EMSA Strategic Priorities: 2020-25

Draft as of February 2020

CAS Standard: 3 & 4

I. Health and Wellness: EMSA values a state of well-being for all students, faculty, and staff.

  1. The Division is committed to providing opportunities to engage students, faculty, and staff in health and wellness activities.
  2. The Division is committed to providing services that support the well-being of students, faculty, and staff.
    1. Physical
    2. Emotional
    3. Mindfulness
    4. Financial
    5. Social
    6. Intellectual
    7. Environmental

CAS Standard: 3

II. Diversity and Inclusion: How the “parts reflect the whole.” EMSA values diversity and inclusion in hiring, training, programming, education, and student success.

  1. The Division is committed to providing programs and services to recruit and retain a diverse student population.
  2. The Division is committed to providing staff training and professional development about inclusivity.
    1. Social justice
    2. Incorporating culture competence
    3. Expanded view of inclusion (LGBTQ+, gender, disability)
    4. Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act!

CAS Standard: 3

III. Strategic Enrollment Management: EMSA values the university experience and the completion of post-secondary education.

  1. Meeting the completion goals established by the state, UT system, and institution. These goals reflect a desire to increase the number of students with a post-secondary credential.
    1. Recruitment
    2. Retention
    3. Graduation Rates and Degree Completion Numbers
    4. Post-graduation outcomes

CAS Standard: 3

IV. Leadership: EMSA values the personal and professional development of students and staff.

  1. The Division is committed to providing opportunities related to professional development and performance management to cultivate growth.
  2. The Division is committed to providing opportunities for students’ personal and professional growth.
    1. Training and Development Opportunities (lifelong learning skills…i.e. soft skills)
    2. Community and Civic Engagement
    3. Succession Planning
    4. Investing in staff professional development

CAS Standard: 2

V. Experiential Learning: EMSA values learning beyond classroom instruction.

  1. The Division is committed to providing meaningful learning experiences for students to achieve personal growth.
    1. Internships and externships
    2. Mentoring Programs
    3. Community and Civic Engagement
    4. Global Education
    5. Residential Colleges and FIR

CAS Standard: 1

VI. Compliance and Assessment EMSA values the rights of students and faculty. EMSA values the achievement of all assessment standards for the division.

  1. EMSA is committed to ensuring that the division complies with the appropriate state and federal regulations to ensure that student and faculty rights are met.
  2. EMSA is committed to developing learning outcomes and assessments of programs (CAS).
    1. Title IX
    2. Edgar 86
    3. ADA
    4. Rehabilitation Act (Section 504)
    5. FERPA and HIPAA
    6. Clery
    7. Immigration (INS)
    8. Immunizations
    9. Housing and Residence Life (Minors on Campus, etc)
    10. CAS
    11. SACSCOC

CAS Standard: 1 & 3

VII. Stewardship and Division Investments: EMSA values the appropriate use of funds to support student success.

  1. EMSA units are committed to fiscal responsibility and measuring return on investment (ROI).
    1. Inventory and Evaluate Facilities
    2. Enhance Sustainability Efforts
    3. Student Activity Fee, Green Fee, and Health & Wellness Fee
    4. Fundraising and Grant Development
    5. Strategic and Efficient Technology Investments and Use
    6. Advocating for Division Needs in University Budget Process
    7. Measuring ROI

CAS Domains

  1. Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration, & application
  2. Cognitive Complexity
  3. Intrapersonal Development, Interpersonal Competence, Humanitarianism & Civic Engagement
  4. Practical Competence
  5. Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement
  6. Practical competence

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