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Fall 2020 questions and answers

We know there are a lot of questions about what things will look like when you arrive. The UTC executive leadership team hosts a series of webinars to answer questions about social distancing guidelines, housing, dining and more. We have also collected hundreds of questions and answers on our Covid-19 Return to Campus website.

Your success is our pride

UTC’s Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs has professionals trained specifically to support students through their search for a university home. Once students discover UTC is their university of choice, this team is here to guide and support them from their first days on campus throughout their academic career—financial aid, orientation, student engagement, tutorials, career planning, multicultural activities and even more offices ready to enrich the student experience and to put students first.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Division Policies

Growth and Progress

As we continue to grow as a division and a campus, policies strengthen, change and evolve. Remain current by references this website.

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Dean of Students

The departments under the Dean of Students are on campus to encourage students to actively participate in campus life in many ways. Students participating in UTC's diverse and inclusive activities is key to fully experiencing college.

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Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education promotes cultural exchange and international cooperation through special events and campus initiatives throughout the year.

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Enrollment Management

In the search for just the right university home, students and parents have many questions and this collection of departments serve to help them to find a home at UTC. So whether visiting campus, applying, attending Orientation or seeking financial support, these professional are here to open the doors to our campus to every prospective student.

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Health and Wellness

Our health and wellness professionals are here to help students find a healthier, well-balanced lifestyle in college. 

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Residential and Campus Life

Everyone knows that campus life goes well beyond the classroom and it all contributes to a more enriching and well-rounded college experience. These departments will make your experience feel like a home away from home, a place of social interaction and provide a variety of ways to stay healthy and active.

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Student Success

We know that students have an amazing capacity to grow their minds and are ready to take on the academic challenges of college. We also know that this doesn't always happen without some extra support. These offices are here to provide tutoring, career support and advisement—all of which culminate in the ultimate moment of graduation.

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Title IX

Title IX is a Federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activities that receive Federal funds. Discrimination based on sex includes sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking.

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EMSA Creative Services

Departments within this division face great opportunities to communicate with prospective and current students. The ideal way to reach these audiences is through effective, strategic and consistent messaging. Thoughtful, creative communication outshines the competition, holds students’ attention in an ever-demanding media-centric society and, ultimately, helps them succeed in college.

Before submitting a request, please begin to think about audience, message, intended response and deadline.


Writing requests go to Laura Bond. Please be descriptive in your initial submission and provide an estimated deadline.

This division has an significant impact on our University. An electronic newsletter has been established to better communicate about changes, upcoming events and accomplishments within the division. Please click below to submit information to be included in the newsletter.

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