In December of 2013, UTC was invited to collaborate with the Tennessee Human Rights Commission in creating a comprehensive report based on research and the testimony provided by Civil Rights leaders throughout the state. Based in part on UTC’s work in capturing the story of the desegregation of UTC, a statewide documentary was created. On February 24, 2014 the Office of Equity and Inclusion hosted the TN Human Rights Commission (THRC)  hearings on “The Status of Human Rights in Tennessee”. THRC invited community leaders, researchers and advocacy groups to participate in the hearings which was held in the University Center. The activities also included viewing a screening of the documentary  “9 United for Equality: Reflections on the Struggle for Civil Rights in Chattanooga.”  Nicole Brown and Mike Andrews (Communication Department) were Executive Producers of the documentary. The documentary is on reserve at the UTC Library, TN State Library and Archives.

Nine United For Equality