Frequently Asked Questions



Facilities Planning & Management processes nearly five thousand work requests per year, ranging from small scale maintenance issues to major renovations & new construction. The Work Control function is, in effect, the conduit by which work requests are received, classified, routed to the appropriate craft or project manager, and billed to the correct accounts. Also, we are your initial resource for facilities related information; if we don’t have the answer, we will either get it or direct you to the person who does!




The Facilities, Planning, & Management Department is responsible for the basic operation and maintenance of all real property making up the U.T.C. campus; “Real property” being defined as the permanent, physical structures making up campus buildings, their attachments, and campus grounds. Department specific equipment (which would not be required if that department were to vacate), even though attached to the structure, is not considered real property.
 The Facilities Department will be responsible for expenses related to the maintenance and repair of real property and will address these issues based on priority and funding. However, in the event a department requires a routine maintenance item be addressed immediately (despite priority and funding), they will be responsible for expenses. Examples of this situation include having an office painted, carpet replaced, or a floor stripped & waxed prior to their normal maintenance schedule.
 The requestor will be responsible for funding: the maintenance and repair of departmental equipment; non-maintenance type repairs to the property such as renovations and minor construction; and some routine services such as set-ups, moves, signs, etc.
 Facilities Department performs the following services at no cost:
  • Renewal work (re-paint, carpet replacement, blind replacement)
  • Replacement of worn parts on real property (normal wear & tear)
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Recurrent work required to preserve real property.
  • Repair of non-functioning real property equipment
  • Physical property damage repair (such as storm damage to the exterior of a building)
  • Restoration of facilities and facility related equipment (repair or replacement)
  • Routine custodial services
  • Pest control
 The following services are provided at the requestors’ expense:
  • Reconfiguration of space
  • Renovation to change use of space (example: Change storage room to office area)
  • Addition of utilities or equipment to space
  • Minor construction specifically required by the requesting department
  • Keys & nameplates
  • Moving, set-ups, & deliveries