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September 2, 1999
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

Elected Members Present:
Tom Bibler, Pedro Campa, Roland Carter, Fritz Efaw, Gene Ezell, Ron Goulet, Lee Harris, Jim Hiestand, Mike Long, Irene Loomis, Deborah McAllister, Gail Meyer, Burch Oglesby, Edward Rozema, Mike Russell, Valerie Rutledge, Marsha Scheidt, Lauren Sewell, Ken Smith, Mac Smotherman, John Trimpey, Margaret Trimpey, Rick Turpin, Steve Underwood, Mike Whittle, Sherry Young

Elected Members Absent:
Anne Bailey, Charles Knight, Cliff Parten

Ex-Officio Members Present:
Bill Aiken, Bill Berry, Richard Brown, Jane Harbaugh, Richard MacDougall, Bill Stacy

Among the Guests Present:
Herb Burhenn, Chuck Cantrell, Bob Desmond, Lanny Janeksela, Margaret Kelley, Deborah Parker

Actions and Announcements

Chancellor discusses vice chancellor changes, enrollment, MocsExpress, President Gilley, and the Engineering/Math/Computer Science building

Provost discusses faculty lines for General Education, minority hiring, and an initiative to make UTC’s undergraduate education the "best"

Other topics: the budget, the campus master plan, performance review, class rolls, oral communication, and campus growing pains (Can a student walk from Metro to Grote in 10 min.?)

Call to Order

President Verbie Prevost called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.

Approval of the Minutes of May 6, 1999

The minutes were approved as distributed.

Committee Reports

Committee on Committees:

Chair Tom Bibler reported that three faculty have been added to the Departmental Honors Committee: Professors Larry Kleiman, Janet Secrest, and Caryl Taylor. Professors Barbara Walton and Bruce Wallace have joined the General Education Committee; Professor Felicia Sturzer has resigned from that committee. Professor Hill Craddock has been added to the Library Committee. Professor Barbara Norwood is the chair of the Honor Court, not Professor Pat Mosher as previously reported. The changes were approved by a voice vote.

The following students were nominated to serve on faculty and institutional committees: Ms. Misty Durham, Honor Court; Ms. Sabrina Austin, Student Conduct Board and the Parking Authority; Ms. Leslie Harper, Student Conduct Board; and Mr. Josh Shields, Parking Authority. The nominations were approved by a voice vote.

Elections to Fill Vacancies:

Grade Appeals Committee:

Professor Irene Loomis was elected by acclamation to fill the seat of Professor Ann Stapleton who resigned from the committee.

Handbook Committee:

Professor Margaret Trimpey was elected by acclamation to fill the seat vacated by Professor Lenny Krzycki.

Graduate Council:

Professor Jonathan Mies’ term on Council has ended, and a replacement representative from Council to Graduate Council will be elected at the September 16 meeting.

Administrative Reports


Chancellor Bill Stacy welcomed everyone back to campus. He announced he has decided to split the budget and operations responsibilities of former Vice Chancellor George Ross who has moved to a chief operating role with Clark Atlanta University. Associate Vice Chancellor Richard Brown has accepted an offer to become the Vice Chancellor for Operations. Associate Provost Bill Aiken has agreed to serve as interim Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance while a search is conducted. The new vice chancellor will be responsible for budgeting and finance as well as computing/information technologies.

Chancellor Stacy said he wants to continue to focus on the budget and build on the progress made last year. He said he wants budget managers to know what budget lines exist and how much money each account has. He has asked Dr. Berry, Dr. Aiken, and others to be alert for any special funding opportunities as they work with the budgets.

On the topic of enrollment, Chancellor Stacy said that the early numbers indicate an essentially flat enrollment, maybe even a few less than last fall. He said it’s possible the campus may fall short of the enrollment goals.

On the topic of MocsExpress, he said conversations about the future of MocsExpress are ongoing. Student reactions to the portions that have been enabled are very positive. He said the options regarding the legacy system and Banner will be reviewed and the project finished. He noted the faculty were vocal in the spring that they did not want technology driving academic policies. If modifications do have to be made to a legacy product or a Banner product, a firm cost will need to be established, he said.

Chancellor Stacy said new UT president Wade Gilley is terrifically interested in Chattanooga and has been impressed by the life, vitality, and energy on the campus. President Gilley wants to increase the flow of resources to the campus and will be entertaining requests and proposals from all system schools.

The Chancellor and others met recently with Gov. Sundquist and also had lunch with the Hamilton Co. legislative delegation. The Engineering, Math, and Computer Science building remains a top priority on everyone’s list. Chancellor Stacy said he is confident the building will be funded in the next cycle.


Provost Berry welcomed the 40+ new faculty members to campus. He thanked the UC Foundation for funding three positions to support the General Education curriculum, adding that Academic Affairs reallocated some funds to hire two additional General Education faculty. As the year goes along he expects to have a clearer picture of the number of faculty lines needed to support the program.

Provost Berry said he wants to begin a discussion this year of what it would take to make UTC the best place in the state for undergraduate education. While Academic Affairs will be a big part of the discussion, he expects other areas to contribute to the discussion as well. In suggesting this focus, he said he was not underrating or belittling the importance of graduate programs which he expects to grow in number of programs and students in the coming years. He noted, however, that UTC’s bread and butter is its undergraduate educational programs. He said he wants to facilitate concentrated and far-reaching discussions on the topic as the semester continues. Professor Mike Russell asked if his intent was to say the best "public" undergraduate campus. Provost Berry agreed.

Professor Roland Carter noted the hiring of two additional minority faculty. Provost Berry said UTC would continue to emphasize the importance of recruiting minorities, particularly African-Americans. He congratulated the College of Engineering and Computer Science for their efforts in diversity, having added one full-time, tenure-track African-American faculty member and three women. In addition, a part-time adjunct line filled by an African-American was converted to a full-time temporary line.

Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance

Referencing the Chancellor’s remarks, Acting Vice Chancellor Bill Aiken said his focus would be "budget, budget, budget." He has distributed a new budget to all deans and department heads and will continue the periodic meetings with primary administrators of those budgets. He wants to address potential budget problems immediately rather than have problems compounding themselves over the budget year.

Vice Chancellor for Operations

Vice Chancellor Richard Brown said work was continuing on the campus master plan. The facilities inventory component has been completed thanks to input from many people around campus. In addition to spending some time consulting with faculty, the master planners will hold several "visioning" sessions in the near future to elicit comments and ideas from the entire campus community about what the campus should look like 10, 15, 20 or 25 years out. He noted it was the first time the campus has had a master plan.

Old Business

On the topic of Council committees, President Prevost said two committees appointed in the spring— Faculty Development Grants and Minority Hiring—would begin considering their respective issues this fall and would report to Council at a later date.

Professor Pedro Campa asked what had happened to the performance review amendments that were sent forward to Knoxville. Provost Berry said that UT Associate Vice President Bob Levy reported to the Board of Trustees that all of the campuses had essentially conformed to the policy and delivered documents that were acceptable or that met the stipulations of the policy. He said Vice President Levy also indicated that all of the campuses would have some continued discussions about a few of the details. Provost Berry said it was his understanding that the Board was now intent on improving faculty salaries.

Professor Jim Hiestand said he had heard that the implementation of performance review would be delayed. Provost Berry said the rumor was not true and noted that money had specifically been set aside in this year’s budget to reward faculty who successfully completed the process.

New Business

Professor Mike Whittle said his department was swamped by paperwork related to graduate students taking undergraduate courses. Following discussion, it was decided the concern should go to Graduate Council first.

Professor Russell said the Records Office was no longer printing class rolls since they could be obtained via the desktop. He said History faculty have had numerous problems accessing the information. Some Council members suggested additional training might be helpful. Others described their experiences using Reflections and a password to access the rolls. Other departments have designated one person to print the rolls every day.

Professor Mac Smotherman described problems the Theater and Speech Department is having in implementing the oral communication component of the General Education program. Contrary to expectations, few departments have integrated the component. In the past, the department offered five or six sections of public speaking which were always full. This fall they increased that to 11 sections which are also full. Any additional sections in the spring will be added at the expense of the other THSP courses. Right now, they have one full-time position and one adjunct position for the oral communication classes. Professor Smotherman said he wanted to alert Council to the problems and the need for more positions.

Noting her email on the topic, Professor Gail Meyer questioned whether students are able to get from Metro to Grote in 10 min. She said she timed it at 9 min. 20 sec. under optimal conditions. What if a Metro or Grote faculty member doesn’t let out on time? A discussion ensued about the variation in campus clocks. Vice Chancellor Brown said his area would work on getting the clocks set properly. Professor Meyer said some faculty are adamant that students be on time and may penalize students who are not. Several Council members suggested the campus was having growing pains.


President Prevost adjourned the meeting at 3:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Breeden

Faculty Council Secretary


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