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February 17, 2000
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

Elected Members Present:
Tom Bibler, Pedro Campa, Lauren Coulter, Beth Craig, Fritz Efaw, Gene Ezell, Diane Farone, Dawn Ford, Phil Giffin, Ron Goulet, Lee Harris, Jim Hiestand, Charles Knight, Mike Long, Irene Loomis, Deborah McAllister, Gail Meyer, Burch Oglesby, Cliff Parten, Edward Rozema, Mike Russell, Ken Smith, Mac Smotherman, John Trimpey, Margaret Trimpey, Steve Underwood, Mike Whittle, Sally Young, Sherry Young

Elected Members Absent:
Roland Carter, Valerie Rutledge, Marsha Scheidt, Rick Turpin

Ex-Officio Members Present:
Bill Berry, Sheila Delacroix

Among the Guests Present:
Deborah Arfken, Herb Burhenn, Lanny Janeksela

Call to Order

President Verbie Prevost called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.

Approval of the Minutes of February 3, 2000

The minutes were approved as distributed.

Report from the Executive Committee

President Prevost said the Council of Deans has developed a document that recommends a format for tenure and promotion dossiers. While it is basically an administrative document, the deans would like input from Council. The document will be in the packet for the next Council meeting on March 2, and comments will be solicited at that meeting.

President Prevost said Parking Services Manager Cindee Pullium responded via email to a recent concern expressed in Council about the illegal parking along parts of Vine Street near the Library. Ms. Pullium’s email said the area was unticketed for a period of time after the city pulled their ticket writers from the area; however, Parking Services has now been authorized to issue tickets in this area. Ms. Pullium has spoken to city traffic engineering about changing the signage to read "No Parking Any Time. Towaway Zone." Several Council members said the situation has improved and that "tickets are being issued like crazy."

Report from the SACS Committee

In the absence of Professor David Brodsky, SACS Steering Committee co-chair Gene Ezell reported the committee is up-to-date on its operational timeline. A SACS office has been established and has a part-time employee. SACS editor Eileen Meagher has received reports from 12 of the 13 committees. The Institutional Effectiveness Subcommittee will submit a report as soon as they have information from other committees. The faculty and staff response to the survey was excellent. Some faculty have or will shortly administer the student survey. In response to a question, Professor Ezell said the student survey would be administered to a random sample identified by Dr. Dick Gruetzemacher’s office.

Administrative Reports


Chancellor Stacy was ill and unable to attend the meeting. Provost Bill Berry and President Prevost said he had planned to talk about the budget and the UT Board meeting.


Provost Berry encouraged everyone to attend the campus budget hearings. He said one of the keys to increasing the university’s budget is enrollment and added that targets are being set for the fall. He said the campus could not afford another decline, even the modest one experienced this past fall. He said 100 students could make a lot of difference in the university budget and cited some examples. He especially encouraged faculty to identify promising undergraduate students who might be interested in UTC’s graduate programs. He said the enrollment concerns reinforce the importance of making transfers as smooth as possible (within academic standards) between two-year schools and UTC.

Reporting briefly on the UT Board meeting, President Prevost said she thought the UTC delegation was reassured by President Gilley’s remarks about UTC’s relationship with the UT system. Provost Berry said he thought President Gilley had been consistent in saying he would help Chattanooga and Martin accomplish the goals they wanted to accomplish but would stay out of their way otherwise and focus most of his energy on UT. Provost Berry said he was encouraged by President Gilley’s remarks and felt the president was sincere in them.

Professor Charles Knight asked if President Gilley would be conferring the degrees at graduation. Provost Berry said he was not sure whether President Gilley has made that decision or not, noting the president did not attend several December commencements he might have. Provost Berry said it’s possible the president might decide to attend just one graduation per year at each campus.

New Business

Professor Ken Smith said he has observed cars speeding through the crosswalk on 5th Street behind Holt Hall. He said in only ten minutes he saw four incidents where students almost got hit. He suggested campus police spend more time in the area.

Referring to the recent email concerning recertification of General Education courses, Professor Phil Giffin asked if SACS required courses to be certified every five years. Professor John Trimpey said it was not a SACS requirement and recollected he was chair of the General Education Committee when the decision was made to monitor classes on a five-year cycle.

Council discussed whether "monitoring" and "recertifying" were the same thing. Some Council members thought "recertifying" suggested a more rigorous review than "monitoring." General Education Committee member Gail Meyer said her understanding from committee discussions was that it was more of a monitoring process. One-fifth of the course syllabi are collected each year and the committee checks for compliance with GE guidelines, she said. Several people pointed out that, if the course fails the monitoring process, it could become a recertification process. Professor Giffin said the General Education Committee should be placed on the Council agenda to discuss the issue.

Professor Herb Burhenn said he thought the email added a new element when it mentioned the collection of student reports. Professor Meyer said it was her understanding that samples would only be sought when the writing was in a form other than the exam. She said some courses require a term paper but have no writing on the exam. She said the intent of the committee was to monitor the writing component. Professor Burhenn said he was puzzled by the need to collect samples of student writing. Several Council members questioned whether the committee would want to read all those student papers. Professor Trimpey said when he chaired the committee they collected only syllabi. He pointed out monitoring could be helpful in identifying courses that may have strayed from the original syllabi as new faculty are added and new people teach the courses.


Professor Smith said the Meacham Writer’s Workshop, which features fiction and poetry readings by local and nationally recognized writers, would take place February 24-26 with events at Chattanooga State, Cleveland State, and UTC.

Professor Mac Smotherman reminded Council that Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing and John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger would continue through the weekend.

Professor Sheila Delacroix said a selection committee has reduced the number of potential vendors for a Library Management System to four. Funded by the Student Technology Fee, the new computer system will replace one the library purchased in 1983. The four vendors will be on campus at different times over the next two weeks to do demonstrations. The campus community is invited and details will be forthcoming via email.


President Prevost adjourned the meeting at 3:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Breeden



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