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University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Faculty Council Minutes

September 3, 1998 Signal Mountain Room
University Center
Elected Members Present: Jim Avery, Tom Bibler, Pedro Campa, Valerie Copeland-Rutledge, Joe Dumas, Gene Ezell, Phillip Giffin, Diane Halstead, Jim Hiestand, Deborah McAllister, Jonathan Mies, Cliff Parten, Marea Rankin, Terri Salupo, Marsha Scheidt, Lauren Sewell, Ann Stapleton, Vicki Steinberg, Felicia Sturzer, John Trimpey, Rick Turpin, Bruce Wallace, Mike Whittle
Elected Members Absent: Boris Belinskiy, Mike Biderman, Roland Carter, Jim Fraser, Ed McMahon, Mac Smotherman, Margaret Trimpey, Randy Whitson
Ex-Officio Members Present: Bill Berry, Jane Harbaugh, George Ross
Among the Guests Present: Deborah Arfken, Brenda Davis, Robert Desmond, Lanny Janeksela, Tom Losh, Richard MacDougall, Tim Summerlin

Important Action and Announcements


Provost Berry is appointing a performance review committee to develop UTC’s response to the tenure policy passed by the UT Board of Trustees in June.

Provost Berry is appointing a Banner academic policy committee to help integrate academic policies into the Banner system. Phase 1 of Banner is expected to be implemented in Fall 1999.

Faculty Council voted to recommend football games not be scheduled on Thursday nights.


Call to Order

President Verbie Prevost called the meeting to order at 3:01 pm.

Approval of the Minutes of April 28, 1998

President Prevost noted the minutes should have been dated April 28 (p.1) and that Professor Terri Salupo, Science and Mathematics representative, was incorrectly listed as a new Faculty Council representative from Behavioral Science (p. 2). Professor Vicki Steinberg said she was present at the April 28 meeting. Professor Felicia Sturzer asked for a clarification of Chancellor Stacy’s remark (p.2) that "nine month contracts are considered by the System to be part-time." Parliamentarian Jim Hiestand ruled the question should be deferred to later in the meeting. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee:

In conjunction with the tenure policy adopted by the UT Board of Trustees in June, President Prevost reported the Executive Committee had submitted to Provost Bill Berry a list of faculty who might serve on a committee to develop the implementation plan. The list included faculty names from all schools and colleges. The Provost is in the process of contacting potential faculty, and a committee will be announced shortly.

The Executive Committee also recommended faculty to serve on a Banner 2000 academic policy committee being appointed by the Provost to handle initial discussions of issues related to implementing current academic policies into the Banner system. Changes in policy would still go to the Standards and Curriculum Committees and then to Faculty Council. Representatives from Standards and Curriculum will be on the committee.

The Executive Committee is discussing adding Faculty Council minutes to the campus web page but does not have a specific recommendation at this time. Some faculty do not yet have web access. President Prevost asked for input as the Executive Committee formulates a recommendation.

Professor Cliff Parten has resigned from the Handbook Committee and has nominated Professor Hiestand as his replacement. Professor Hiestand was elected by acclamation. Professor Hiestand noted he and Professor Parten are swapping committee assignments.

Committee on Committees:

Professor Tom Bibler announced Professor Rebecca Rochat, chair of the Adjunct Faculty Committee, has left the university. Professor Will Stern, EHLS, has agreed to chair the committee but has a conflict with Faculty Council meetings. Professor Marlene Bradshaw, Human Ecology, has agreed to be the Council representative. Professor Bibler proposed a one-year only handbook change to permit that arrangement as the handbook calls for the chair to be the representative. The temporary change was approved unanimously.

Professor Sarla Murgai has been added to the Student Rating of Faculty Committee, Professor Bernard Benson to the Budget and Economic Status Committee, Professor David Sachsman to the Library Committee, and Professor Bruce Wallace to the General Education Committee. The additions were approved unanimously.

Professor Jonathan Mies, PGA, noted his department is listed incorrectly on the list of Faculty Council committees.

General Education Committee:

The General Education Committee report was postponed as Professor Betsy Darken was not present.

Administrative Reports

Chancellor’s Report:

The Chancellor’s report was postponed as the Chancellor was not present.

Provost’s Report:

Provost Berry has sent emails to faculty nominated by the Executive Committee to serve on a performance review committee. The committee will develop UTC’s response to the tenure policy passed by the UT Board of Trustees in June.

Provost Berry has also contacted faculty to serve on a Banner academic policy committee. A list of committee members will be announced shortly.

Provost Berry has met with Professor Darken and Associate Provost Jane Harbaugh to identify issues and options for implementing the new General Education curriculum. Phase 1 is expected to be implemented in Fall 1999, but the components of Phase 1 are still under discussion.

The group leading the Banner project has asked for a list of Fall 1999 course schedules by October 1 of this year because the information will have to be hand entered. Provost Berry encouraged colleges to get as much work done as possible by October 1, but the final date for schedules remains late January.

Provost Berry is in the process of scheduling meetings with the individual college faculties to engage in a dialog on a range of issues important to UTC and individual colleges.

He encouraged faculty to participate in the SACS reaccreditation process by accepting the Chancellor’s invitation to nominate themselves or others.

Old Business

On the topic of post-tenure review, Professor Pedro Campa expressed disgruntlement that UTC Professor Martha Butterfield, faculty representative to the UT Board of Trustees, voted for the modified post-tenure review policy passed by the Board of Trustees in June. He noted the resolution passed by the UTC Faculty Council and the petition signed by 183 faculty. He felt the resolution and petition mandated the faculty Board representative to vote no. If the Board representative does not consider faculty wishes, then any semblance of faculty governance is destroyed, he added.

Professor Gene Ezell, immediate past president of Faculty Council, said he served on the UT Board’s academic committee which considered the policy. He felt all objections to the proposed policy were well represented during the lengthy discussions. He voted against the proposed policy. President Prevost said her understanding was that Professor Butterfield in her role as faculty representative to the UT Board was representing the faculty at all the UT System schools as that position on the Board rotates among the schools. Professor Prevost said she will be serving on the same academic committee as Professor Ezell but the Board representative is from UT Martin. Professor Ezell noted UTC was the only faculty that took any action to express displeasure over the proposed policy although individual faculty members at other System schools expressed concern. Professor Campa said he is aware of two class action lawsuits related to the matter.

On a lighter note, Professor Hiestand said the idea of a rotating representative to the UT Board should be to provide preferential treatment for the campus so represented.

Professor Sturzer asked again about the Chancellor’s statement in April Faculty Council regarding nine-month faculty. Professor Ezell said he would like to have the Chancellor address the issue when he arrived at the meeting. Provost Berry said he would defer to the Chancellor if the issue could be delayed.

Professor John Trimpey asked if a system could be put it place to track issues, motions, and related items emanating from Faculty Council. Several faculty have asked him questions about past Council actions, particularly regarding teaching loads. He thought several recommendations had been approved by the UTC administration several years ago but not acted on. Professor Ezell suggested a tracking system could be part of the web site along the with minutes. President Prevost said tracking has been a problem; she just discovered handbook changes approved last year in Council had not been approved by the full faculty. She said the Executive Committee would discuss an appropriate tracking system.

New Business

Professor Bruce Wallace reported Music faculty had expressed concern over the site of the new engineering building as it would eliminate parking for night performances in Fine Arts. Provost Berry said no final decision had been made but concerns such as these would be considered. He speculated the construction of additional parking could be one option.

Professor Hiestand expressed concern about Thursday night football games, saying they in effect caused the weekend to begin a day early for students. He expressed fears such games reduced the time for academics. He moved football games not be scheduled on Thursday nights. Professor Giffin seconded.

Professor Ezell suggested the motion might be in the form of a recommendation to the Athletics Committee. Professor Hiestand said his intent was for the motion to be implemented. Provost Berry asked if issues before the body were normally discussed and passed on in the same meeting. President Prevost said that was sometimes the practice. Professor Bibler questioned whether the scheduling of ballgames was within the purview of Faculty Council. Professor Rick Turpin, a member of the Athletics Committee, discussed the guidelines and procedures employed by that committee as well as its composition. Professor Hiestand stated his motion again. It passed by a vote of 15-8-0.


President Prevost adjourned the meeting at 3:40 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Breeden

Faculty Council Secretary


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