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Tuesday, October 17th

UTC University Center

This inaugural conference brings together UTC faculty, staff and students for a day of engaging, enlightning, and inspiring workshops, training sessions, and a dynamic keynote presentation.

Take a look at the confirmed sessions and presenters:

  • A Discussion of Ta-Nehisi Coates's 'Between the World and Me'                           Professor Earl Braggs, UTC English Department
  • Yours, Mine and Ours -- Historical Perspectives and Cultural Symbols
    Deborah Levine, Author, Journalist
  • Intersectionality
    Emily Quinn, Asst. Director, UTC Disability Resource Center
  • Managing the Intercultural Classroom
    Dr. Mitsunori Misawa, Assistant Professor, UTK
  • The Have's and the Have More's - Socioeconomic Diversity
    Kimberly Brooks, Asst. Direct, UTC Financial Aid
  • Advocacy Training
    Tish Lyne and Daniel Auber, Residence Life, UTC
  • Building a Culture of Access
    Dr. Michelle Rigler, Director, UTC Disability Resource Center
  • Enhancing Pathways to Graduate School for Students of Color
    Dr. Ernest Brothers, Assoc. Dean, Graduate School, UTK
  • What Does Inclusion Mean and What Does it Look Like
    Dr. Michael Alston, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Equity Diversity & Student Rights, UTHSC
  • Crossing Cultures - Best Practices for Working with International Students
    Takeo Suzuki, Executive Director, Global Studies, UTC
  • Preparing Students for Cultural Differences Here and Abroad
    Dr. Levar Smith, Asst. Professor, Morehouse College
  • Understanding and Teaching About Implicit Bias
    Dr. Christopher Silver, Project Manager, UTC
  • Beyond the Binaries
    Ryan Hall, Assoc. Director, UTC Housing and Residence Life
  • Women in Leadership
    Dr. Chandra Alston, Assoc. Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, UTHSC
  • Talking About Race, Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom
    Dr. Elwood Watson, Professor, ETSU
  • Leading Social Change in Student Organizations
    Tyrone Smiley, Asst. Director, Housing and Res. Life, Jackson State University
  • The Importance of Diversity in the Curriculum
    Dr. Linda Frost, Dean, Honors College, UTC
  • Celebrating Diversity Through Co-Curricular Student Activities
    UTC Dean of Students
  • Managing Sensitive Issues in the Classroom
    Dr. Brent Johnson, Asst. Professor, Gordon State College
  • Islamophobia
    Warda Kahlot, Student, UTC
  • The Science of Skin Color: How We Misinterpret the Meaning of Skin Color
    Dr. Pamela Ashmore, Professor, UTC