UTC Access and Diversity Committee


The function of the UTC Access and Diversity Committee is to ensure institutional compliance and response to diversity and multicultural issues campus wide. The Committee is charged with developing policies, guidelines, and programs that support the University's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism as expressed within its Mission Statement and Statement of Vision. The Committee shall ensure the University provides a climate and culture that fosters, promotes, and encourages social interactions that support a profound appreciation and celebration of our differences. By supporting diverse learning environments, the University can enhance cross-racial understanding, break down racial and gender-based stereotypes, improve learning outcomes, and prepare our students for a diverse and global workforce and society. Specifically, the Committee shall establish and monitor budget expenditures of state allocated and institutionally appropriated funds that support its diversity and multicultural goals. The Chair of the Committee shall present an annual report to the Chancellor of the University and the UTC Executive Team detailing programs and progress towards meeting our institutional objectives.