March 1, 2001                                                    Signal Mountain Room

                                                                                    University Center


Elected Members Present:            Rob Bailey, Tom Bibler, Roland Carter, Susan Davidson, Joe Dumas, Steve Eskildsen, Diane Farone, Dawn Ford, Phil Giffin, Lee Harris, Jim Hiestand, Michael Jones, Irene Loomis, John Mies, Sarla Murgai, Burch Oglesby, Ed Rozema, Mike Russell, Valerie Rutledge, Marsha Scheidt, Mac Smotherman, Chris Stuart, John Trimpey, Steve Underwood


Elected Members Absent:            Beth Craig, Linda Cundiff, Fritz Efaw, Ron Goulet, Zibin Guo, Charles Knight, Mike Long, Claire McCullough, Gail Meyer, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Verbie Prevost, Ken Smith, Judith Wakim


Ex-Officio Members Present:            Bill Berry, Richard Brown, Francis Gross, Bill Stacy


Among the Guests Present:            Herb Burhenn, Audrey Canaff, Cindy Carroll, Lanny Janeksela, Emily McDonald, Debbie Parker, Mary Tanner


Call to Order:


President John Trimpey called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


Approval of the Minutes of February 15, 2001


Without a doubt, the minutes were approved as distributed.


Report from the Graduate School



Professor Barbara Ray reported on the proposals from the Music Department and Counseling. Professor Sarla Murgai noted that Sheila Delacroix again had voted neutral on these 2 proposals and that one of them had a written comment to "see notes", but no notes were attached. Professor Audrey Canaff stated that it had to do with specific professional journals being available either in the library or through interlibrary loan.  Professor Mike Russell commented on the fact that in the History Department interlibrary loan has cost attached to it, so what is the cost for getting these journals not available? Many commented on the fact that they had received articles through interlibrary loan and had incurred no costs. Or the professor would get the article and put it on reserve in the library for student use. At this point Professor Russell was feeling singled out because he "always" has to pay for his articles via interlibrary loan.

Professor Russell then brought up the interesting question in asking for a definition of "suicidology"? Is the concern that this is a "how to" course? An appropriate explanation was given which determined that this course is about the study of suicide. An additional question was asked if there were a lab with this course? Numerous humorous comments followed this question which cannot be printed in the interest of good taste.

The proposals were voted on together with the motion passing 19-0-0.


Administrative Report




Dr. Stacy again thanked everyone for the help on the SACS self-study and visit. We should be receiving the draft report of the findings in the next few weeks. A final response will be formulated to respond to the recommendations that address the "must" statements.

At President Trimpeys' request, the Chancellor again addressed the 6.5% raise of last year. In Chattanooga, we received 4.2%, not the 6.5%. In reality, 3.5% came from the state legislature and student fees. The legislature shortfall and student fee shortfall contributed to us not reaching the 6.5%.

Professor Irene Loomis spoke as a representative of a group of faculty concerned about the 6.5% that UT received and not us.

Dr. Stacy then "displayed" overhead (literally) transparencies, which showed how the distribution worked. Some salaries went up such as faculty 4.2%, academic professional salaries went down 1.2%, administrative salaries went down 3.2%, and clerical salaries went up 3.3%.

Professor Mike Russell noted that not all faculty received a 4.2% raise last year. Dr. Stacy stated that the 4.2% was the average computed.

Professor Loomis commented that the general public is under the impression that we all received a 6.5% raise and that they really need to be informed otherwise.

At this point Dr. Francis Gross entered the discussion and confirmed the Chancellor's report.

President Trimpey then requested that some of the overhead transparencies be included with the minutes. Dr. Stacy concurred. President Trimpey then shared with the Council that the big change that has taken place is that when a designated amount of money is marked for raises, increases, etc., it only happens if the money is there.

Dr. Stacy commented on the recent legislative concerns about not being informed of our building projects and plans. The state building commission needs to be involved from the beginning because we are a state institution.  The main issue is concerning quality when the state does not have oversight in a project. Dr. Stacy stated that this would be rectified.




Dr. Berry commented that SACS is basically over, and again thanks to everyone for getting us ready. We did receive recommendations but it is not clear at this point as to how many. Resources are a big issue and documentation is another. This includes what we should have been doing rather than what we have been doing. An example is in documenting faculty credentials. We need to correct this before May when most faculty are gone for the summer. Another issue is not documenting outcome assessment in SACS terms until a few years ago. We need another cycle of data using outcome assessment. Assessments are tied to outcomes. Budget requests should reflect how they will enhance the mission of the university. Please attend budget hearings and give your input.

Latest figures show that we are up 390 applicants for fall 2001. Hopefully this will hold and continue upward.

Library technology - the library has a new online system that is quicker and easier to use. Student technology fees have made this possible.


Vice Chancellor


No report


Old Business


President Trimpey reported that a proposal has been submitted to revise the grade appeal process. The Executive Committee will review the proposal and make a recommendation to the Council before the year is over.


New Business


Professor Mike Russell commented on the quality of the chalk in the classrooms. It breaks easily and is cheap. Students are amused. Its true we are strapped for funds, but can we not have some decent chalk? Professor Russell was told to "chalk it up to experience". Vice Chancellor Brown stated he would improve the quality of the chalk.


Professor Tom Bibler asked when were we going to have a faculty picture directory?

Professor Mike Russell commented that we wait until faculty salaries are better so that faculty will stay longer. Professor Roland Carter suggested that we use the UTC I.D. pictures and put them on a web site as a directory.

Moved by Professor Carter and the second was by Professor Bibler. Motion carried 17-0-2.


President Trimpey requested that committee reports be turned in ASAP. There are only 2 meetings left. Reports will be taken at either of the last 2 meetings.


President Trimpey asked for assistance in formulating a list of names for the retirement dinner. The dinner will take place on March 30 on a Friday night.


Elections for faculty council also need to take place. Ballots will be sent via campus mail before spring break.








Professor Mike Russell moved "with the tingling anticipation of spring break that we adjourn."


The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


Have a safe and relaxing spring break!


Respectfully submitted,



Susan Davidson