April 24, 2001 Signal Mountain Room

University Center

Elected Members Present: Rob Bailey, Tom Bibler, Roland Carter, Susan Davidson, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Ron Goulet, Zibin Guo, Jim Hiestand, Michael Jones, Irene Loomis, Claire McCullough, John Mies, Ed Rozema, Mike Russell, Valerie Rutledge, Chris Stuart, John Trimpey, Judith Wakim

Elected Members Absent: Beth Craig, Linda Cundiff, Steve Eskildsen, Diane Farone, Dawn Ford, Phil Giffin, Lee Harris, Charles Knight, Mike Long, Gail Meyer, Sarla Murgai, Burch Oglesby, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Verbie Prevost, Marsha Scheidt, Ken Smith, Mac Smotherman

New Members Present: Deborah McAllister, Teresa Norris, Joe Owino, Terry Walters

Ex-Officio Members Present: Bill Berry, Richard Brown, Jane Harbough, Bill Stacy

Call to Order:

President John Trimpey called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.

Elections of Officers:

By acclamation, Tom Bibler was elected Second Vice President, Susan Davidson was elected Secretary, and Oralia Preble-Niemi was elected First Vice President.

After considerable discussion and laughter, the following Faculty Council chairs and members were elected:

Committee on Committees:

Oralia Preble-Niemi, chair, Roland Carter, Chris Stuart, Deborah McAllister, Teresa Norris, and Joe Owino were elected.

Handbook Committee:

Tom Bibler, chair, Judy Wakim, Claire McCullough, Michael Jones, Dawn Ford, and Zibin Guo were elected. Roland Carter and Irene Loomis were elected as alternates.

Graduate Council:

The Faculty Council elects 2 at large members. Jonathan Mies was elected and the other representative will be elected in the fall.

Honor Court:

Barbara Norwood, chair, Holly Dieken, Joe Dumas and Ron Goulet were elected. Linda Smith, Joanie Sompayrac and Tony Steinhoff were elected as alternates.

Grade Appeals:

Victoria Steinberg, Bruce Hutchinson and Cherry Guinn were elected. Lee Robinson and Jennifer Adams were elected as alternates.


Jim Hiestand accepted his lifetime appointment as parliamentarian.

Welcome to New Members:

The following newly elected faculty council members were present and warmly welcomed: Joe Owino, Teresa Norris, Cheryl Robinson, Terry Walters, Valerie Rutledge and Deborah McAllister.

New Business:


Old Business:

President Trimpey made a request for the end of the year reports that had not been submitted. They will need to be included in the minutes at the first meeting of the fall.

Dr. Rutledge stated that she had received a phone call from a newspaper reporter concerning the recent news published on faculty salaries. How are we to respond? President Trimpey responded that the Budget & Economic Committee end of year report had been submitted but had not been reviewed as yet.

Dr. Hiestand reported that the General Education committee this year had received a number of petitions from students about transfer courses. These requests should go to the department chair first. If the chair turns it down, then the student can appeal to the General Education committee. The committee received a number of petitions that they didn't need to see.

Dr. Tom Bibler responded that the color of the petitions has been confusing to both students and faculty. For clarification, the green goes to the Petitions committee and the purple form goes to the General Education committee.

Vice Chancellor Richard Brown stated he has not received a copy of the report from the Budget Planning & Economics Committee. The next meeting for this committee will be Wednesday, May 2 and this is where the report will be reviewed and discussed.

Further discussion followed about how UTC is compared to similar sized institutions and the possible inequities involved in preparing the report. It was suggested that the report could be presented and interpreted in a variety of ways. Other discussion involved salaries of incoming faculty versus long term faculty and the compression issue. Also how we can influence the state legislature in Nashville to adequately fund higher education.


Dr. Russell moved that we adjourn by expressing his sorrow in leaving Faculty Council, that parting is such sweet sorrow but he can live with it, so we adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 1:54 p.m.

Submitted with such sweet sorrow,


Susan Davidson

Faculty Council Secretary