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Bookstore Committee Report




The Bookstore Committee met on January 25, 1999.

The topics discussed included:


Personnel changes: The bookstore has a new manager (Rene Long), a new assistant manager (Stephanie Brittain), and a new general merchandise supervisor (Cheryl Penny). Former bookstore manager Ellen Vance has taken a similar position at ETSU.


Cancellations of previously ordered titles: Faculty cancelled 126 previously ordered titles at the beginning of Fall 1998. The 126 titles represented $400,000 worth of books. Both the number and the dollar amount were larger than usual. Spring figures, as of January 25, looked better with only 19 titles cancelled. Since faculty order most texts for the fall semester in the spring, several people speculated that changes in instructors and classes could have accounted for the higher than usual cancellations. Bookstore personnel suggested it might be better for undecided faculty to order later rather than cancel texts at the beginning of the semester. Bookstore personnel were advised that changes in the gen ed program would probably make for an interesting Fall 1999.


Bookstore relocation: The University Center is scheduled to be expanded in the next year or so. At that time the bookstore will be relocated to the UC. The UC bookstore is expected to be bigger and offer more services than are currently available. Marc Booker, the UTC contract administrator for Marriott, sought opinions on potential services. Would the campus support a full-blown Barnes & Noble facility such as exists at Hamilton Place, or a somewhat trimmed down version? Should it have a coffee shop/meeting place for the campus community? Should it have meeting rooms? What other services might be viable? Most felt the extras would be nice but not if they drove up the cost of textbooks. Mr. Booker asked the committee to discuss the possibilities and relay any additional ideas to him.


Faculty concerns: In the fall a faculty member contacted the Bookstore Committee Chair concerning a shortage of lab notebooks at the bookstore. Lab notebooks are supply items which faculty should request when they order texts. This faculty member had dutifully ordered them but other faculty who use them had not—thus a shortage occurred. The bookstore expeditiously took care of the shortage in the fall, and manager Rene Long reported they had plenty of notebooks on hand for the spring term.


Kathy Breeden, Chair

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