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Dr. Joe Wilferth
UC Foundation Professor and Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Ph.D. Bowling Green State University
  (423) 425-5864
  Office of the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences (540 McCallie Ave.)

Dr. Wilferth teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in professional writing, environmental rhetoric(s), environmental literature, and visual culture.

Among his more recent publications is a co-edited collection on image events (Enculturation), a peer-reviewed article that focuses on assistive technologies in instructional design (Computers and Composition Online), and “Gaining Ground by ‘Thinking Little’: Gardening as Curricular Reform across the Liberal Arts and Sciences" which appeared in the Winter issue (March 2017) of Liberal Education. 

Dr. Wilferth recently worked with the Southern Lit Alliance and the Fellowship of Southern Writers to bring yet another SouthWord Literary Festival to UTC's campus, an event that included Dr. Wilferth's introduction to the keynote address by Wendell Berry.


Dr. Wilferth's administrative profile



Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

M.A., Southeast Missouri State University

B.A., DePauw University


Research and/or Creative Interests
Environmental rhetoric, visual literacy, social movement theory (not social movements), and scholarship on/issues related to teaching with assistive technologies.


Teaching Interests

Environmental Rhetorics, Environmental Literature, Visual Rhetoric, Professional Writing, and courses which emphasize the literature and rhetorics surrounding social movement.


Teaching Approach
I do my best to ensure vibrant in-­class discussion, and I tend to sequence assignments so that they build in complexity.


Outside of being a professor, what do you do for fun and/or relaxation?
Aside from teaching, I love music. All kinds! It's one of the most profound forms of human creativity, communication, and connection. I'm a professional listener and an unprofessional player.


What are your expectations of students?
What do I expect from my students? I want students to give their ALL to the subject of the course, ­­i.e., to read the material and to find connections between that material and other texts they/we encounter everyday. I want my students to find relevance in the course material.