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April 22, 1993
Raccoon Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: William Bertin, Tom Bibler, Martha Butterfield, Terry Carney, David Carrithers, Neal Coulter, Susan Davidson, Joe DePari, Jack Freeman, Arlie Herron, Nick Honerkamp, Larry Ingle, Debbie Ingram, Doug Kingdon, Irene Loomis, Gail Meyer, Betty Pickett, Marea Rankin, Ossama Saleh, Edgar Shawen, David Shepherd, James Stroud, Larry Tillman, Gavin Townsend, John Trimpey, Jeannette Vallier, Terry Walters, Don Weisbaker, Carolyn Wiley

NEWLY ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Valarie Adams, Jim Avery, Lloyd Davis, Robert Duffy, Aniekan Ebiefung, Fritz Efaw, Howard Finch, John Garrett, David Levine, Loretta Prater, Mike Russell, Greg Sedrick, Clint Smullen, Jim Stroud, John Tinkler, David Wiley, Sally Young

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: Pedro Campa, Don Cassell, Monte Coulter, John Nixon, Joseph Trahan

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Harbaugh, Joe Jackson, Fred Obear, Charles Renneisen, Grayson Walker

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: Latonya Dargon, Dick Gruetzemacher, Debbi Pringle, Bob Swansbrough

Summary of Actions

Elected new officers and members of Committee on Committees, Handbook Committee, Graduate Council (two from Council), Honor Court, and Grade Appeals Committee.

Named David Wiley Parliamentarian.

Amended and accepted the instrument presented by the Committee on Faculty Rating of Administration.

Tabled a motion to reconsider the Admissions Committee report until the first meeting in the fall of 1993.

Call to Order

President Butterfield called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm.

New Business

A. Election of Officers

The following individuals were nominated by President Butterfield and elected by acclamation:

1. 1st Vice President Greg Sedrick (Chair, Comm on Comm)

2. 2nd Vice President Nick Honerkamp (Chair, Handbook Comm)

3. Secretary Sally Young

4. Committee on Committees

2 from Arts and Sciences Robert Duffy, THSP

Monte Coulter, MUS

3 from Other Jim Avery, HECO

John Garrett, ECON

David Levine, PHYT

5. Handbook Committee

2 from Arts and Sciences Ossama Saleh, MATH

Jim Stroud, MUS

3 from Other Clint Smullen, CPSC

Loretta Prater, HECO

Fritz Efaw, ECON

6. Graduate Council

2 at large from Council Larry Ingle, HIST

Larry Tillman, PHYT

7. Nominations were then accepted for Honor Court. The following individuals were nominated from the floor:

Marea Rankin, LIBR

Tom Waddell, CHEM

Barbara Norwood, NURS

Richard Rice, HIST

Anne Hunt, EDCI

Judy Miler, HECO

Motion 1 to elect these six by acclamation with the first three listed being the members and the latter three being the alternates made by Professors Herron and Honerkamp. Motion passed by voice vote.

Motion 2 to select Professor Waddell as chair by Professors Weisbaker and Wiley. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

8. The floor was then opened to nominations for Grade Appeals Committee. The following individuals were nominated:

Irene Loomis, MATH

Ron Bohrer, FLAN

Howard Finch, BUS

Cherry Guinn, NURS

Loretta Prater, HECO

Don Zimmer, MUS

Motion 3 to elect by acclamation with the first three members and the latter three alternates by Professors Weisbaker and Carney. Motion passed by voice vote.

Motion 4 to designate Ron Bohrer as coordinator (student contact) made by Professors Honerkamp and Carney. Motion passed by voice vote.

9. President Butterfield announced that Professor David Wiley has agreed to serve as Parliamentarian next year.

All members were then asked to introduce themselves. The meeting then continued with the last old business of the 92-93 Faculty Council.

Committee Reports

Continuing Education - Professor Stroud

Report will be in next week.

EDO Task Force Update - Acting Provost Walker

The key recommendation of the task force was in the area of training for both faculty and administrators. An EDO training session for new faculty will be given in mid-September. Department heads of new faculty will be invited also. A special session will be held for new department heads.

Departments and department heads will be asked to revisit standards used to evaluate faculty. Most of these standards were set as much as five years ago and should be re-evaluated.

Faculty Rating of Administration - Professor David Wiley

Motion 5 to accept the report by Professors Herron and C. Wiley.

Motion 6 - substitute motion to hear the report by Professors Weisbaker and Ingle. Motion passed by voice vote.

A great deal of discussion followed concerning the use of the instrument, how many administrative levels above an individual should be evaluated, the number of questions which were actually multiple questions phrased into one, where the data would go, and so on. Professor David Wiley kept reminding the group that the committee had responded to a charge by Faculty Council to develop such a tool, that the committee had tried to keep it short, and that the document in hand was a trial instrument and could be improved upon after one use.

A consensus finally developed that modifications were desired before the instrument was used.

Motion 7 made by Professors Carney and Shepherd to amend the rating tool to add a third category to each question reflecting the individual's ability to judge on that question. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Motion 8 made by Professors Carney and Shepherd to limit use of document to evaluation of only two levels above individual making the evaluation.

Discussion against the motion recognized that some faculty do have opportunity to evaluate the Provost and Chancellor, and that many faculty may have opinions which would possibly be of interest to those in administration.

Motion 8 failed 4-21-0.

Motion 9 by Professors Carney and Carolyn Wiley to have the committee study the instrument and separate questions with multiple parts. At least eight questions were considered "composite" questions and, therefore, difficult to answer or use the data from the answers. (Specifically mentioned were Managerial and Administrative Skills D, Decision-Making C, Personal Characteristics D, L, F, and G, Communication D and E). The Chancellor noted that under Chancellor, Personal Characteristics B had the same problem. In addition, the Provost form needs to be corrected so that references are appropriate for that office. Motion 9 passed 20-1-3 with the understanding that the committee does not have to bring the amended tool back to Faculty Council before use.

Motion 10 by Professors DePari and Shepherd to adopt the recommendations and document as amended and use for one trial run. Motion passed 19-3-2.

Other Business

Motion 11 by Professors Ingle and Carney to reconsider the Admissions Committee report which was received April 1.

Motion 12 by Professors Weisbaker and DePari to table Motion 11 until the first meeting of the fall semester. After noting that many of the key players were not present, the motion passed 17-1-0.


President Butterfield thanked the Council and adjourned the meeting at 3:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail M. Meyer


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