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April 1, 1993
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Bibler, Martha Butterfield, Terry Carney, David Carrithers, Don Cassell, Monte Coulter, Neal Coulter, Joe DePari, Arlie Herron, Nick Honerkamp, Larry Ingle, Doug Kingdon, Irene Loomis, John Nixon, Ossama Saleh, Edgar Shawen, David Shepherd, James Stroud, Gavin Townsend, John Trimpey, Jeannette Vallier, Terry Walters, Don Weisbaker, Carolyn Wiley

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: William Bertin, Pedro Campa, Susan Davidson, Jack Freeman, Debbie Ingram, Gail Meyer, Betty Pickett, Marea Rankin, Larry Tillman, Joseph Trahan

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Harbaugh, Ralph Moser, Fred Obear, Charles Renneisen, Grayson Walker

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: Eugene Bartoo, Bob Bass, Bernie Benson, Paul Gaston, Dick Gruetzemacher, Jim Macomber, Jim McDonell, Jim Poston, Roy Stinnett, Ken Venters

Summary of Actions

Approved curriculum changes requested by History, Education, Political Science and Social Work and Human Services (attached).

Approved changes in continuation standards and period for removal of the IP grade for graduate students.

Remanded the motion from the Student Rating of Faculty Committee on development of a new instrument back to that committee.

Call to Order

After a modest amount of April Foolery, President Butterfield called the meeting to order at 3:20 PM.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of 3/4/93 were approved as distributed.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee - President Butterfield

President Butterfield reported that a meeting of faculty counselors for the UT System will occur shortly. Issues to be discussed include acclerating the calendar for faculty hiring, faculty morale, and communication problems.

Speak to any of the UTC counselors to raise other issues—they are Martha Butterfield, Marilyn Helms and Robert Mebane.

President Butterfield reminded Council that division elections should be completed before or immediately after the meeting of full faculty. Business needs to elect an additional representative.

Handbook Committee - Professor Carney

Knoxville has completed review of the Handbook through Chapter 4, and the Handbook Committee has negotiated all proposed changes with Knoxville through Chapter 3 and is currently progressing through Chapter 4. In response to member concerns, Council was assured that if any substantive changes involving faculty (such as office hours) are made, the Handbook will come back to faculty for approval.

Curriculum Committee - Professor Venters

Curriculum Committee recommended changes requested by History, Education, Political Science, Social Work and Human Services (attached).

Motion 1, made by Professor Weisbaker, seconded by Professor Honerkamp to approve the changes with an amendment to the description of the History major to replace "In addition, one course..." by "At least one course...".

Discussion included the observation by Professor J. Trimpey that the History major requirements reduces the upper level hours by three. Professor Shawen proposed the amended description above, accepted as a friendly amendment.

Motion passed 24-0-1.

Admissions Committee - Professor Bass

The annual summary of actions of the Admissions Committee was presented by Professor Bass, including a description of their delegation of some duties to the Director of Admissions. This delegation was arrived at by Professor Bass in consultation with President Butterfield and Provost Walker after concern that the evaluation case load was beyond the capacity of the Admissions Committee. Professor Shawen expressed concern that this policy side-stepped the responsibility of the Admissions Committee to individually consider those admissions exceptions that appear to have merit rather than setting a blanket policy. Professor Carney agreed with that concern, and noted that the new Readmissions Committee will remove some of the pressures on Admissions by taking over the readmissions case load. Professor Ingle pointed out that one function of admissions requirements was to erect a standard that public schools must meet to qualify students for college, and a blanket approval to reduce the unit requirements backs away from that standard. Professor Bass will return to Faculty Council with a copy of the original Admissions recommendations of faculty together with the Trustees actions.

Graduate Council - Professor Macomber

Graduate Council presented three items (attached), the first being an information item. Items II and III consisted of a change in the criterion for continuation to be based on GPA and a shortening of the allowed period for removing an IP grade from two years to one year.

Motion 2 to accept Items I and III as recommended by Graduate Council by Professor Kingdon, seconded by Professor Weisbaker.

In discussion, Professor J. Trimpey noted that no period of minimum exclusion from the University was prescribed. Professor Macomber stated that the practice was to hold dismissed students out of school for a year.

Motion passed 21-1-1.

Student Rating of Faculty Committee - Professor Walters

The Student Rating of Faculty Committee presented a report in the form of four motions to Faculty Council.

Motion 3 to request that student rating of faculty procedures be substantially revised by the Student Rating of Faculty Committee, made by Professor Herron, seconded by Professor C. Wiley.

Discussion of the motion included the argument that this was the charge already given the Committee by Faculty Council. President Butterfield again directed the committee to recommend to Faculty Council an instrument together with a methodology for using the rating in administrative decision making.

Motion 3 was withdrawn.

Motion 4 to remand the second recommended motion back to the committee in the light of this charge was made by Professor Bibler, seconded by Professor Weisbaker.

Motion 4 carried by voice vote.

Motion 5 to refer the spirit of the committee's last two motions to the new committee on alternative rating of faculty teaching was made by Professor Bibler and seconded by Professor J. Trimpey.

Motion 5 was approved by voice vote.

Grade Appeals Committee - Professor Honerkamp

Professor Honerkamp reported that the Committee had heard seven appeals this year, five were denied and two upheld. Professor Honerkamp cautioned faculty members who do not return all materials to students to retain the kept materials for at least one active (not sabbatical) semester beyond the course conclusion. Students are responsible for producing material returned to them if it is required in an appeal. A statement to this effect will be included in the revised Faculty Handbook.

Old Business

Compensated Outside Services - President Butterfield

Motion 6 to remove the Compensated Outside Services document from the table was made by Professor Kingdon, seconded by Professor Weisbaker.

Motion 6 passed by voice vote.

The document as recently amended by suggestions from several UTC sources, including Faculty Council, constituted a recommendation to Knoxville that will be combined with documents from other UT constituencies to formulate a uniform policy.

Motion 6 passed by voice vote with one member in opposition.

Smoking lounges and the report of Standards Committee were deferred until the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Carney

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