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Aubrey Duman
Loud and Clear: Accessibility and Social Media
Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life, UTC
Aubrey received an M.Ed. in Professional Counseling: College Student Affairs at the University of West Georgia, and works in the office of the Dean of Students at UTC, where her areas of responsibility include Greek life and St. Jude Up 'till Dawn.

Loud and Clear: Accessibility and Social Media 


If someone went on your website or profile with their eyes closed, would they still be able to find their way around? If you posted an event flyer on Instagram, would someone be able to know when and where the event was? 90% of college aged students use social media. We need to do what we can so those students can access our posts, videos, pictures, and information on social media and our websites. In this session, we will explore different accessibility options for social media and websites to make our posts accessible to everyone. Participants will learn how to implement image descriptions, alt text, camel case hashtags, captions, and how they help individuals who use screen readers or have visual impairments.