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March 2, 1989

Signal Mountain Room
University Center

ELECTED MEMBERS PRESENT: Ahmadi, C. Anderson, Bibler, Churnet, Cochran, M. Edwards, Hiestand, Honerkamp, Ingle, Kuhn, LeWinter, Marlowe, McDonald, Noe, Pringle, N. Riley, Schonblom, R. Smith, Sturzer, Taylor, Thompson, M. Trimpey, J. Vallier, B. Walton

ELECTED MEMBERS ABSENT: Breeden, Campa, Darken, Kleiman, Ozbek, Printz, Sanders, Venters, Wiley

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS PRESENT: Ernst, Harbaugh, Jackson, Obear, Packard

AMONG THE GUESTS PRESENT: R. Brown, Butler, Gaston, Stinnett, Summerlin

Call to Order

The meeting was convened by Faculty Council President Peter Pringle at 3:18 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

The Secretary noted that he had received some corrections in a plain brown envelope from "The Gadfly." The corrections began on page two, line one and on Observation 4 and on Appendix A, line one, the singular verb "is" was changed to "are." The Secretary noted that the singular verb was what the speaker used. In Observation 1 the years should be reversed so as to read "In the fall of 1988 compared to the fall of 1987...". On page three The Gadfly wanted to know why under Developmental Studies: Composition, line nine, "white" was not capitalized while "Black" was. The Secretary was unable to explain this and suggested that it be turned over to the Chattanooga Human Relations Council for investigation. The Gadfly asked, referring to that same line, if it is assumed "that all Black and white (sic)" are native. The Secretary pointed out that this was a question for the speaker, not the minutes. The Gadfly also called attention to the first sentence in Associate Provost Jane Harbaugh's memo in Appendix D. It is a run-on sentence. Professor Jeannette Vallier acting for Dr. Prevost asked that it be known that in Developmental Studies: Composition, page three, line nine, the figures refer only to English 105. In that same section on page four, line eight in Professor Nicky Ozbek's question "W's" should read "F's." The minutes were then approved as corrected.

Committee on Committees

Committee on Committee's Chair Jocelyn Sanders was ill and in her absence Professor Mary Jo Cochran announced that the Committee on Committees was still accepting faculty choices for committee memberships for next year. She urged that the questionnaires be returned to the Committee so that committee assignments may be completed.

SACS Accreditation

Associate Provost Marvin Ernst presented information on the reaccreditation of UTC by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). (See Appendix A). UTC belongs to the SACS and every ten years members must go through a reaffirmation of accreditation. UTC is up for reaffirmation in 1991. We have already begun to initiate the self-study process. Associate Provost Ernst is chairing the Self-Study Steering Committee. It has subcommittees looking at all areas of the University, not just academics. Over the summer, data will be collected to answer the questions and evaluations that are being formulated this spring. Data not available will be identified also. In the fall the reports and evaluations will be written by the subcommittees. One of the new issues raised by SACS this time is "institutional effectiveness." How well does the institution accomplish its purposes and whether or not change occurs at the institution. The subcommittees will be asking a lot of questions relating to institutional effectiveness.

Vine Street Traffic

Mr. Richard Brown responded to a "Pedestrian Walkway Petition" submitted to him from the Student Advisory Committee in the Art Department and the UTC Art Co-Op (See Appendix B). Mr. Brown's comments are summarized in his memo of February 22, 1989 (See Appendix C). Professor Steve LeWinter thanked him for his prompt response. Professor Margaret Trimpey asked if it was now permissible to park on Vine Street in front of the Library. Mr. Brown said it was not permissible and added that the prohibition needs to be enforced. Professor Eric Schonblom said he asked the Mayor at a recent aquarium meeting about closing Vine Street and was told that the closing of Oak Street twenty years ago was a favor to the University, and it didn't seem likely the University was going to get another such favor. Chancellor Fred Obear commented that Commissioner Ron Littlefield opposes closing Vine Street but has agreed to a plan to alter its direction, creating a turn-out lane for buses and adding additional shrubbery to narrow the street to one lane which will reduce speed and discourage through traffic.

Telephone Service

The Executive Committee was prescient in inviting Mr. Brown to discuss telephone service before that memorable day when we had no telephone. Mr. Brown said he had good news: "The phones are working--------today." He said the main problem is in the telephone switching system--it's an old analog type, easily damaged by lightning. We had had eighteen boards damaged. Each integral component on each board has sixteen phones. We are recovering from a $35,000 lightning hit which affected over five hundred phones. A consultant has traced down the last bugs in the system and it is up and running. The quality of service will be greatly improved within the next couple of weeks. We have started adding new telephone cable throughout the campus. The current existing cable to Hunter Hall has been removed from a steam tunnel which will decrease the number of cut-offs. We are currently working on the north end of the campus. The long term prognosis calls for the move to a digital switching system. System replacement feasibility will be studied during the next six months and a strategy for total replacement should be developed in the next year to year and one-half. We will work with an academic committee to assure that what we buy will fit the needs of the University to the year 2000 and beyond. We are also looking at the possibility of a fiber optic network for the campus. Professor Felicia Sturzer asked if the immediate improvements mentioned would do anything to increase the number of outside long distant lines available. Mr. Brown said they would not. President Pringle asked if we would have new phone lines for new faculty for next fall. Mr. Brown said every available line has been retrieved from the system and Chancellor Obear and the deans are working on prioritizing needs for new lines.

Evening Classes

Professor Ric Schonblom, in response to the Provost's statement concerning the University's lack of a published guarantee to evening students that they can complete a degree at night, said our mission statement should be extended to include whatever commitment we could honestly make. He would like us to publicize programs that offer opportunity for completion in evening college. Associate Provost Jane Harbaugh said she is collecting information on those undergraduate programs that may be completed exclusively in the evening. Dr. Gaston is cooperating on scheduling Category D--General Education courses at night. Upon completion of this report, she will inform Council of these programs.

Report from Executive Committee

President Pringle presented the report from Executive Committee. The first item had to do with the Executive Committee's recommendations in response to Professor Sanders' "Conditional and Transfer Students" report (See Appendix D). President Pringle discussed the recommendations in reverse order. Professor Nick Honerkamp asked if the "miximum" in Recommendation 2b were both a maximum and a minimum. "Miximum" was corrected to maximum. Associate Provost Harbaugh reminded Council that not all conditional students are marginal, some may be excellent students who simply entered with a unit deficiency. President Pringle said this was why the Executive Council had sent recommendations to the Advisement Council asking them to develop the policy. They could best deal with this problem. Provost Sandra Packard asked what group we were intending to notify of the student's conditional status with recommendation 2c. President Pringle said it was the advisors. Associate Provost Harbaugh said this problem can be overcome by combining the history database with the admissions database. The information on conditional status needs to be on the RAP sheet and this is being worked on. Professor Honerkamp moved approval of the recommendations. Professor Cherry Anderson seconded. Professor Ric Schonblom endorsed a line on the registration form because if a conditional student failed to check the appropriate blank he/she could be brought before the Honor Court. The motion passed without dissent.

President Pringle announced that Professor Tyler Deierhoi's letter to Chancellor Obear (Appendix E) concerning the Athletics Committee and NCAA constitution and bylaw changes and the Chancellor's response (Appendix F) would be attached to the minutes.

Also attached to the minutes (Appendix G) is Mr. David Butler's response to non-member concern about classroom space.

President Pringle reported that Dean Ray Fox is discussing the calendar for 1990-1991 with interested parties including Professor Steve Kuhn and will be in touch with Council.

Facilities Concerns

1. Professor Ric Schonblom complemented the University Center and Food Services personnel for their help with the math competition he ran a week ago.

2. Mr. David Butler gave an update on his efforts to work toward cleanliness in campus buildings and offices. President Pringle commended him on the speed and diligence of his response. Mr. Butler said his efforts had centered on the performance of the contractor. He didn't pay him his monthly payment, sent him a certified letter and told him he would be replaced if there were not positive actions by Wednesday. The mail service was out on Monday and so the contractor worked very late Tuesday night. Some of the problems were out of his control. He was limited to 11:30 when we forced him to turn in his keys so that no one would be in the buildings unsupervised. Now he can stay until 1:00 a.m. and an inspector's hours have been shifted to afford supervision.

3. Professor Nick Honerkamp expressed concern over the right outside door in Brock which sticks.

Member Concerns/Announcements

1. Dean Roy Stinnett made a progress report for the Teacher Education Reform Planning and Implementation Committee. The liberal studies content areas reports are being reviewed by the TERRI Committee. They will be reviewed by practitioners 7-12 and will hopefully have recommendations for secondary education to the Curriculum Committee in the fall. He mentioned that all faculty are welcome to attend and participate in TERRI deliberations.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:57 p.m.

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