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April 23, 1991
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Michael Bell, Stephanie Bellar, Tom Bibler, Martha Butterfield, Stan Byrd, Pedro Campa, Terry Carney, George Helton, Gary McDonald, Ed McMahon, Gail Meyer, Peter Pringle, Edgar Shawen, Mary Tanner, Gavin Townsend, Jeannette Vallier, Donald Weisbaker, Colbert Whitaker, David Wiley, Robert Wilson, Terry Zivney

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: Rick Callaway, Delores Craig, Robert Dardenne, Betsy Darken, Jim Hiestand, Steve LeWinter, Chris Mawata, Lyn Miles, Tapan Sen, John Trimpey, Margaret Trimpey, Ken Venters, Paul Watson

NEW MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Anderson, Don Cassell, Joseph DePari, Arlie Herron, Debbie Ingram, Irene Loomis, Betty Pickett, Marea Rankin

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Jane Harbaugh, Joe Jackson, Fred Obear, Sandra Packard, Charles Renneisen


Summary of Action Items from Today's Meeting

Council received the annual report from the Library Committee.
Council received the annual report from the Faculty Administration
Relations Committee.
Council received the annual report from the Continuing Education
Council elected officers and committee members.
Recommendations of the Committee on Committees were discussed
and voted on.
Recommendation of the Standards Committee to join the
Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges was approved.

Call to Order and Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Pedro Campa shortly after 1:00 pm.

Library Committee

Rob Mebane, chair of the Library Committee, brought forth the Committee's report for the academic year, 1990-1991 [Attachment A (appendices A and B of the report have been omitted from the attachment].

Faculty Administrative Relations Committee

Ben Gross, chair of the Faculty Administrative Relations Committee, brought his report to the Council. Members of the committee are Gross, Betsy Darken and Bill Hales. For the past 12 months, the committee has had one investigation concerning the renewal of a contract. On occasions, faculty members send the committee copies of administrative memos to make the committee aware of what is happening. This information may be a prelude to a matter's coming to the committee.

Gross stated that, due to the nature of the committee's work, he could answer questions about procedure but not substance of the committee's work. Don Weisbaker asked if the committee's recommendations have generally been accepted. Gross said that he believed they had. Gross mentioned how the committee really anguishes over issues, there never being a clear cut call.

Chair of this committee next year will be Bill Hales. President Campa reminded the Council that a new committee member will be elected at the first meeting of the Council in the Fall. That person will serve for three years, becoming chair in the third year.

Continuing Education Committee

Farhad Raiszadeh, chair of the Continuing Education Committee, sent the committee's report for the academic year, 1990-1991 [Attachment B]. The report was received by a unanimous vote of the Council.

Elections of Faculty Council Officers

Tom Bibler was elected First Vice-President, who also serves as Chair of Committee on Committees.
Terry Carney was elected Second Vice-President, who also serves as Chair of Handbook Committee.
Peter Pringle was elected as Secretary.

Election of Members of Committees and Graduate Council
Five members of the Committee on Committees were elected from the Council. These members are:
Joe DePari
Ken Venters
Gail Meyer
Terry Zivney
Don Cassell

Five members of the Handbook Committee were elected from the Council. These members are:
Arlie Herron
Margaret Trimpey
Betty Pickett
Renee Cox
Fred Nixon

Two members of the Graduate Council were elected from the Council. These members are:
Debbie Ingram
Gavin Townsend

Members of the Honor Court Committee were elected from the general faculty. These members are:
Robert Rogers, Chair
Steve Kuhn, Member
Barbara Norwood, Member
Richard Rice, Member
William Wright, Alternate
Tom Waddell, Alternate
Marea Rankin, Alternate

Members of the Grade Appeals Committee were elected from the general faculty. These members are:
Cliff Parten, Member
Margaret Tanner, Member
Nick Honerkamp, Member
Anne Hunt, Alternate
DeWayne Nymann, Alternate

Committee on Committees

Tom Bibler, chair of the Committee on Committees, brought forth three recommendations that were passed unanimously by the Committee. Bibler moved approval of all three and someone seconded. For discussion and voting, the three recommendations were separated.

The first recommendation was to have neither department heads nor higher administrators serving on faculty committees. The rationale for this recommendation was that administrators have other opportunities to develop and implement their ideas and that the faculty committees ought to be reserved for those who are only faculty members. David Wiley spoke against the recommendation because of its impact on isolating the faculty from the administration. After discussion for some time, Stephanie Bellar moved to table this recommendation. The Council passed the motion to table.

The second recommendation was to exclude students from the quorum-calculation for faculty committees. There is the perception that absence of student members at meetings that caused a lack of quorum. It was pointed out that absence of faculty members at meetings also caused a lack of quorum. After discussion for some time, this recommendation failed to pass (8 voting for, 15 against, no abstentions).

The third recommendation was to remove the Health Sciences Career Advisory Committee (HSCAC) from the list of faculty committees. The rationale for this is that the HSCAC does not, in fact, operate as a committee. Rather it is a group of advisors for pre-health professional students. This recommendation passed unanimously.

Standards Committee

Tom Bibler, chair of the Standards Committee, brought once again the proposal that UTC relax the 30/60 hour residency requirement for selected individuals in order for UTC to become a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) [Attachment C]. Bibler moved approval and Weisbaker seconded the motion. Bibler mentioned that the Provost had brought this request to the Committee and suggested tabling the matter until she was available to answer questions.
Martha Butterfield moved to amend the motion so that the SOC privileges apply to members of the services and their spouses. The amendment passed with two abstentions. After much discussion on various aspects of the program, the motion passed (12 voting for, 6 against, 3 abstentions).

Executive Committee Report

President-elect Butterfield presented the calendar of Faculty Council meetings for next year [Attachment D]. She announced that Weisbaker has kindly agreed to serve as parliamentarian again.

The services of Council secretary, particularly his serving on the day of his 50th birthday, were acknowledged.

President Campa thanked those that had served with him and supported him as President for the past two years. He was given applause for his doing and being.


The final meeting of the year was adjourned on a motion by some unrecognized energetic soul.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Henry, Secretary

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