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Latisha Lyne
Advocacy Training
Resident Director, UTC
Tish Lyne is a graduate student and Resident Director at UTC, studying Mental Health Counseling with the goal of working in private practice after graduation. Tish is originally from Platteville, WI where she received her B.S. in Psychology and Agricultural Business. While in undergrad, Tish worked closely with diversity issues and monthly presented a program entitled Stop the Hate, which educates students on diversity and advocacy. Tish has stayed involved in diversity while at UTC by working on the Department of Residence Life’s Diversity Committee and is excited for UTC’s upcoming diversity initiatives. pcoming diversity initiatives.

Advocacy Training

Advocacy, it is the key to success when promoting social justice and inclusion in our lives. We all know the vital role advocacy can play when supporting those from oppressed and underrepresented identities, but HOW one advocates is often a question left unanswered. Daniel Auber and Tish Lyne have collaborated to produce strategies to aide student faculty and staff members to become successful advocates. Through this session attendees will understand strategies for informal advocacy, as well as advocating peer to peer. It is our goal by the end of this session attendees will feel more confident to answer the question “How can I be an advocate?.”