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December 13, 1990
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Michael Bell, Tom Bibler, Rick Callaway, Terry Carney, Jim Hiestand, Steve LeWinter, Chris Mawata, Gary McDonald, Lyn Miles, Peter Pringle, Edgar Shawen, John Trimpey, Jeannette Vallier, Ken Venters, Paul Watson, Colbert Whitaker, David Wiley, Terry Zivney

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: Stephanie Bellar, Stan Byrd, Pedro Campa, Delores Craig, Robert Dardenne, Betsy Darken, George Helton, Ed McMahon, Gail Meyer, Tapan Sen, Mary Tanner, Gavin Townsend, Margaret Trimpey, Donald Weisbaker, Robert Wilson

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Harbaugh, Jim Henry, Fred Obear, Charles Renneisen

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: Deborah Arfken, Bill Aiken, Martha Butterfield, Kay Chitty, Rod Fowler, Paul Gaston, Pam Holder, Clive Kileff, Jim Macomber, Leland Robinson

Summary of Action Items of Today's Meeting

Departmental Honors graduates were approved.
Recommendations for proportions of impoundments among the
various academic units were approved.
Proposals of the Curriculum Committee were approved.
Proposals of the Graduate Council were approved.

Call to Order and Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by vice-president Tom Bibler at 3:17 pm. The minutes of the 30 November 1990 meeting accepted as submitted by a unanimous voice vote.

Report of the Departmental Honors Committee

Robert Fulton, standing in for Caryl Taylor, chair of the Departmental Honors Committee, brought two requests. The first request was for Honors for Beth Marie Lauderman Fowler and Highest Honors for Sharon P. Schier, both being December graduates. The second request was for approval of proposals for new projects for the following students:
Janiece Johnson Karen D. McKinney Michelle Walker
Helga Karin Kidder Brian Nusplinger Xike Zhang

A motion to approve both of these requests was approved by a unanimous voice vote.

Report of the Budget and Economic Status Committee

Martha Butterfield, standing in for Neil Riley, departing chair of the Budget and Economic Status Committee, came to clarify information requested by the Faculty Council on 4 October 1990.

First, however, she reported that the Benefits Sub-committee was active. The sub-committee is investigating and pursuing our eroding health benefits (there is talk of another increase in deductibles) and cashability or transferability of TIAA/CREF benefits. She also said our maternity leave policy is proceeding through the University System for final approval by the Board.

In regard to clarification about the Committee's recommendation on allotment of impoundment, Butterfield brought the Committee's original recommendations, a listing of what is included in the term "Operating Budget," a table of budget items for all the units in the Academic Affairs Division and a table of three scenarios for allotting the impoundment within the Division. [Attachment A] (Items 31-59 on the second page of Attachment A are the items included as "Operating Budget.")

The motion that was tabled at the 4 October meeting was brought back to the floor. That motion was
The [Faculty Council] recommends that academic school impoundments be allocated as a percent of each academic unit's proportion of the total operating budget.
This motion is Scenario #2 on the second page of Attachment A. There was much discussion, questioning and clarification. Terry Carney moved to amend the motion to exclude the Admissions Office from contributing to the impoundment. Without this amendment, the Admissions Office would contribute inordinately to the impoundment among the units of the Division. Carney and others thought that cutting back in the Admissions Office would be particularly unwise and shortsighted. This amendment carried with a voice vote with no abstentions.
There was more discussion, questioning and clarification. Finally, a vote was taken and the motion carried on a voice vote with no abstentions.

Curriculum Committee

Doug Kingdon, chair of the Curriculum Committee, came forward with three proposals and two information items. The proposals were as follows:
a new course, ANTH 330, Ethnography through Film,
an increase in credit hours for a Nursing course and
a change in prerequisites in two Computer Science courses,

The information items were as follows:
a decrease in credit hours for two Nursing courses and
a change in catalog descriptions for seven Computer Science courses.

All of these items had cleared the Curriculum Committee unanimously. The Committee's request and the new course rationale are in Attachment B.

A motion for separate consideration of one of the Computer Science proposals was made and passed. Concerning the Anthropology course, it was pointed out that there was a bibliography that included recent references.

A motion was made to accept all the items (except the separated Computer Science proposal) and it passed on a unanimous voice vote.

Concerning the separated item, Computer Science requests the removal of CPSC 320 from the prerequisites to CPSC 410, Programming Language Structures. Terry Zivney and Edgar Shawen expressed opposition to this, claiming that the CPSC 320 seems to be a legitimate prerequisite. Terry Carney spoke in defense of the change, stressing that the Computer Science Department can be effective in the advising process to eliminate students from CPSC 410 who are not prepared.

A motion to approve the Computer Science proposal was made and carried by voice vote with no abstentions. It appeared that there were two nay votes.

Graduate Council

Jim Macomber, chair of the Graduate Council, came forward with four items.
First, that a policy for graduate students called to active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States is recommended to agree with policy adopted at the last Faculty Council meeting with the stipulation that the requirement of completing a master's degree in six years will still hold. Second, that students may be admitted to candidacy for a master's degree with incomplete grades. Third, that students admitted as provisional graduate students have until the end of their first semester to complete their application. And, fourth, that a new course, EPSY 551, Crisis Counseling and Suicidology, be approved. The Committee's memo and the new course rationale are in Attachment C.

A motion was made to approve these items. After a brief discussion, the motion carried on a unanimous voice vote.

Member Concerns

Secretary Jim Henry reminded the Council that nominations for Faculty Council President were due by 15 December.

Edgar Shawen, echoing one of last meeting's concerns, shared a colleague's concern about the number of meetings that were being called during finals week.
Chancellor Fred Obear mentioned the death of Pat Walker, faculty member and former member of Faculty Council. The Secretary has written to her family conveying the condolences of the Council.

Facilities Concerns

David Wiley expressed concern about the very high room temperature in Brock 201 at the time he was to give a final exam in that room. He received support in this concern from Lyn Miles, Jim Henry and others.

Rick Callaway expressed concern that the registration certificate for the elevator in Fletcher Hall expired last April.


The meeting adjourned about 4:40 pm.

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