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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Faculty Council Minutes

September 21, 1989
Signal Mountain Room
University Center

Elected Members Present:

Ahmadi, Bell, Bibler, Callaway, Cochran, Dardenne, Darken, Hiestand, Ingle, Klieman, LeWinter, Marlowe, Mawata, McDonald, Meyer, Miles, Ozbek, Pringle, R. Smith, Sturzer, Tanner, J. Thompson, J. Trimpey, M. Trimpey, J. Vallier, B. Walton, Watson

Elected Members Absesnt:

Campa, Craig, Sanders, Venters, Weisbaker, Wiley

Ex-Officio Members Present:

Ernst, Jackson, Obear, Renneisen

Among the Guests Present:


Call to Order

The second meeting of the UTC Faculty Council was called to order by Vice President Bibler, President Campa being out of town, at 3:15 PM.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were not available because of the date of meeting but were promised for the first October meeting.

Committee on Committees

Bibler reported for the Committee on Committees. Margaret Smith of Human Services is to replace Jane Cahill on the Ad-Hoc Part-time Faculty Committee. Ms. Cahill is not with the University presently. Tom Waddell and Jack Freeman are to be added to the Health Services Advisory Committee. The Committee on Committees requests that the Handbook Committee remove Health Services Advisory from those committees which have a "three-years-and-off" rule. The committee is an on-going and continuous matter in which expertise gained from long experience is required.

Walton moved acceptance of the report. LeWinter seconded.

The motion was passed without opposition.

Progress Report and Timetable of the Self-Study

Associate Provost Ernst appeared before the Council to make a progress report and comment on the timetable for the Self-Study. Ernst read a list of committee chairmen (See the attachment). These chairmen have served since Spring 1989 on the Steering Committee. The committees have now been formed; about one hundred (100) members of the Faculty are involved with the committees.

A questionnaire will appear this fall to discover necessary information for the committees. The currently anticipated date for the appearance of the Review Team is October 22, 1990.

Update on Health Benefits

Peri Meadows of Personnel appeared to provide information on insurance and other matters.

The annual enrollment transfer period for insurance is October 1-November 15. Each faculty member will receive a personal statement soon.

These are the proposed changes to the insurance plan (to start January 1, 1990). Benefits to be added:

1. A vision program at no cost which will provide discounts to State employees and dependents.

2. Single, two-party, and family rates in the optional dental plan.

3. Coverage of blood glucose monitors prescribed by a physician.

4. Refined mental health and substance abuse benefits.

5. Doubled maximum lifetime benefits from $500,000 to $1,000,000.

6. Extended age limits for eligible dependents to 24.

Restructured benefits which will cost the employee:

1. Increase in deductibles by $50.

2. Reduction in time limit on filing.

3. Emergency room co-payment of $25.

The Council was reminded about the notice about HMO. UTC HMO coverage will disappear at the end of this year. Ms. Meadows believes that the company is going to get ready to present another package for 1991, but people who were using HMO will have to do something else for 1990.

Ms. Meadows announced that Professor Harvey Carruth will be on campus on October 24 in the Ocoee Room from 2:00-5:00 with his Individual Retirement Financial Planning seminar. Anyone who is interested should call Ms. Meadows at Personnel for an appointment.

Pringle has a problem with his Preferred Provider. Meadows said that the physicians must provide services at the price specified. Ms. Meadows retired with the Council’s thanks.

Facilities Concerns

1. The right front door of Brock won’t work and hasn’t worked since April. Renneisen suggested that the appointed building manager be notified.

Member Concerns

Hiestand remarked that registration had now come full circle—from two days in the gymnasium to two days in the gymnasium.

Hiestand was concerned about where the large shortfall in Continuing Education was to be made up. He is afraid it will come out of money for adjunct faculty salaries.

Bibler said that the Executive Committee would seek an answer.

Chancellor Obear noted that the shortfall must be covered by money in the Provost’s control.

Ingle was finally allowed (nearly seven days late) to air his concerns.

1. The cafeteria has raised prices alarmingly. Iced tea has gone from 55 to 70 cents (a 45% increase which HLI viewed as incommensurate with his salary increase).

2. A journal – The National Interest – is not available in the Library.

Sturzer was bothered by the way the administrative calendar crowds the Faculty.

1. Schedules for Spring were due the first week in September.

2. Faculty Research grant applications were due nearly as early.

All else is crowded.

Ron Smith asked about the Classroom Furnishing Committee: "Who is Math Building rep?" Meyer asked about Grote Hall.

Bibler answered that the Committee had not been designed as a complaint box and that every building on campus was not represented.


Pringle moved to adjourn. There was a joint second. Even HLI did not oppose.

The meeting adjourned at 3:47 PM.


John Tinkler


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