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Lisa Scott
Cranberry Sauce and Clogged Drains: How Effective Cross- Cultural Communication Leads to Greater Success
Founder, Accentuate Communication, Knoxville, TN

Lisa Scott is a master of the art of communication. As a nationally-certified speech pathologist and founder and CEO of Accentuate Communication, Lisa has over 27 years’ experience in helping people develop excellent speech and language skills. She combines her degree in speech pathology with best practices in linguistics, theater, and psychology to create customized training for her clients. Companies with international teams call on her to help their subject matter experts communicate clearly with decision makers and clients. From making technical presentations more accessible to  non-technical stakeholders to helping internationals master the pronunciation and nuances of the English language, Lisa thrives on solving the problems that keep people from communicating clearly.  Highly-skilled internationals who want to gain a competitive edge in their communication skills as well as native speakers who want to work more effectively with their international co-workers find Lisa’s coaching to be invaluable. As a board member of Knoxville Internationals Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping immigrants and refugees integrate into their community, she helps refugees with advanced degrees to improve their communication skills so they can find employment in their field. In her free time, she indulges her passion for the written word by leading a book discussion club, which gives her the excuse she needs to pick up a book and read - the best way to keep building language skills!



Cranberry Sauce and Clogged Drains: How Effective Cross- Cultural Communication Leads to Greater Success


What do cranberry sauce and clogged drains have to do with academic success? Plenty, if your international faculty and students don’t fit well into American culture. Even if they have credentials and experience, a lack of the right soft skills can keep them from effectively communicating their brilliance. The qualities of a good leader and the “correct” way to make decisions look very different around the world. Join me as we discuss how to make UTC more inclusive, not only by increasing the language skills of internationals on campus but also by increasing awareness of varying communication and feedback styles across cultures.