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TO: Verbie Prevost, Faculty Council President

From: Joseph Migga Kizza, The Faculty Rating of Administrators Committee Chair

Date: April 7, 1999

Re: Report to Faculty Council



For several years, the Faculty Rating of Administration Committee has tried various ways to address faculty concerns about the rating process of administrators with the goal of improving the response rate. Since the Chancellor’s and Provost’s forms had already been done, the committee’s focus this year has been on shortening the Deans and Department Heads forms by redesigning and pruning the number of questions to leave only those that are more focused and relevant.


Although the process seemed easy at first, the committee was unable to complete the two forms given the amount of consultations and full faculty participation required to go into each form. However, the Deans form was fully done, approved by Faculty Council, and is being used this year. The task of redesigning the Department Heads form is on-going, and I am sure will form the main agenda for the next year's committee.


In conclusion, the faculty ratings of administrators were designed with a noble purpose: to offer information to be used in improving the quality of administration at UTC. It has been the goal and it is the hope of our committee that our efforts this year have gone a long way to enhance this process.

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