1998 - 1999 Senate Minutes

Senate Members

President: Verbie Prevost

First Vice President: Tom Bibler

Second Vice President: Deborah McAllister

Secretary: Kathy Breeden

Past President: Gene Ezell

College of Arts and Sciences
Fine Arts:
Roland Carter Professor 1998-00
Mac Smotherman Assistant Professor 1997-99
Bruce Wallace Associate Professor 1997-99
John Trimpey Professor 1998-00
Lauren Sewell Assistant Professor 1998-00
Victoria Steinberg Assistant Professor 1997-99
Felicia Sturzer Professor 1997-99
Behavioral Sciences:
Mike Biderman Professor 1997-99
Phil Giffin Professor 1997-99
Fritz Efaw Associate Professor 1998-00
Math and Science:
Boris Belinskiy Professor 1997-99
Jonathan Mies Assistant Professor 1997-99
Irene Loomis Associate Professor  
School of Business Administration
Diane Halstead Associate Professor 1998-99
Marsha Scheidt Professor 1998-00
Rick Turpin Assistant Professor 1998-00
College of Education and Applied Professional Studies
Jim Avery Associate Professor 1997-99
Tom Bibler Professor 1998-00
Valarie Rutledge Assistant Professor 1997-99
College of Engineering and Computer Science
David Wetzel Assistant Professor 1997-99
Charles Knight Professor 1998-99
Cliff Parten Associate Professor 1998-00
College of Health and Human Services
Margaret Trimpey Associate Professor 1998-00
Mike Whittle Professor 1998-00
Lenny Krzycki Assistant Professor 1998-00
Marea Rankin Associate Professor 1997-99
At-Large Members
Pedro Campa Professor 1998-00
Jim Hiestand Associate Professor 1998-00
Deborah McAllister Assistant Professor 1998-00
Eileen Meagher Professor 1998-99
Ann Stapleton Assistant Professor 1997-99
Randy Whitson Associate Professor 1997-99
Adjunct Faculty Member
Marlene Bradshaw Instructor 1998-99
Bill Berry Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Sheila Delacroix University Librarian
Jane Harbaugh Associate Provost for Undergraduate and Special Programs
Richard Mac Dougall Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
George Ross Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Bill Stacy Chancellor


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