University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Key Policy & Key Request Forms

 Our Key Request forms are located at the end of our key request policy.

 We strongly urge you to read our key request policies before submitting key request forms


A. Issue and Use (Non-Student Housing):

Locks to outside entrances and interior doors of all University buildings will be on a standard University wide lock system maintained by Facilities Planning and Management (FPM). Keys to these locks will be issued to authorized personnel by FPM. Personnel authorized to receive keys are UTC Faculty and Staff, students (under departmental responsibility), and outside contractors (under FPM responsibility).

Requests must be signed and approved by the department head before being sent to FPM. Department head approval will be required for each person requesting keys. The completed "UTC Key Request From" will be sent to FPM Work Control. You may email your request to or send it through campus mail. FPM will then notify the requestor by email when the key(s) are ready to be picked up. The requestor is the only person authorized to pick up his/her keys and they must bring their UTC ID. After notifying the requestor that their keys are ready for pick-up, FPM will hold the key(s) for 30 business days. If the key(s) are not retrieved in that time, they will be recycled.

When keys are picked up, the recipient will be required to sign the “Received by” box on the key request form. By doing so, they agree to the following restrictions and conditions:

1. Do not loan keys to others
2. Do not duplicate or allow keys to be duplicated
3. When entering or leaving locked premises re-lock and secure all doors.
4. Assume responsibility for the conduct of any persons admitted to locked areas
5. Notify Campus Police immediately of lost keys
6. Return all keys to FPM prior to departure from the University
7. Return all keys to FPM when they are no longer needed in the performance of duties.

B. Authorization

All key requests are reviewed by the Director of Facilities Operations or his designee for proper authorization prior the making and issuing of the key(s).

Standard keys to buildings and spaces on the UTC master system must be authorized by the requestor's Department Head or as otherwise directed by the applicable Dean.

Master keys must be approved by the department head, the Dean of the applicable school/college, and the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Operations. 

Graduate assistants and student employee keys (non-housing) for departmental areas will be issued to the department head or designee, who will in turn be responsible for the student key issue, use, and return. Students can not have keys issued under their name.


C. Returning Keys


When a person leaves the University, this person must return all keys assigned. If a person transfers to another position within the University and possesses assigned keys that are no longer needed in the performance of their duties, these keys should be returned to FPM for subsequent reissue.

Return keys to FPM in the Administrative Services Building during normal working hours (8 am – 5pm). Upon return of keys, the key tracking system maintained by FPM will be updated to reflect the key return. If leaving the University, an email will be sent to Human Resources clearing the keys from the file.

1. Keys must be delivered to FPM in person. Do not send keys through campus mail.

2. Failure to return keys upon leaving the University may result in the holding of the employee's last pay check until keys are returned. 

D. Responsibilities

Responsibility for the accountability of keys is shared between the individual, department head and FPM. The individual is responsible for safeguarding the keys, using them in accordance with section A above, and returning them when they are no longer needed or if the person leaves the University.

Upon approval of a key request, the Department Head assumes the responsibility for insuring that keys are returned to FPM when they are no longer needed or if the person holding the keys leaves the University.

If keys are lost or compromised, a police report will need to be filed with the UTC Police Department. If it is necessary to re-key any portion of a building, the department will be responsible for the cost of re-keying

Facilities Planning and Management is responsible for making keys, issuing keys and maintaining an accurate database of all issued and returned keys.

Having “Read and Agreed” to these policies for University Keys, I wish to request a key:

Key Request Form


I DECLINE any agreement to these policies for University keys