Moving Day Procedures


There must be at least one staff/faculty representative from your department present during your move. It is helpful to have additional staff/faculty at your new location or post a sketch showing where you want the furniture and boxes located. This will save time and eliminate the need for the movers to move items more than once.

University items that are not being moved to your new location and are not being acquired by another department MUST be sent to surplus. Your department will need to fill out the proper Surplus Forms and schedule this with the appropriate surplus staff (ext 4732).

Recycle bins and/or pick-ups can be provided on temporary basis for moves. For more information on what to recycle, click here!

All network and telephone work orders need to be submitted to the Help Desk and Telecommunication departments.


  • Pack all small items in boxes, which should have tape across the bottom to make them more secure

  • Pack boxes full, so that they do not crush when stacked.

  • Close boxes either by crisscrossing the top flaps or by taping the top closed.



  • Label boxes with YOUR NAME and the ROOM NUMBER where the movers should deliver them.

  • Place all labels on the sides of the boxes (not the top) so they can be read when the boxes are stacked.

  • Furniture and anything else that cannot be packed in boxes MUST be labeled with YOUR NAME and the ROOM NUMBER where the items are to be delivered.


  • Remove all contents as well as items or equipment attached to desk and/or credenza.

  • Ensure your desk will fit through the doorways/hallways of your new area. Fill out work request if desk and or credenza require disassembly and reassembly.


  • Lateral file cabinets must be emptied before they can be moved.

  • Vertical file cabinets' contents may remain, but make sure the drawers are secured.

  • File cabinets should only be locked if you have the keys. Do not leave keys in the locks as they could be broken off.

  • If your file cabinet has a push-button lock, make sure you have the key. If not, use masking tape to prevent the button from being engaged.


  • Remove contents and pack.

  • Label bookcases plus each shelf, glass, or parts removed. Place shelves in the bottom of bookcase.

  • Remove all loose clips/hardware from shelf, place in plastic bag, and tape to shelf.



  • Remove contents and pack.

  • If possible, lock all cabinets and place keys in plastic bag taped to cabinet.

  • If cabinet cannot be locked, tape the doors shut.



  • Label each chair on the metal or wood surface.


  • If you are unable to remove these items from the wall, please fill out a work request in order to have them taken down prior to the move. Contracted movers will not take these types of items down. Please make sure they are properly wrapped to prevent damage. These items will need to be labeled as well.

  • You will need a work request if you need additional assistance hanging art, pictures, wall décor, or wall shelving in your new space.


  • Items that are not the property of the university MUST be moved by the owner. The university moving staff is not insured for damages to personal property (lamps, radios, plants, work of art...etc). Large PERSONAL items such as couches and chairs CANNOT be disposed of in the university trash and MUST be removed from the university campus by the department.



  • Turn off and disconnect all computer equipment.

  • Label ALL equipment that cannot be boxed. For assistance with your network needs please contact the HELP DESK (ext. 4000).



  • Unplug your phone from the wall, wrap, and secure the cord with a band or twist tie.

  • If you are not moving the phone yourself, pack the phone in a box for the movers. Phone service will be handled by the telecommunication department (ext. 4784). Your VOICE MAIL will remain in service during your move. You may find it beneficial to change your message to inform callers that you are in the process of moving and will return their calls as soon as you can.



  • The key(s) to your old location MUST be returned to the facilities department at the time you pick up the key(s) to your new location.

  • You will need to submit a work request to have the locks moved or changed if the department is expanding its current location.

  • Key cards and facilities work requests need to be submitted as early as possible in order to schedule these changes in conjunction with your move.


  • When opening boxes, open both ends and then flatten the boxes

  • Stack them in a secure location



Please notify your campus space coordinator of your move. The location that you are moving from should be inspected to ensure that all items have been moved and the space is left neat and clean.