February 15, 2001 Signal Mountain Room

University Center

Elected Members Present: Rob Bailey, Tom Bibler, Beth Craig, Linda Cundiff, Susan Davidson, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Steve Eskildsen, Diane Farone, Dawn Ford, Phil Giffin, Ron Goulet, Lee Harris, Jim Hiestand, Michael Jones, Charles Knight, Mike Long, Irene Loomis, Claire McCullough, Gail Meyer, John Mies, Sarla Murgai, Burch Oglesby, Verbie Prevost, Ed Rozema, Mike Russell, Marsha Scheidt, Chris Stuart, John Trimpey, Steve Underwood, Judith Wakim

Elected Members Absent: Roland Carter, Zibin Guo, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Valerie Rutledge, Ken Smith, Mac Smotherman

Ex-Officio Members Present: Bill Berry, Richard Brown, Bill Stacy

Among the Guests Present: Neslihan Alp, Deborah Arfken, Herb Burhenn, Richard Casavant, Ron Cox, Jim Cunningham, John Fulmer, Kim Gee, Bruce Hutchinson, Lanny Janeksela, Frank Jones, Phil Kazemersky, Rick Keyser, Ed McMahon, Joseph Owino, Cecelia Wigal

Call to Order:

President John Trimpey called the meeting to order at 3:03 pm

Approval of the Minutes of February 1, 2001

Without further fanfare or ado, the minutes were approved as distributed.

Report from the Faculty Research Committee

Professor Tom Gavin is asking for an exception to the Handbook for one time only. A request was made for consideration in providing individuals for summer fellowships this year a waiver to apply for faculty research grants also. All rules and regulations would be followed for the granting of these fellowships and grants. The committee voted 13-2-0.

The Executive Committee recommended that the committee make the request for the one time change before the Faculty Council

Professor Gail Meyer asked how does it differ from previous years?

Professor Gavin Ė The Handbook states that a faculty member that receives a summer fellowship cannot apply for a faculty research grant. Amounts given vary, but faculty donít always get what they ask for. Funds are low this year but hopefully this will only be this year.

Professor Mike Russell moved to grant the one time only change to the Handbook.

Professor Marsha Scheidt gave the second.

The motion carried 20-1.

Report from the Curriculum Committee

Professor Bruce Hutchinson gave the following report:

The Engineering proposal was brought back for a vote. There are no changes in essence to the proposal. However, there are 2 changes to be made in the memos. The memo dated February 7; there is a change under #1, line 3 from ENEE to ENGR. Under #3, after PHYS 232 should follow MATH 245 & 255. The other memo dated February 7, the 5th line should read "courses ENGR 211, 352, 358, 385." The issues for discussion during the last Faculty Council meeting have been resolved.

The motion carried 26-0-1.

Report from the Graduate School

Professor Barbara Ray reported on the proposal from the School of Business regarding changes to the MBA program. Professor Kim Gee was present to answer questions.

Professor Irene Loomis asked why is the librarian neutral on the proposal cover sheet?

Professor Deborah Arfken responded that the librarian usually doesn't vote yeah or nay but simply addresses resources.

The motion carried 26-0-1.

Administrative Report


Dr. Berry "reminded" everyone (surprise!) that SACS was coming up next week. All site visitors are on board with the visit starting officially Monday p.m. The self-study committee has done an exceptional job. The self-study is on the web site and Dr. Berry suggested that everyone refresh their memory on their own program. Again we expect some recommendations. The public exit will be on Thursday am and all are invited to attend. Remember that they donít spend time praising the campus but concentrate on the recommendations. The crucial sections are the institutional effectiveness, analysis & recommendations sections.

A question was asked about whom owns the rights to distance learning, web sites, etc. A draft has come from Knoxville for us to review; the writing of the policy is in process. This information will be shared with the Executive Committee and Faculty Council as it progresses and for input.


Thanks to the faculty & staff, Gene, Bill, Eileen, Jane, David, for all the work done for this SACS visit. The self-study is a balanced report giving both sides of the picture. Despite shortages of resources, students still learn and faculty still do research, service, teach, etc.

At a recent Press luncheon it was interesting to note that the community is unaware of how good an institution we are. Good students plus good faculty = better degree completion. Chattanooga has a good reputation for degree completion for lower income and minority students. Community is pleasantly surprised when they hear and read these things. They are unaware and we need to let them know.

Vice Chancellor

Mr. Richard Brown informed the council that budget hearings have begun. Please participate. State building meeting was last week and approved the UTC master plan in total. Collins St. specialty housing has also been approved. Seven special student groups would like to relocate to this area. Landscape/architectural firm has been approved to assist us in planning our beautification plans.

Hunter Hall is almost complete. Student housing across McCallie is about 52% completed and will be ready this fall for occupancy.

The University Center documents are being drafted for plans for expansion and we are ready to begin this August.

Parking is always an issue and will be kept in mind during all the construction.

Check out the facilities website for all of these projects.

Old Business


New Business

There will be forthcoming information about revising the policy for grade appeals, which will be a handbook change.




President Trimpey called upon Professor Russell for the appropriate closing remarks: "In sympathy for those of us who must contend with mid-term grading procedures, I move that we adjourn promptly and get the heck out of here!"

There being no opposition voiced, the meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


Submitted with the best of intentions,


Susan Davidson