April 19, 2001 Signal Mountain Room

University Center

Elected Members Present: Rob Bailey, Tom Bibler, Roland Carter, Susan Davidson, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Steve Eskildsen, Diane Farone, Dawn Ford, Phil Giffin, Ron Goulet, Zibin Guo, Jim Hiestand, Michael Jones, Charles Knight, Mike Long, Irene Loomis, Claire McCullough, Gail Meyer, John Mies, Burch Oglesby, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Ed Rozema, Ken Smith, Mac Smotherman, Chris Stuart, John Trimpey, Steve Underwood, Judith Wakim


Elected Members Absent: Beth Craig, Linda Cundiff, Lee Harris, Sarla Murgai, Verbie Prevost, Mike Russell, Valerie Rutledge, Marsha Scheidt

Ex-Officio Members Present: Bill Berry, Richard Brown, Sheila Delacroix, Jane Harbough

Among the Guests Present: Deborah Arfken, Herb Burhenn, Chuck Cantrell, Richard Casavant, Judy Fry, Diane Halstead, Lanny Janeksela, Barbara Ray, Joanie Sompayrac, Mary Tanner

Call to Order:

President John Trimpey called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

Approval of the Minutes of April 5, 2001:

The minutes were approved as written without question.

Report from the Curriculum Committee

Professor Bruce Hutchinson requested approval of several undergraduate proposals. There was no discussion. The proposals passed 21-0-0.

Report from the Graduate Council

Professor Barbara Ray requested approval of several graduate program proposals.

Dr. Richard Casavant remarked that as programs grow the resources seem to be getting more scarce. He also stated that resources need to be used wisely and that all programs need to be careful of duplication. Dr. Casavant questioned if the courses in the political science proposal were duplications of courses already offered by the School of Business. A lively discussion then followed concerning duplication of courses by different academic departments, scarce resources, certificate programs, not enough faculty to teach, closing of sections and courses, etc, etc, etc.

President Trimpey called time out. Dr. Bibler moved this discussion be remanded to the Graduate Council. Dr. Giffin gave the second. The graduate proposals passed 23-1-1.

Administrative Report

Provost Berry gave the following report for Chancellor Stacy. Thanks again to everyone for the hard work done for the SACS visit. Meetings are being set up in Atlanta with SACS concerning distance learning.

Dr. Les Cochran, the consultant for Metropolitan College, has been here the last 2 days meeting with various administrators. A draft report will be shared with departments on campus to seek clarification before the final report is sent to President Gilley.

Vice Chancellor Richard Brown

Update on student housing across McCallie. Chattanooga has begun its update of the area with lights, trees, etc. We have a waiting list for this housing. Executive Vice President Fly will be present next week to further discuss the budget. The summer school proposal presented last time will discussed with the Deans Council.

The traffic situation on 5th street has been discussed. Tickets for speeding are $135 a piece. It has also been reported that the new chalk produces less dust and does not break as easily.

Dr. Jim Hiestand when does bus service begin?

Mr. Brown hopefully the first day of classes this August; it will also be free with a verified UTC I.D.

A question was asked about traffic across McCallie.

Mr. Brown Bailey and McCallie will have a street light installed; we have also asked the state to turn McCallie and MLK back to 2-way traffic.

Dr. Gail Meyer can we ride the bus from Hamilton to work?

Mr. Brown yes, it does work in that manner.

New Business

Dr. Fritz Efaw requested markers for the white boards in the classrooms. Dr. Joe Dumas requested white boards for Grote Hall.

Old Business



President Trimpey stated that we will meet at 1:00 on Reading Day in this room after the general faculty meeting. Also, Roland Carter has respectfully declined to run for 1st vice president again so we will need a nomination for this position.

Sheila Delacroix announced that April 20 is amnesty week in the library. There will be no fines if you turn in your late books and materials during this week. This includes faculty and staff.

Dr. Roland Carter reminded everyone that the assignments for committees will come out the first of May.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Susan Davidson

Faculty Council Secretary