Facilities Planning & Management


The Facilities Planning and Management Department strives to enhance the learning & working environment within the campus by providing safe, functional, convenient and attractive facilities and grounds which can be cost effectively operated, maintained, secured and expanded.

To facilitate our mission, we provide in-house maintenance, grounds, and custodial services, as well as coordinate all outside vendor requirements in these areas.  In a typical year, the Work Control function of the Facilities Department will receive and process over 5,000 requests ranging in scope from emergency response, in-house service calls to multi-million dollar, large scale capital projects.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is comprised of 76 buildings encompassing 2,264,749 gross square feet of space- 1.8 million of which are E&G.  These structures rest on 140 total acres (119 owned, 21 leased), and provide employment and educational services to 11,660 students and 1,004 full-time E&G positions. Throughout the years, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga continues to grow and expand.