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April 15, 1993
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Bibler, Martha Butterfield, Terry Carney, David Carrithers, Neal Coulter, Susan Davidson, Joe DePari, Jack Freeman, Arlie Herron, Larry Ingle, Debbie Ingram, Irene Loomis, Gail Meyer, John Nixon, Betty Pickett, Marea Rankin, Edgar Shawen, David Shepherd, James Stroud, Larry Tillman, John Trimpey, Jeannette Vallier, Terry Walters, Don Weisbaker, Carolyn Wiley

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: William Bertin, Pedro Campa, Don Cassell, Monte Coulter, Nick Honerkamp, Doug Kingdon, Ossama Saleh, Gavin Townsend, Joseph Trahan

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Marvin Ernst, Jane Harbaugh, Joe Jackson, Ralph Moser, Fred Obear, Charles Renneisen, Grayson Walker

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: Deborah Arfken, Jim Avery, Bob Bass, Mike Biderman, Betsy Darken, Brenda Davis, Dick Gruetzemacher, Pam Holder, Jim Macomber, Gregory O'Dea, Jim Poston, Patsy Reynolds, Bob Swansbrough, Mary Tanner, Caryl Taylor, Bob Vallier, Charles S. White, David Wiley

Summary of Actions

Minutes of April 1 corrected and approved.

Approved printing Handbook in loose-leaf form even though some sections are still pending approval from Knoxville.

Approved corrected list of completed and new Honors projects, summer quorum of five for Departmental Honors Committee, and permission for the committee to approve August graduation completed projects.

Approved proposals from Graduate Council for Nursing, Political Science, and English (attached).

Approved recommendation from Standards Committee to increase continuation standards.

Received report from Admissions Committee

Call to Order

President Butterfield called the meeting to order at 3:20 pm.

Approval of Minutes

Corrections to the minutes of April 1: 1) Add Will Bertin to the list of members present; 2) p.2 under Graduate Council, Motion 2 - change to "accept Items II and III" (not I and III). Minutes of April 1 were approved as corrected.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee - President Butterfield

President Butterfield referred to the Chancellor an article in the April 7 edition of the Chattanooga Times. The article described a proposed bill banning smoking in public buildings. She suggested that UTC "cease and desist" creating smoking lounges until the issue is settled.

Handbook Committee - President Butterfield

Some portions of the new Handbook are still waiting on System approval. Other sections, however, are not controversial and are needed in print now to reflect changes in faculty governance under which we are already operating. President Butterfield suggested we go ahead and print the Handbook as it was sent to Knoxville in loose-leaf form.

Motion 1 to print Handbook sections which are appropriate now in loose-leaf form by Professor Bibler, seconded by Professor C. Wiley. Motion passed unanimously by voice vote.

Bookstore Committee - Report attached.

Departmental Honors - Professor Caryl Taylor

The following changes were made to the attached list:

Completed Projects for May graduation

Add: Highest Honors to Brian Dodson

Change: Robert McNeely to Thomas Rybolt on Debra Olson

New Proposals

Add: Jeanna Denise Disney

Title: Transforming Life Into Theatre

Major: THSP Advisor: R. Duffy

Professor Taylor also asked permission to have a summer quorum of five and to approve projects for August graduation without bringing them before Council.

Motion 2 to approve all of above and all other completed and new proposals made by Professor Weisbaker, seconded by Professor Bibler. Motion passed unanimously.

Faculty Club - Professor Avery

Professor Avery gave a brief history of Patten House and the University's plans for it. There will be a faculty club available for faculty use from 8-5, Monday - Friday; lunch will be available. He urged that faculty make use of the club when it is completed, probably sometime next year. Further details, including use of alcohol at the club, will be available at a later date.

Graduate Council - Professor Macomber

Graduate Council presented five proposals as attached.

Item I - Addition of two electives to MSN. No additional staff needed.

Item II- There was much discussion about the new concentration in Anesthesia Nursing to the MSN. The program would require one new full-time faculty the first year, and two more half-time faculty (joint appointments with Erlanger) by the third year. UTC would be responsible for salaries equivalent to that of Assistant Professor. Professor Pam Holder fielded questions about start-up funds (UC Foundation), quality control of joint appointments (UTC has control), and impact on undergraduate programs. Concern was expressed by several members of Council that new programs are approved while current graduate and undergraduate programs are underfunded.

Item III- Revision of MPA - Professor Ingle asked if this change to a general degree reflected an inability to offer everything originally proposed. Professor Brodsky responded that the problem is two-fold: 1) accreditation for the present concentrations requires specialists which the program does not have, and 2) the program is short one faculty member, even for the general degree. Although approved for a new faculty member several years ago, that position was frozen and has never been re-approved.

Item IV- Two proposals from English to restructure graduate course offerings. No shifting of faculty will occur.

Motion 3 to accept proposals made by Professor Herron, seconded by Professor Weisbaker. Item II to be voted on separately.

Motion to accept Items I, III and IV approved 25-0-0.

Motion 4 to accept Item II approved 21-2-2.

Faculty Administrative Relations - Professor Darken - Report attached.

Professor Darken reported that the committee (including Professors William Butterfield and Jim Hiestand) conducted two investigations and served in an advisory role in two other cases. Breaking with tradition, the committee also included a discussion of general issues which have come to the attention of the committee and which are well worth future discussions.

Freshman Seminar - Professor Biderman - Report attached.

Professor Biderman presented an interim report detailing how an analysis of the effectiveness of the seminar will be done. The project should be completed sometime this summer.

Since Freshman Seminar began in Fall 1990 and was approved for four years, an evaluation needs to be to the Curriculum Committee by Fall 1993 to determine whether to include the seminar in the catalogue and budget for 1994-95.

The report was thus referred to the Curriculum Committee.

Standards - Professor White - Report attached.

The Standards Committee recommended increasing standards as outlined in the report. Discussion centered on the effect this change would have on minority students, transfers, etc. It was stressed that these changes are to allow earlier intervention and to send a message to the students before it is too late.

Motion 5 to accept and recommend the proposal by Professor Carney, seconded by Professor Bibler.

Motion passed 20-0-0.

Proposal must go to full faculty for two readings.

General Education Committee - Professor Trimpey

Petition process is going okay. Nothing else ready to report.

Faculty Rating of the Administration - Report attached.

Professor D. Wiley distributed the report. The report will be considered at the April 22 meeting.


Professor Bass presented the report on April 1. Included in the supplements for this meeting was a copy of the Admissions policy approved by the UT Board of Trustees on June 20, 1985. It was noted on p. 2 of the report that students could be admitted conditionally by the "Dean of Admissions and Records, or his designate(s), or the Faculty Admissions Committee."

The Admissions Committee chose to change its procedure during the 92-93 academic year and designated the Director of Admissions to admit conditional students according to certain stipulated conditions. This procedure had been questioned at the April 1 meeting.

Motion 6 to receive report by Professor Bibler, seconded by Professor Weisbaker. Motion passed by voice vote.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:38 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail M. Meyer


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