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April Cox
Too Feminist, Not Feminist Enough
Creative Director, Enrollment Management and Student Success

April Cox is the Creative Director for the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Cox has worked at UTC in a creative and marketing role since 1999. She has her BFA from the University of Memphis and her MBA from UTC. Cox has built her career on a passionate belief that graphic design goes beyond just creating beautiful visuals; it must also have meaning and be a compelling ambassador for a brand. She has turned this same passionate approach toward new ambitions. Nearly 30 years after her first job in a café at a local mall, Cox is devoted to leading and mentoring other women who are navigating a culture that continues to place unbalanced expectations on them simply because of their gender. Never one to shy away from dialogue, Cox has found herself stepping into the galvanizing conversation about gender equity.

Too Feminist, Not Feminist Enough (Co-Presenter with Sara Peters)


Conversations surrounding sexism can be complicated and often contentious depending on the lenses through which participants view the topic. There is, however, common ground in understanding that treating all people as fully human is necessary to create an equitable work environment. This session will provide insight into how sexism has a pervasive impact on women’s lives which can and should be addressed by well-meaning people of all genders. The conversation will be led through the perspective of one facilitator who is often believed to be “too feminist” and one who is considered “not feminist enough." By addressing these issues through these diverse viewpoints, commonalities can be explored and solutions discussed.