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September 3, 1992
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: William Bertin, Tom Bibler, Martha Butterfield, Terry Carney, David Carrithers, Don Cassell, Monte Coulter, Neal Coulter, Susan Davidson, Joe DePari, Jack Freeman, Arlie Herron, Larry Ingle, Debbie Ingram, Doug Kingdon, Irene Loomis, Gail Meyer, John Nixon, Betty Pickett, Marea Rankin, Edgar Shawen, David Shepherd, James Stroud, Larry Tillman, Gavin Townsend, John Trimpey, Jeannette Vallier, Terry Walters, Don Weisbaker, Carolyn Wiley

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: Pedro Campa, Bob Marlowe, Joe Trahan

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Joe Jackson, Ralph Moser, Fred Obear, Charles Renneisen, Grayson Walker

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: Bill Aiken, Paul Gaston, Rick Lee

Summary of Actions

Council elected Professor Gail Meyer as its secretary.

Council approved the following resolution: The Faculty Council recommends to UTC administration that the EDO Task Force Report adopted by the Council April 2, 1992, be implemented as soon as possible.

Council approved committee changes as recommended by Committee on Committees and accepted student appointments recommended by the SGA.

Call to Order

President Butterfield welcomed everyone back. She apologized to Professor Larry Tillman for the omission of his name from the list of members of Council.

Election of Secretary

Council regretfully accepted Professor Pringle's resignation and elected Professor Meyer by acclamation.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from April 23, 1992, were approved as circulated.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee

Executive Committee will meet on 2nd and 4th Thursdays. President Butterfield is still operating her "rumor control" hotline. Anyone seeking verification of rumors may call her. During the September 22 Faculty meeting the Chancellor will share more information on the Sexual Harassment Survey. Although the questionnaire (formulated by Professors Ozbek, Brodsky and student) is quite lengthy, the summary and recommendations by the Women's Committee will be distributed at that time. On November 14, a telelecture will air in the Raccoon Mountain Room on the subject of sexual harassment. Betty Tucker and A.J. Range have been appointed as student advocates on the issue from the Dean of Students' staff.

Council member Professor Joe Trahan has been called to active duty in Florida.

Election of At-Large Members - No election of an at-large member of Full Professor was made in April since the ballot inadvertently had only one eligible name (Professor Ingle and Professor Hiestand were on the ballot, but Professor Hiestand was not a full professor.) In addition, Professor Darken has resigned as Associate Professor at-large. It is then the recommendation of Executive Committee to request the full faculty to set aside the rules and elect without nominations and ballots Professor Ingle (Prof.) and Professor Walters (2nd name on the Associate ballot).

Division elections will then be necessary in Math and Science to replace Professor Walters and in Behavioral Sciences to replace Professor David Anderson who has left the University.

Resolution: The Faculty Council recommends to UTC administration that the EDO Task Force Report adopted by the Council April 2, 1992, be implemented as soon as possible.

Motion 1: To accept the resolution. Moved by Professor Bibler, seconded by Professor Carney.

Motion 1 was approved by voice vote.

Committee on Committees

Motion 2: To accept the changes on committee membership as recommended by the Committee on Committees. Moved by Professor Bibler, seconded by Professor Kingdon.

Departmental Honors: Replace Chair Gavin Townsend with Caryl Taylor, member Gail Meyer with Rob Mebane, and add Jack Freeman.

Evaluation of Faculty Instruction: Terry Walters will be chair; membership to remain the same.

General Education: Replace Delores Craig, Donna Kerstetter, Jim Stroud, and Terry Zivney with Ralph Anderson, Margaret Smith, Peter Temko and Bruce Hutchinson.

Petitions: Replace Mary Evans with Ray Hall.

Speakers and Special Events: Replace Chair Terry Zivney with Bill Butterfield.

Teacher Education Program: Remove John Gassler.

Motion 2 approved by voice vote.

Motion 3: To accept the student appointments recommended by the SGA for membership on committees. Moved by Professor Bibler, seconded by Professor Weisbaker. See attachment for names and committees. Professor Ingle was opposed to Faculty approval of student appointments.

Professor Butterfield urged that students be consulted on meeting times and those with scheduling difficulties ask to be replaced or an alternate selected. Dean Renneisen added that he would follow up on absent students if chairs of committees would notify him of their lack of attendance.

Motion 3 approved by voice vote.

Handbook Committee

Professor Carney called for schedules of members so a meeting can be scheduled. He said the final draft would be presented at the next Faculty Council meeting and at the September 22 faculty meeting. This will allow us to make the Fall Board of Trustees meeting.

Old Business


New Business

Previous Council requested more input and information on the budget process. Therefore, Acting Vice Chancellor Ralph Moser and Associate Provost Bill Aiken presented information on the budget cycle.

Interesting questions posed:

Q: What happened to Performance Funding?

A: Still alive and well but is add-on money.

Q: Does the University's classification affect funding?

A: No impact on formula. Do get more per student for upper level and master's.

Q: Is there a given amount that is to go to academic vs. administrative uses?

A: No magic ratio. Largest cost overall is salaries and fringes.

Q: Is there a document describing the formula?

A: 91-92 document available in form of a six-page booklet. Formula does not dictate how to spend money. Copies available.

Q: Does summer school cost us?

A: We have a target credit hour production. We are now breaking even on summer school.

President Butterfield and Chancellor Obear stated that a questionnaire on budget priorities is in process and will be distributed this semester.

President Butterfield thanked Bill Aiken and Ralph Moser. The Executive Committee will meet with them and the Chancellor September 8. Raises are a big priority and she also expressed concern about the salaries of those people who may wish to retire in the next five years.


Barbara Verhine (in Associate Provost Harbaugh's office) does all the minutes reproducing, etc., for Faculty Council meetings. She asks that information for meetings be sent to her by Tuesday the week before the Council meeting. Chairs wanting on the agenda need to notify a member of the Executive Committee before Thursday the week before the meeting.

Chancellor Obear said enrollment is up and looks good. Final numbers are not yet in.

Provost Walker thanked department heads and faculty for accommodating students wanting in classes. President Butterfield welcomed Acting Provost Walker in his new capacity.

A workshop on dossier preparation for tenure and promotion will be held in the fall.

At the September 22 Faculty Meeting we must elect from the floor a third representative to the Faculty Administrative Relations Committee (current members: Chair Professor Darken, Professor Hiestand).

Vine Street curbs are going to be repainted to eliminate parking so close to the entrance of the parking lots.

If there are facilities concerns, first report them to the building supervisor or physical plant.

Although faculty must be sensitive to students in their language, behavior, etc., Professor Stroud also asked that students be sensitive to faculty and their intentions as well.


Council adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail M. Meyer


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