September 7, 2000††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Signal Mountain Room

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† University Center


Elected Members Present:††††††††††† Rob Bailey, Roland Carter, Linda Cundiff, Ron Goulet, Phil Giffin, Lee Harris, Michael Jones, Michael Long, Irene Loomis, Sarla Murgai, Jonathan Mies, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Verbie Prevost, Edward Rozema, Mike Russell, Valeria Rutledge, Marsha Scheidt, Ken Smith, Chris Stuart, Judith Wakim


Elected Members Absent:††††††††††† Tom Bibler, Beth Craig, Fritz Efaw, Diane Farone, Dawn Ford, Zubin Gus, Claire McCullough, Gail Meyer, Burch Oglesby, Mac Smotherman, Steve Underwood, Sally Young


Ex-Officio Members Present:††††††††††† Bill Berry, Sheila Delacroix, Bill Stacey


Among the Guests Present:††††††††† ††††††††††† Jim Hiestand, Lanny Janeksela, Bruce Wallace


Call to Order


President John Trimpey called the meeting to order at 3:08 p.m.


Approval of the Minutes of April 20 & April 25, 2000


The minutes were approved as distributed.


Remarks from the President


President Trimpey expressed appreciation to Trustee Frank Kinser for his efforts on behalf of the faculty for the 3.5% salary increase this year.


Chancellor Stacey was also praised for his persistence and tenacity in working toward the funding for the new Math, Science, and Engineering building. As a token of our appreciation, Chancellor Stacey was presented a colorful bucket of Leggo's to begin the planning for the new building.


At the last meeting in April, it was decided unanimously to postpone until the first meeting of this year, the election of members to faculty council committees.The council did not elect people to the Handbook committee, Committee on Committees, or Graduate Council.


Professor Ed Rozema was nominated and elected to the Graduate Council.


Nominations for the Committee on Committees were Professor Chris Stewart (English), Professor Ron Goulet (Engineering), and Professor Mike Long (Accounting & Finance).Professor Mike Russell (Arts & Sciences) volunteered.A motion was made and passed that President John Trimpey selects the remaining members. The motion also carried over for the Handbook Committee. The motion passed 20-0-0.


Professor Roland Carter, Chair of Committee on Committees, informed the Council that a database would be created this year to track committee membership and participation. This database will track information from the past 3 years and onward. There has been some confusion among faculty that the "3 year rule of service" was mandatory. The 3 years of service is a recommended length of time on committees.


At the conclusion of the next University General Faculty meeting which will be held on September 12, 2000, several schools must elect their representatives to the Council. The College of Business has one member only, two more are needed. The College of Engineering has only one, two more are needed. The College of Health and Human Services has two members elected one more is needed. Sally Young has resigned from the Council, therefore Humanities needs to elect a member to finish her term.


Report on the Activities of the UTC Liaison Committee


Chancellor Stacey reported on the streamlining that President Gilley has brought to the University of Tennessee System. The UT Knoxville campus has pulled back in UT Memphis.There is no UT-Memphis as a separately accredited institution any more, as is Tullahoma and Agriculture.UT Martin and UT Chattanooga have been authorized to establish a University of TN Liaison Committee for each campus, which would allow the two local trustees to focus particularly on Chattanooga to serve as a bridge between the governing Board of the University of Tennessee and the local campus.Itís charge is to identify the issues that are important to Chattanooga and to assist in translating to the Board of Trustees a sense of mission, a sense of vision, a sense of direction, and a sense of needs of that campus.The committee has been charged to create a Five-Year Financial Plan.


President Trimpey remarked that Professor Verbie Prevost is our representative on the UTC Liaison Committee and would appreciate any input. Professor Prevost stated that an agenda for the committee had not been set for this year as yet and reiterated President Trimpey's charge to send her any ideas, concerns, and thoughts to be shared with the committee.


Administrative Report



Chancellor Stacey thanked Council members for their interest and participation in campus matters. He further reported the accreditation reports received have been positive for the programs that have been reviewed over the past year. Chancellor Stacey reminded us that the SACS accreditation visit will be coming up before we know it, but is confident we are almost ready and will do well. He expressed appreciation for all the efforts, which resulted in the 3.5% faculty salary increase for this year and stated that the year had ended well.




Provost Berry stated that he was looking forward to the Faculty Council meetings this year and appreciated the leadership and time commitment that members made. Provost Berry stated that he felt a major agenda item for the year would be to involve faculty on campus in the Council and campus business.

Provost Berry reported that SACS accreditation was "swarming upon us fast" and that the time was running out on this crucial process. Committee reports have been submitted in their revised format and he felt that things were on target.

Other accreditation processes were going on in some of the departments on campus so it was again going to be a very busy year. He expressed thanks and appreciation to Senator Ward Crutchfield and to Chancellor Stacey for their efforts in getting the funding for the new Math, Science and Engineering Building.


Old Business


A motion was made to formally change the minutes from a previous meeting regarding a statement about the region schools.Discussion between Kathy Breeding and Betsy Darken determined what was intended to be said.The motion passed 20-0-0.


New Business


A motion was made to ask a representative from personnel to come to one of the council meetings to discuss the status of pregnancy leave at the University.Discussion also surrounded a request for information on a Family Leave Policy. The motion passed 20-0-0.††


A motion was made to ask the Chancellor to look at the travel policy from UTK to see if there can be positive changes made to benefit the campus, such as arrangements being made locally, through Tennessee Valley Travel Agency.The motion was passed 20-0-0. The Chancellor graciously agreed to look into this.


Chancellor Stacey reported that information on the 3.5% raise and information about merit increases would be presented at the University Faculty Meeting next week.


House Bill 2318 became legislative action to require a University Tract Program that would create 60 hours of instruction that can be transferred and applied toward requirements for a bachelors degree at the public Universities of TN.This topic will need further discussion and will be addressed at Executive Committee to make recommendations to the Council on how to follow-up with this.


Professor Ken Smith voiced concern regarding the speed of vehicles and the danger to pedestrians around and near several crosswalks on campus. President Trimpey replied that this would be brought to the attention of the appropriate people.


Member Concerns


Changes in assignments for this year have been brought to the committee by at least 2 people.One person was taken off as chair of a committee because that person had served for 3 years.The Executive Committee agreed not to make it an agenda item but to allow the chairman of the Committee on Committees to add this person back to the committee.


Another request came in from another committee where the person was dropped because they had served for 3 years and the chair wanted the person back on.The Executive Committee again referred this issue back to the chair of the Committee on Committees for review.




A lively discussion followed when President Trimpey raised the question of whether or not to continue Convocation. Professor Mike Russell stated in favor of discontinuing it due to students don't fully appreciate the intent, they don't attend, faculty don't attend and therefore it wasn't having the desired effect. Also, some faculty have difficulty in suspending one section of a course that they teach which takes place during Convocation because this puts the other sections out of sync. Professor Verbie Prevost suggested that we needed more faculty input before making a decision to suspend Convocation. Professor Valerie Rutledge raised the question of how can we attract students or the faculty community to have Convocation or some similar tradition? After much discussion, the motion was presented to suspend Convocation with the decision then going to the whole faculty meeting next week. The motion passed 19-0-1.

President Trimpey stated he would place the question on Raven before the faculty meeting next week to give faculty time to discuss and be prepared to vote.


Faculty Participation in Council Activities


President Trimpey suggested that all Council members make the effort to involve faculty members from their respective departments and colleges. Each Faculty Council member could have an address book in their email to notify constituents of agenda items. The Executive Committee will put agenda items on Raven prior to the Faculty Council meeting. Faculty may need to be informed of who their representative is. Our goal is to address problems and make campus life better for everyone.




Professor Jim Hiestand agreed to serve as parliamentarian even though he wasn't officially on the Council this year. President Trimpey issued a sigh of relief.




Chancellor Stacey mentioned the recent article in U.S. News&World Report, which cited the UTC Engineering Program, ranked as 33 on the list of the top 40 programs in the U.S.

Professor Mike Russell agreed it is great to be mentioned in the listings with other great Universities and Colleges.




President Trimpey adjourned the meeting at 4:15 p.m.



Very Humbly Submitted,




Susan Davidson







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