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April 4, 1991
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Michael Bell, Tom Bibler, Martha Butterfield, Stan Byrd, Rick Callaway, Pedro Campa, Terry Carney, Delores Craig, Betsy Darken, George Helton, Jim Hiestand, Steve LeWinter, Chris Mawata, Gary McDonald, Ed McMahon, Gail Meyer, Lyn Miles, Peter Pringle, Tapan Sen, Edgar Shawen, Margaret Trimpey, Jeannette Vallier, Paul Watson, Donald Weisbaker, David Wiley, Robert Wilson

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: Stephanie Bellar, Robert Dardenne, Mary Tanner, Gavin Townsend, John Trimpey, Ken Venters, Colbert Whitaker, Terry Zivney

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Harbaugh, Joe Jackson, Fred Obear, Sandra Packard, Charles Renneisen

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: Deborah Arfken, Larry Ettkin, Peter Gerschefski, Dorothy Stern, Roy Stinnett, Lou Sumberg, Robert Swansbrough, Peter Temko, Grayson Walker, Charles S. White

Summary of action items from today's meeting

The Council approved a package of recommendations by the Graduate Council.
The Council tabled consideration of a resolution on rights of the faculty.
The Council passed a resolution which called for a uniform definition of "salary" when comparing compensation of faculty.
The Council passed a resolution supporting the state tax reforms as proposed by the governor.

Call to Order and Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Pedro Campa shortly after 3:15 pm.
It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the 21 March 1991 meeting. A correction to the minutes was made to include the Department of Accounting and Finance in the list of departments that had proposals brought forward from the Curriculum Committee. With this correction, the minutes were approved unanimously.

Graduate Council

Jim Macomber, chair of the Graduate Council, brought five items before the Council [Attachment A].

Item I was an informational item and required no action by the Council.

Item II was to allow a wider window of hours during which graduate students can apply for admission to candidacy. It was approved unanimously by the Council.

Item III was to change the wording of our advice to employed students about the proper graduate course load. The earlier strong wording, "...may not...,"was not enforceable and provided a point where students might challenge the University for selectively enforcing regulations in the catalog. It was approved with one abstention by the Council.

Item IV was about changes in the Masters of Music program. Tom Bibler spoke of his concerns about the parochial nature of the Masters of Music program. Peter Temko responded that the Music Department was responding to the requirements of their accreditation agency. It was approved with one abstention by the Council.

Item V was about an additional course requirement for MBA students. The added course (either BMGT 525 or 527) does not add to the degree's hours, it simply reduces the number of electives by one course. It was moved (and seconded) to approve this change with the stipulation that the change become effective on January 1, 1992. It passed unanimously.

Bill of Rights Resolution

President Campa brought forward a resolution from the Executive Committee concerning a guarantee of rights to the UTC faculty [Attachment B]. David Wiley moved (for the purposes of discussion) the adoption of the resolution; Don Weisbaker seconded.

Lew Sumberg was asked to speak on the resolution, as it was he who had brought it to the Executive Committee. He spoke about universities being the last bastion of freedom in the U.S.A. and wished that we reaffirm our love for freedom in this way.

Several members expressed puzzlement about the wording and the intent of the resolution. Provost Sandra Packard spoke about federally mandated rights of privacy for students. President Campa mentioned instances of abrogation of faculty rights in the EDO and student evaluation processes.

Terry Carney moved to table the resolution until it is brought back with much more focus. The motion to table carried by voice vote.

Budget and Economic Status Committee

Martha Butterfield, chair of the committee, brought forth a "definition of salary" [Attachment C]. Betsy Darken spoke about the difficulty of comparing salaries of different groups paid on different bases. The definition was endorsed by a voice vote with one nay.

Butterfield then brought forward a resolution on state tax reform [Attachment D]. Edgar Shawen spoke in favor of the portion of the resolution that advocated the adequate funding of education and stated that such a subject was properly in the purview of the Council. He spoke against the portion of the resolution that advocated tax reform, saying that such a subject was a political matter and not appropriate for Council discussion. He spoke further as personally being opposed to a graduated income tax. Jim Hiestand also opposes a graduated income tax, and pointed out that the word "progressive," in referring to income tax, had been deleted from this resolution.

Carney moved to amend the resolution to be specific in support of "state tax reforms as proposed by the governor." Darken expressed her concern about our being specific about endorsing the governor's proposal because, she said, "What if he changes his plan tomorrow?" [As you probably know, he did change his plan before our resolution got to him--sec.] She suggested wording our resolution to be clear and specific about what purposes and goals we support. The amendment to specifically endorse the governor's plan carried (13-8-1).

The resolution was approved by voice vote. [The amended version is the one included in Attachment D.]

Chancellor Obear spoke about his efforts to explore ways to increase revenues and reduce expenditures for next year, when UTC is again being asked to get by with an 8% reduction in budget. Obear asked members of Council to share with him any ideas that he ought to consider in making out the budget for next year.

Task Force on Department Head Evaluation

David Wiley, chair of the Task Force, presented the final report of the Provost's Task Force on Department Head Evaluation [Attachment E]. Wiley described the report. Several members spoke about the report. Darken moved and Peter Pringle seconded that Council receive the report. The motion passed unanimously.

Member Concerns

Wiley spoke about the State Board of Regents' policy on confrontational speech. He said it only prohibits "fighting words," and, as such, is not something that we need be concerned about.

Darken asked about the report from Admissions Committee that was requested last meeting. President Campa apologized for not getting it on the agenda for this meeting. He committed to get it put on the next meeting's agenda. Darken described more clearly what kind of information she desired from the Admissions Committee.

Bibler, speaking for the Committee on Committees, asked Council members to urge their constituents to return their committee assignment questionnaires.

Facilities Concerns



The meeting was adjourned at about 4:45 on a motion by Weisbaker.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Henry

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