For availability, please email  In the email, please include date (pick-up and return), name of driver, destination, quantity and type of vehicles needed.

Each request will receive an email back with a reservation # that can be written on top of the "Vehicle Daily Rental Form" (this new form takes the place of the old four part NCR Motor Pool Transfer Voucher).  This form needs to be completed, signed by the driver and department head, and returned to Transportation before date of travel.  It can be scanned and emailed to or sent via campus mail to Motor Pool, Dept. 3553.

All drivers must also have an "Acknowledgment of Policies Governing the Operation of University Vehicles" signed and on file in Transportation.

Vehicle packets can be picked up/dropped off between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM in the Administrative Building, Room 228-M.  Between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM, or on the weekends and holidays, please go to the Dispatch window in Security on the first floor.  You may be asked to provide identification when picking up a vehicle in Security.

Vehicles are located to the back and side of the Administrative Building near the fuel pumps.  The vehicle numbers correspond to the number written on the packet. 

A parking pass is provided for one personal vehicle. Parking is only allowed in the Rental Fleet area which includes the area behind the building.  Please place the parking pass on the dashboard of the car.

  • Keys and key wallet - this includes all keys for the vehicle (including trailer hitch if applicable), the WEX fuel credit card (please save all fuel receipts and return to Motor Pool), Manufacturer's Roadside Assistance card (for vehicles still under warranty) and UT's Automobile Liability Insurance information.  Note: UT is self-insured.

  • List of fuel stations where the WEX credit card is accepted. WEX Locations  Please select the "Fuel" site type when searching for stations that accept this card.
  • Accident Procedure Form

  • Driver's Report of Vehicle Accident

  • The University of Tennessee Driver's Reference Manual

  • Mileage Log- Please log beginning and ending mileage, date and time, driver's signature and department.  This must be completed for accurate billing.

  • Vehicle Inspection Sheet - A pre-filled inspection sheet is included with each vehicle. It is in the department’s best interest that the driver verify and note any existing damage before leaving the rental lot. Departments may be charged for damage above and beyond normal wear and tear.

  • Parking Pass - A parking pass is provided for one personal vehicle. Parking is only allowed in the Rental Fleet area which includes the space behind the building.  Please place the parking pass on the dashboard of the car.
If notified that Transportation Services does not have a vehicle to fit your needs, renting from Enterprise or National is allowable (UT FI0725 Use of University Vehicles Policy still  applies).

You must use the corporate code (XZ56187) and have an "Unable to Provide" form from Transportation Services before seeking reimbursement.

  • From UT Office of the Treasurer:  The State just entered into a five-year agreement with National/Enterprise Car Rental that has lower rates than our current agreement. The University is able to access these new rates. The rates have been loaded into our corporate code XZ56187 and can be found UT Office of the Treasurer Page.

  • From UTC Accounting Services:  Direct Billing of car rental used for UTC business travel is a new service that World Travel provides. The process is the same as direct-billing airfare, and all trips involving direct-bill must have an approved Travel Request in IRIS. When renting vehicles in Chattanooga, a letter from Motor Pool stating no UT car is available must be attached to the T-25. We hope you will take advantage of this additional service from World Travel. The new T-25 form can be found on the Disbursements Home Page. Accounting Services T-25

Vehicle Types and Rates 

Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Rental Vehicles Daily Rate Mileage Rate
7 Passenger Minivan $41.00 $0.41
12 Passenger Van $52.00 $0.52
5 Passenger Sedan $32.00 $0.31
12 + 2 Passenger Minibus $125.00 $1.50

Rental charges include liability insurance, fuel, and 24/7 roadside assistance (additional charges for services not related to maintenance and repair may be charged back to the department). Vehicle charges are billed as daily rate or mileage rate, whichever is greater. 

Cancellation fees may apply if less than 24 hours notice given (prior to required pick-up time) or for "No Shows".

When returning the vehicle, please dispose of all trash (trash can is located by the fuel pump) and remove all personal items. If vehicles are damaged beyond normal wear and tear due to abuse by drivers or passengers, departments may be charged for repairs.