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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Faculty Council Minutes

December 3, 1998

Signal Mountain Room

University Center

Elected Members Present: Debra Arfken, Tom Bibler, Roland Carter, Joe Dumas, Fritz Efaw, Gene Ezell, Phil Giffin, James Hiestand, Deborah McAllister, Jonathon Mies, Cliff Parten, Marea Rankin, Terrie Salupo, Lauren Sewell, Marsha Scheidt, William Smotherman, Ann Stapleton, Vicki Steinberg, John Trimpey, Margaret Trimpey, Rick Turpin, Bruce Wallace, Randy Whitson
Ex-Officio Members Present: Bill Berry


Call to Order

President Verbie Prevost called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

Approval of the Minutes of November 5, 1998

The minutes were approved as distributed.

Committee Reports

SACS Committee:

Gene Ezell is serving as the SACS committee co-chair along with Bill Aiken. David Brodsky is the overall self-study director. The various committee chairs will constitute the steering committee and will meet on December 9 to process the work on the Mission Statement. Dr. Ezell reminded Council that SACS is data driven and we need to document the excellence of instruction at UTC. The SACS visit will occur in the Fall of 2000. All of the committees need volunteers, please accept when called upon.

Departmental Honors:

Professor Margaret Trimpey presented the list of students to be approved for Departmental Honors. The listed students were approved unanimously.

Graduate Council:

President Prevost then brought to consideration a proposal from Graduate Council on some changes in the Computer Science program. She stated that after the presentation by Professor Tonia Heffner and Joe Dumas, Council could decide whether to act on the proposal or postpone it since the necessary advance study time had not occurred.

Professor Dumas stated that the changes in CPSC 502 & 503 were largely clerical. The new courses represented "hot" areas in computer science. Dr. Ezell asked if the mentioned review was done by an external group. Professor Dumas said that was not the case. Professor Heistand asked what the proposal would do to faculty teaching loads. Professor Dumas said it would not affect faculty loads; it would merely supply permanent course numbers for courses heretofore taught as special topics.

The Council proceeded to pass the proposal by a vote of 23:0:0.

Administrative Reports:

The Chancellor was out of town due to a funeral. 

Provost Berry wished everyone a good final exam week and Merry Christmas.  He stated "It has been fun so far."

Old Business

1. Professor John Trimpey inquired about the tracking system that had been discussed in previous meetings. President Prevost responded that we are in the process of tracking it. Secretary Kathy Breeden is looking into it. She has done an excellent job on the Faculty Council web page.

2. Professor Roland Carter inquired about the status of the issue of minority hiring. President Prevost stated that this would be an agenda item at the next meeting.

New Business

1. Professor Bruce Wallace, who had missed his service award luncheon inquired as to when he would get his laptop bag for his 20 years of service. The Provost jokingly replied when he could no longer carry it.


President Prevost announced that UTC student, Jamie Allison, made it to the top two at the first level of the Tennessee Rhodes Scholarship Competition. UTC’s Ivan Pullis, in Zimbabwe, was also one of the top two students in this early phase of competition.


Adjournment occurred at 3:18 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Thomas E. Bibler

Very Temporary Secretary

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