbering of CPSC 250 & CPSC 260 to CPSC 305 & CPSC 306.

Without discussion the proposals passed 18-0-0.

Report from the Graduate School:

Dr. Meagher presented one information item and two proposals from the Graduate Council.

  1. EHLS Department requested a name change for the Clinical/Industrial Worksite Health Promotion MS degree to the MS degree in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Worksite Health and Productivity.
  2. EHLS Department proposal for the MS degree name change in Athletic Training.
  3. EHLS Department proposal for course name changes to the Entry Level Concentration in Athletic Training; course changes in the Advanced Concentration in Athletic Training.

The discussion that followed concerned questions raised by Dr. L. Robinson in the use of the word "health". Was this word used commonly in athletic training? Did any other departments, such as nursing, have an objection? Dr. D. Cundiff adequately responded to these concerns.

The motion carried 18-0-2.

Administrative Report

Chancellor Stacy

Dr. Stacy distributed copies of the Legislative Alert from the Ingram Group. It appears that the General Assembly may reconvene in special session on October 29. Dr. Stacy stated he felt optimistic that this indicated that folks had been reading the documentation about the budget and taxation problems in Tennessee and were finally going to do something about it. He mentioned the memo from President Fly, that was also distributed, that encourages everyone to contact or "hug" their state senator and state representative to tell them you support them doing something now about the budget stalemate. Tennessee needs to look at how it collects it revenue and spends its revenue.

Provost Trimpey

Dr. Trimpey responded to questions that had been raised at the last Faculty Council meeting. Why do we use longevity pay in the base? Basically, there are two answers: its because we have always done it this way and peer institutions we are compared to do it this way. Dr. Trimpey did not take credit for either answer. These came from other sources.

The other question had to do with the $300 being added to base to offset the increase in insurance. Can it be paid directly to the insurance? We don't know the answer to that right now. Vice Chancellor Brown commented that he is working on it.

Dr. Efaw responded that the amount is not taxable income. You can check this by looking at your pay stub.

Dr. Trimpey then reported that he had $13.75 million worth of proposals for the Lupton money on his desk to review. We are looking for proposals that are not the same. If you do, you need to make the case as to how it will substantially change what you are doing. So far, the proposals are heading in a different direction.

Dr. Stacy commented that there would be a collegial look at the proposals by the provost, chancellor, president of faculty council, outside member with foundation expertise and the vice chancellor.

Dr. Noe asked then is the money going to be for special things only?

Dr. Trimpey responded that if this is something you never had hopes of getting through the normal budget process, now is the time.

Dr. Stacy responded that the Vice Chancellor has managed to sequester another pot of money so that we are now in a better position as far as money for things than we have been in 5 years. In other words, if you have 5 frogs and you needed 6, you can probably get the 6th out of Vice Chancellor Brown's shoebox. (You had to be there….)

Dr. L. Cundiff commented that the gift (Lupton money) is a wonderful thing but her concerns are directed at looking at the size of the frog (Don't ask). There are some of us that never get some of the basic kinds of things. So if we are going to give this money to the "glitter" projects, then those of us that are operating without some of the very basic things because our budgets are so underfunded will be left out again. Dr. Cundiff made a plea for some of the smaller requests of things that are really needed. The frog analogy continued… Dr. Cundiff commented that if I don't have 5 frogs in the box, I can't worry about that 6th one.

Dr. Ernst reported that with approval from Executive Committee, he referred a proposal for Lupton funds for $40,000/year for 2 years that would establish a third fund called the Lupton Faculty Professional Participation Program to supplement travel money for faculty to participate in professional activities. The funds would be used for travel to professional meetings and conferences.

Dr. Loomis asked concerning a rumor she had heard from a "very reliable source" (that was not disclosed) if the additional 2.5% salary was no longer on the table?

Dr. Trimpey replied that the rumor (from the undisclosed source) was not true. He commented that we are just not in a position to authorize the distribution right now.

Dr. Stacy responded that we are trying to be careful in planning how we distribute the additional money considering that we are constantly in Nashville requesting money for higher education.

Vice Chancellor Brown (with the shoebox)

We will look at all Lupton Fund requests both big and small.

The United Way campaign is underway and everyone is encouraged to participate. Our goal is $85,000 for this campus.

Mr. Brown mentioned the raven message he sent out concerning mail safety. We have stepped up security. The mail is screened twice before reaching your hands. We do have an emergency plan in place and are ready.

All building projects are ongoing. We are pouring the foundation for the new computer, math, engineering building. He encouraged everyone to go by and take a look.

We hope to break ground in the spring for the University Center addition.

We finally got a traffic light installed on McCallie Ave. and Baldwin St. We are still working on having two way streets and traffic.

Old Business

Dr. Ernst reported that we are still in the process of setting up the EDO/EDE Committee and hope to have membership established on that soon.

New Business



Dr. Preble-Niemi reported on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee. The report is posted that was written by the consultant of the search firm. Many have asked if this is just an exercise in futility? Dr. Preble-Niemi reminded us that all search committees are always just advisory. The committee does shape the type of person that is being searched for. The advertisement is in the Chronicle. Please use the interactive web site and give input. We are presently drawing up a list of characteristics of the person we want for president; should be finished by the end of this month. I will continue to post information on the web site.

Dr. Ernst announced a workshop entitled The Aftermath of Terror on Thursday, October 25 from 1-4 p.m. There are several national speakers and our own Professor Jane Cushman. This workshop is open to students, faculty, whomever.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:36 p.m.


Submitted while having visions of frogs, shoeboxes, etc., etc., etc.,




Susan Davidson

Faculty Council Secretary