Rhetoric & Professional Writing

UTC’s B.A. and M.A. concentrations in Rhetorical and Professional Writing (RPW) call upon students to apply critical and rhetorical skills to a wide range of academic, professional, and public settings. Our courses in rhetorical theory and criticism, visual rhetoric, argumentation, writing and publishing in print and digital media, writing for nonprofits, environmental writing, and composition and literacy studies give students opportunities to explore how rhetoric works and develops within communities, cultures, workplaces, and classrooms. Our goals are for students to develop a critical awareness of writing, rhetoric, technology, and culture; the ability to communicate with diverse audiences; and make connections between what happens inside and outside the classroom.

Our students have opportunities to gain professional experience through community-engaged experiential-learning courses, collaboration on department-sponsored publications, and internships with local nonprofits and businesses.

Program Requirements as of Fall 2018

A minimum of 39 hours English in addition to general education requirements including:

English Core:

ENGL 2010 - Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENGL 2050 - Introduction to Rhetorical Analysis
ENGL 2130 - Survey of American Literature
ENGL 2230 - Survey of British Literature
ENGL 3340 - Shakespeare

One course from the following to satisfy the Diversity Requirement (3 hours):

ENGL 4870r - Major Issues in Rhetoric

RPW Track Core (3 hours):

ENGL 4900r - Rhetoric and Professional Writing Workshop

Track Electives: Choose 15 hours from the 2 sub-tracks:

6-9 Hours in Rhetoric

ENGL 3850 - Persuasion and Propaganda
ENGL 4850 - Women's Rhetoric
ENGL 4870r - Major Issues in Rhetoric (Must be a different topic than the one fulfilling the Diersity Requirement)

6-9 Hours in Professional Writing

ENGL 3830 - Writing Beyond the Academy
ENGL 4800 - Grant Writing
ENGL 4820 - Writing with Style
ENGL 4860 - Visual Rhetoric (aka Design for Writers in Spring '19)
ENGL 4880 - Digital Writing and Publishing
ENGL 4890r - Major Issues in Professional Writing
ENGL 4900r - Rhetoric and Professional Writing Workshop (Must be a different topic than the one taken in the RPW Track Core)
ENGL 4960r - Internship

One course from the following to satisfy the Senior Capstone Requirement:

ENGL 4960r - Internship
ENGL 4980 - Senior Seminar: Special Topics
ENGL 4994r - Departmental Practicum
ENGL 4995r - Departmental Thesis

*Additional 3000-4000 level English courses to total at least 27 upper-level hours.