Creative Request with image of a mockingbird

Departments within this division face great opportunities to communicate with prospective and current students.

The ideal way to reach these audiences is through effective, strategic and consistent messaging. Thoughtful, creative communication outshines the competition, holds students’ attention in an ever-demanding media-centric society and, ultimately, helps them succeed in college.

Visual communication is key to marketing a message and is often the first impression for a university. We do this with materials designed for impacting enrollment, retention and student success.

Before submitting a request, please begin to think about audience, message, intended response and deadline.

Print and Electronic

This request will go to Laura Bond. Please be as descriptive as possible in your initial submission and provide an estimated timeline.


Getting Started

It is recommended that you plan your request and your needs as far out as possible. If you need assistance, contact April Cox to receive guidance on a strong method of executing marketing and messaging materials that are creative and effective.