Strategic Enrollment Technology


What is a CRM?

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management database. This is used to enhance the interaction between parties through a single source. In our case, the tool is used to enhance communication between the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga and our prospective students.


The CRM software we use is Radius by Campus Management. Campus Management focuses on customer relationship management and development for educational facilities to provide the most effective tools to be able to reach out to students.

Instructions to Log into Radius


The application review software we use is Campus Management's AppReview. AppReview allows faculty and staff a streamlined ability to review prospective student applications in a user-friendly format.

Instructions To Log into AppReview

How does a CRM help UTC?

By allowing our team to access multiple outlets for communication, we are able to provide a quick, easy, effective, and professional approach to communicating with our prospective students about upcoming events and academic notifications.  We have only just began to roll out opportunities to utilize this powerful tool.