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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Faculty Council Minutes

May 6, 1999 Signal Mountain Room
University Center
Elected Members Present: Tom Bibler, Mike Biderman, Roland Carter, Fritz Efaw, Ron Goulet, Diane Halstead, Lee Harris, Jim Hiestand, Deborah McAllister, Burch Oglesby, Marea Rankin, Edward Rozema, Mike Russell, Lauren Sewell, Vicki Steinberg, Felicia Sturzer, John Trimpey, Rick Turpin, Bruce Wallace, Mike Whittle

Call to Order

President Verbie Prevost called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

Approval of the Minutes of April 15, 1999

The minutes were approved as distributed.


Election of Officers:

Tom Bibler was elected First Vice President, Jim Hiestand Second Vice President, and Kathy Breeden Secretary.

Committee on Committees:

The following faculty were elected: Roland Carter, Ron Goulet, Mac Smotherman, Rick Turpin, and Sherry Young.

Handbook Committee:

The following faculty were elected: Fritz Efaw, Lenny Krzycki, Cliff Parten, Edward Rozema, and Marsha Scheidt.

Graduate Council:

The following faculty were elected: Jonathan Mies and John Trimpey.

Honor Court:

The following faculty were elected: Barbara Norwood (Chair), Pat Mosher, Lauren Sewell, and Larry Stokes. Marea Rankin, Vicki Steinberg, and Mike Whittle were selected as alternates.

Grade Appeals Committee:

The following faculty were elected: Earl Braggs, Renee Lorraine, and Ann Stapleton. Gary Fleischman and Cherry Guinn were selected as alternates.


Jim Hiestand was appointed parliamentarian.

Old Business

Professor John Trimpey asked about the progress in developing a tracking system for Faculty Council issues. He said he was still concerned about a lack of follow through on some issues considered by Council in years past, citing release time as one issue of concern. President Prevost said Professor Kathy Breeden had created an index of the current year minutes on the Council web page. Professor Breeden added that she was reviewing minutes of some past years and hoped to load that index on the web page over the summer.

Professor Trimpey asked whether Council had a budget, saying he thought extra service pay should be requested for that kind of duty. President Prevost said expenses including copying were charged to Academic Services and Dr. Harbaugh’s office. Professor Bibler said UTC was the only UT System Faculty Senate that did not have its own budget. A discussion ensued regarding the merits or lack thereof of a separate budget. President Prevost said the Executive Committee would explore the tracking and budget issues further.

Professor Carter expressed concern that the issue of minority hiring had gotten lost in the intense discussion over the implementation plan. President Prevost said a committee had been appointed and would begin meeting in the early fall to develop recommendations on minority hiring. A discussion ensued about how different departments are approaching the recruitment of minority faculty. Some are attending meetings and doing personal recruiting while others are identifying promising graduate students and encouraging them. Discussion also focused on the financial resources available to attract qualified African-American faculty. Some faculty indicated UTC had not been able to match offers minority faculty received from other institutions.

New Business

On the topic of the EDO, Professor Bruce Wallace suggested that faculty members who receive a below merit rating have the option of asking to be immediately reviewed by a committee of peers acting in an advisory capacity. He suggested the review would help the faculty member improve job performance and hopefully avoid a second below merit rating. Professor Jim Hiestand noted the Faculty Administrative Relations Committee already exists to deal with appeals. Discussion ensued on the merit or lack of merit of adding another committee and of changing the present structure. President Prevost said discussions of the implementation policy indicated some campus interest in modifying or changing the EDO process. As one possibility, she suggested Council could consider appointing a committee in the fall to consider the issue.

In light of the technology fee money, Professor Wallace suggested the campus computer staff consider adding cross platforms or Mac platforms. Professor Deborah McAllister said it was her understanding that that recommendation had already gone forward.


Professor Bibler encouraged faculty to participate in the upcoming Instructional Excellence Retreat, particularly faculty in departments that may have integrated oral communication or may be thinking about doing so.


President Prevost adjourned the meeting at 3:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Breeden

Faculty Council Secretary

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