September 21, 2000††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Signal Mountain Room

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Elected Members Present:††††††††††† Rob Bailey, Tom Bibler, Roland Carter, Beth Craig, Linda Cundiff, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Diane Farone, Dawn Ford, Phil Giffin, Ron Goulet, Lee Harris, Charles Knight, Michael Long, Irene Loomis, Claire McCullough, Gail Meyer, John Mies, Sarla Murgai, Burch Oglesby, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Verbie Prevost, Ed Rozema, Mike Russell, Ken Smith, Mac Smotherman, Chris Stuart, Steve Underwood



Elected Members Absent:††††††††††† Steve Eskildsen, Zubin Guo, Valerie Rutledge, John Trimpey, Judith Wakim


Ex-Officio Members Present:††††††††††† Bill Berry, Sheila Delacroix, Bill Stacy


Among the Guests Present:††††††††††† Jim Hiestand, Bob Desmond, Sandy Zitkus, Anne Lindsey


Call to Order


1st Vice President Roland Carter called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m. Professor Carter has graciously accepted the mantle of acting Faculty Council President while President John Trimpey recovers from surgery.


Approval of the Minutes of September 7, 2000


The minutes were approved as distributed.


SACS Report


Professor Gene Ezell & Professor David Brodsky reported.

Professor Ezell offered his thanks to the 13 faculty committees working on the self-study report. The SACS visit is scheduled for 19-22 of February 2001.Several drafts have been submitted from the various committees and preparations are being made for all reports to be in final form by the end of September. The self-study will then be sent to administrators on campus for review and finally to SACS.


Dr. Brodsky echoed Dr. Ezellís comments regarding thanks for the help and hard work on the report.The committee is looking at September 30 for final committee reports to be in, and then it will be circulated on campus for factual accuracy by mid October for review.It will probably be put on the Web site for convenience and access. Following the receipt of all comments, it will be revised, then put together in a final version.The final version has to be out by mid December to the visiting committee to give them time to review it and ask questions.FYI:We do not know composition of the visiting committee, but we do know who the chair of the committee will be, Professor Made, VP and Dean of Graduate School at Florida State University.He will arrive prior to the SACS visit to give us ideas regarding the kinds of things he would like us to do in preparation for the visit in February.


Report from the Curriculum Committee


Chair Bruce Hutchison gave the following report.The Curriculum Committee has one proposal to submit for review.It comes from the Art Department and is Art2000r sophomore portfolio review.Attention is called to the zero credit.It was discussed at length in the Curriculum Committee meeting and led to the re-write that is the proposal presently before the Faculty Council.The issue is that the work is done separately by the student.Since there is no actual timed work requirement for the course, there should be no credit given for the course.†† The Art Department and itís accrediting agency feels that it is necessary for students going beyond the sophomore year to have indicated a minimum level of art proficiency.This is the intent of this course.Transfer students will also have to fulfill the requirement by the end of the sophomore year.Professor Gail Meyer asked about the satisfactory progress/no progress grade.Professor Anne Lindsey responded that it was to apply more rigor to the sophomore process.Students cannot take upper division courses without passing this course.Professor Verbie Prevost asked if this was not really a course?Professor Anne Lindsey responded that there is no instruction involved, the students have to pull together examples from other courses, give oral presentations, and receive feedback from faculty.The question was asked if the zero shows up on the rap sheet?Acting President Roland Carter explained it was like the music department with recitals, yes it does show up on the rap sheet. Professor MacSmotherman has similar zero credit courses in the theatre department. The motion passed 26-0-1.


Report on Affirmative Action


Professor Barbara Wofford gave the following report. There have been 62 new faculty hires: 29 are tenure-track positions, 28 are 1-year positions, and 5 are in clinical positions.†† Of the 62 new faculty hires, there were 6 minorities hired: 4 are in tenure track positions (2 of whom are administrators), 2 are in 1-year positions.Of the 1-year positions, 1 person is replacing someone in communications who is in graduate school and the other person has been here for several years, Dan Tolbert, who is in a year by year position.Of the people who are now in tenure-track position there was one person who was in education that up until this year was in a 1-year position and now is in a tenure-track position.Of the minorities hired, one was hired as a department head and one was hired in sociology to work with the community as the director of the community development program.

Professor Irene Loomis asked how many women were hired in tenure track positions.Professor Wofford responded that about 15 women had been hired to these positions.

Acting President Roland Carter asked what was being counted as minority. Professor Wofford answered that minority referred to blacks.


Administrative Report



Provost Berry commented on Professor Wofford's report. The campus has made some improvements in minority hiring but there are still problems with retention and in conducting searches for qualified minority candidates. This remains a major agenda item for the campus.


The groundbreaking ceremony for the new student housing project was held today with Governor Sundquist and other dignitaries in attendance. Provost Berry expressed appreciation for the attendance by faculty and Acting President Carter.


The Enrollment Management Committee has begun to address issues to improve enrollment. As a reminder, we have a high stake in increasing enrollment because for every 100 undergraduate students that represents approximately $200,000 in tuition and fee revenue in the first year. Depending on whether there are gains or declines in enrollment influences if we drop out of the range upon which state formula funding is based. Enrollment figures determine if we stand to gain or lose additional monies beyond the tuition and fees. The funding per student is lower at the freshmen and sophomore level than it is at the junior/senior level. Formula funding is higher for graduate students than undergraduate students. Provost Berry expressed that we need to foster relationships with community colleges in an effort to recruit these students to continue their education at UTC.


The search for associate provost is now underway. If interested, the ad will be available on the campus network.


A draft copy of the Intellectual Property Policy has been distributed to the Executive Committee for review. This is just and draft and will probably undergo numerous revisions as input is received from faculty. Please send responses and suggestions for improving the policy.


A reception will be held at 4:00 today at the Faculty Club for Professor David Brodsky who has been named the first Dalton Roberts Professor of Public Administration.


Old Business




New Business

Professor Irene Loomis raised the issue of summer school teaching assignments. The number of courses each faculty can teach , the revenue that is generated by summer school and how disbursements of these monies is made. In Arts & Sciences we are only allowed to teach one course per summer even though we have more students taking these courses each year. Provost Berry stated that the summer school budget is tight and is budgeted at $1,100,000.00. It pays for itself but is not a profit generator. The State funds enrollment for summer school at one tenth of the rate that it funds enrollment in the regular academic year. UTC does a lot more of itís teaching during the summer relative to annualized FTE as compared to any other institution in the state.MTSU with17,000 enrollment teaches slightly fewer students per summer than we do.FTE formula worked by 10 students in summer, 8 would be present only in summer, if you lose 2, you will lose money; if you lose only one, you break even. This budget will have to be looked at very carefully in the very near future.What is in the institutions best interest?

Professor Mike Russell stated that he didnít think Professor Loomis' question was addressed.The whole issue of the summer school budget is arcane.†† He stated that he remembered when UTC use to make money from summer school. Whatís happened?

Provost Berry stated the equity of teaching load was based on the number of students enrolled and that adjustments would be looked at across the College.


Report from the Chancellor


The Chancellor arrived from the groundbreaking ceremony. There will be several hundred students moving into the new building in about 11 months. Due to the building project being in the hands ofprivate contractors, the Chancellor expressed confidence that the project should get done.


New Business


Professor Verbie Prevostpresented a motion that a note be sent from the Faculty Council expressing best wishes and a speedy recovery to President John Trimpey. The motion carried 27-0-0 with Acting President Carter saying "aye" loudly.




Acting President Carter announced that President Trimpey went home today and is doing quite well.


President Trimpey will make completion of the appointments to the committees.




Acting President Carter adjourned the meeting at 3:36 p.m.



Slightly Less Humbly Submitted,


Susan Davidson




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