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Brent Johnson, Ph.D.
Constructing Equity Through Dialogue
School Counselor; Assistant Professor, Gordon State University
Brent E. Johnson currently serves as a School Counselor at Forest Park High School and an Adjunct Professor of Education at Gordon State College. Dr. Johnson earned his undergraduate degree in Finance from Howard University, Masters’ degrees (M.A.T. in Elementary Education and a M.Ed. in School Counseling) from Miami University (Ohio) and Xavier University (Ohio) respectively, and a PhD degree from Miami University (Ohio) in Educational Leadership. The focus of Dr. Johnson’s research is Equity Studies in School and Society. As a middle grades classroom teacher, he began to recognize the growing number of Black, Brown, and poor students not achieving in school. Conversations with students and parents, the deficit models being employed by teachers and administrators, as well as the increasingly inequitable conditions being integrated into school culture led Dr. Johnson to employ more critical and humanist frameworks and pedagogies into his work. His unique perspective and variety of educational experiences including serving three years as the Assistant Executive Director of the Superintendents Roundtable, eight years as a classroom teacher, and two years as a building administrator has given Dr. Johnson insight that few possess.

Constructing Equity Through Dialogue

Human inequity is a social construct. Shared ideas and culture based on exclusivity has resulted in procedures, policies, and institutions that either covertly or/and overtly omit other human beings based on markers of difference. When shared, ideas, culture and construct, can deconstruct and reconstruct. This presentation will emphasize the creation of equitable spaces through the process of conversing on the ideas of Paulo Freire, W.E.B DuBois, Glen Singleton, and Michael Dantley.