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October 31, 1991

Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Anderson, Stephanie Bellar, Tom Bibler, Martha Butterfield, Stan Byrd, Pedro Campa, Terry Carney, David Carrithers, Don Cassell, Joe DePari, Robert Duffy, George Helton, Arlie Herron, Anne Hunt, Irene Loomis, Ed McMahon, Betty Pickett, Peter Pringle, Marea Rankin, Tapan Sen, Edgar Shawen, David Shepherd, James Stroud, Gavin Townsend, John Trimpey, Margaret Trimpey, Jeannette Vallier, Donald Weisbaker, Terry Zivney

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: Debbie Ingram, Gail Meyer, Fred Nixon, Ken Venters, Robert Wilson

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Harbaugh, Joe Jackson, Ralph Moser, Fred Obear, Sandra Packard, Charles Renneisen

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: Richard Brown, Alex Bykat, Paul Gaston, Richard Hannah, Bruce Hutchinson, Doug Kingdon, John Prine

Call to Order

President Martha Butterfield called the meeting to order at 3:16 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of October 17, 1991, were approved as distributed.


President Butterfield reminded members that the Executive Committee of Faculty Council and the Executive Committee of the Council of Academic Department Heads would be meeting with the local legislative delegation on November 7. She requested suggestions for items to be included on a budget impact list to be presented to the legislators.

Issues Forum

President Butterfield said that the principal purpose of the forum was to give members an opportunity to express their ideas on priorities to be considered as the University moved into its budget discussions for the next fiscal year. Professor Pringle would moderate the forum.

Following are President Butterfield's notes on some of the statements made and the questions raised:


1. Education is the University's mission. Research and service support that mission.

2. Any state of financial exigency would have to be declared by the UT Board of Trustees.

3. Signals on the 1992-93 budget should be forthcoming from the legislature by February/March 1992.

4. UTC has 32 frozen academic positions.

5. Faculty release time should be eliminated to effect savings.

6. The effects of budget cuts must be made evident to the public.

7. Consideration should be given to imposing a surcharge on credit hour enrollment exceeding 12 hours per semester.

8. Faculty morale must be maintained.

9. Academics must be preserved.

10. We need a plan to accommodate possible future budget cuts.


1. Can we cap student enrollment?
Answer: Yes. However, it is questionable whether such an action would result in cost savings.

2. What additional sum can be pulled from the travel budget?

3. How will the Lupton Library be affected by possible future cuts?

4. Could we abandon summer school to generate savings?

Motion: To endorse consideration of a proposal to require that academic appointees take a week of unpaid leave to avoid termination of any such appointee. Moved by Professor Weisbaker, seconded by Professor Herron.

The motion failed.


The meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter K. Pringle

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