November 2, 2000 Signal Mountain Room

University Center


Elected Members Present: Rob Bailey, Tom Bibler, Roland Carter, Linda Cundiff, Susan Davidson, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Steve Eskildsen, Dawn Ford, Phil Giffin, Lee Harris, Jim Hiestand, Michael Jones, Charles Knight, Mike Long, Irene Loomis, Claire McCullough, Gail Meyer, John Mies, Sarla Murgai, Burch Oglesby, Oralia Preble-Niemi, Mike Russell, Ken Smith, Mac Smotherman, Chris Stuart, Steve Underwood


Elected Members Absent: Beth Craig, Diane Farone, Ron Goulet, Zibin Guo, Verbie Prevost, Ed Rozema, Valerie Rutledge, John Trimpey, Judith Wakim


Ex-Officio Members Present: Richard Brown, Sheila Delacroix, Bill Stacy


Among the Guests Present: Lanny Janeksela, Marsha Scheidt


Call to Order


1st Vice President Roland Carter the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.


Approval of the Minutes of October 19, 2000


With moderate enthusiasm, Professor Mike Russell moved that the minutes be accepted as distributed. The minutes were approved.


Report from the Executive Committee


Professor Roland Carter gave the following report:

Item 1 - The Executive Committee received a request from athletics to move fall break 2001 to one week earlier so that it would not conflict with homecoming. Questions were raised concerning: Would moving the break interfere with midterm and semester drop dates? Can we make fall break longer? One week instead of 3 days? Eliminate fall break and make the semester end earlier? Start Thanksgiving one day earlier? After refocusing the Council members, Professor Carter received a consensus that having fall break one week earlier would work as long as it did not jeopardize midterm and drop dates.


Item 2 - Two Faculty Council committees need members. The Committee on Committees needs a member from the College of Health & Human Services. Professor Diane Farone was appointed and could not protest due to her absence today. The Handbook Committee needs 5 members. Professors Ed Rozema and Zibin Guo were nominated from the College of Arts and Sciences, Professor Judith Wakim from the College of Health and Human Services, Professor Steve Underwood from Exercise Science, Health & Leisure Studies, and Professor Claire McCullough from the College of Engineering volunteered!


Item 3 The Death Benefits Committee will not be a Faculty Council standing committee, as it requires a paid membership.


Item 4 Professor John Trimpey is doing well and hopes to be back second semester.


Administrative Report



Chancellor Stacy gave a report on the state of salaries in the UT system as it pertains to UTC. Overheads were used to illustrate his remarks.

President Gilley plans to raise the average salaries to what peer institutions are paying.

The plan was for the money to come from student fees and reallocations in the budget.

What happened? Actual implementation is lower due to retirements of those at the top of the pay scale, in other words if everyone had stayed put, we could have met our goals.

We needed more money for academic affairs and needed to pay more money to incoming new faculty. $1.5 million had to be cut from the budget, some of which was taken from salary increases. The numbers and figures displayed on the overheads include salary plus longevity, professorships, etc, not summer school pay.

A question raised was: Are merit raises still in the pot? No, due to student enrollment down.


2. A handout was distributed which outlined new duties and responsibilities for Vice Chancellor Richard Brown. This handout included a reorganization of the Operations, Business, Finance, and Information Technology reporting units. (See attached)


Old Business




New Business


Professor Mike Russell reported concerns about the Stars Timetable listing courses, times, places, incorrectly; Raven is lively with changes about the numerous mistakes.

This office needs help how do we go about giving it?

Professor Gail Meyer - The listing of general education courses have not been updated.

Dean Janeksela - Are the Web site offerings accurate?

Professor Fritz Efaw - Even though departments are proofreading the listing of course mistakes are still being made and sometimes repeated.

Professor Oralia Preble-Niemi Course corrections are available in ASIS.

Professor Ken Smith Where is the summer schedule?

Professor Mike Russell - Students use the Timetable; courses need to be listed accurately. Can each department have access to the schedule?

The request was made for Professor Carter to have Judy Fry and Julie Bomar to come and respond to questions.

Professor Oralia Preble0Niemi - When are summer schedules going to be out?

The request was made for Professor Carter to ask Provost Berry the status of the summer schedule.

Professor Mac Smotherman - The State of TN is at the root of this problem in that there is a lack of funding and we do not have enough faculty to teach.

Professor Oralia Preble-Niemi - The Stars Timetable information is so inaccurate that students will be frustrated and already are.

Chancellor Stacy commented that Provost Berry is out of town. He asked Dean Janeksela to have a deans & directors meeting today or in the am to address this now.


The Petitions Committee would like to have a ruling on excessive hours by deadline and requests the Executive Committee to make this an agenda item.


Question: Is there truth to the rumor that there will be no summer school? Chancellor Stacy "NO!"








The meeting was adjourned at 3:49 p.m.


No Longer Humbly Submitted,



Susan Davidson